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There Is No Game

Stumbled upon a pretty interesting Kickstarter! Check it out.

Gone In A Flash

Just 71 hours left, and $35,000 to go! Chip in!

Or else... it'll be *title reference*.

UPD: And it was.

System Shock Rebooting

It's being remade! There's a free demo available too, at GOG among other places. Thanks GOG for the awareness.

They're closing in on their goal fast, but if you'd like to contribute to the reboot of this old alien FPS icon - maybe adding a milestone or two, now's a good time. Looking forward to seeing how this'll turn out.

Overload Underfunded

Just a day left, and about a hundred thousand dollars... wonder if this thing will make it.

Invisigun Heroes

Stumbled upon this project today, and it looks pretty intriguing. Only a day remains, and there's funding to go! Check it out.

There She Is!

Hey, here's a fun fundraiser. It's three weeks due, and funded already though. I saved the link a few weeks ago but forgot to post it. Damn. Now I can't feel like I've contributed anything worthwhile to the project without actually chipping in myself... and I'm not sure I want to do that. I'm on a budget. And besides, I already donated 20 SEK to Wikipedia (just like last year), and 50 SEK to - a cause I'd like to raise more for. They've always been there when I needed them, and though the concept of Wikipedia is all the more noble (I donate less because I hear they are/were wasting money), Archive just... is. It's an archive. It's heritage. Knowledge can be spread, but an archive has to be hosted, you know? Well, anyway, give and get. It feels good contributing to causes worth conserving. My karma is on plus this year.

As for this kickstarter - I'm too late anyway. But today's a good occasion to post about it, right?

If you've been on NewGrounds, you most probably know of 'There She Is!', and if you've seen any one of those, you know you want to see more. And as such, you may want to check this out. You may not be able to chip in any longer, but you can tune into the future works at least. This post is kind of pointless now isn't it?`Well, courtesy of the kickstarter page above and SamBakZa, here's the story:


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