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The Wipechart

The sequel to the wipebook is finally here! I'd pretty much forgotten about this inspiring project since the last time I posted about it, probably because I never bought one, and thus haven't yet experienced the life-changing grandeur these products radiate! Their last Kickstarter far surpassed the goal, and it looks like this one might do the same! Ahh... brings back memories.

If you like drawing, or writing, or have a lot of presentations to do, or are concerned with the environmental chaos brewing around this atmospheric bubble we call Earth, or want to do something good, or simply have some money to spare, or are very rich, check it out and contribute! And if you like, are, or feel like none of the former, check it out anyway... without contributing!

Unless you check it out and change your mind, in which case: great! They'll make some money, and maybe the world will become a better place.

I'm not affiliated btw, but it's amazing how loyal a supporter little things like this can make you. ;) That's all for now; happy wiping!

Chip - The $9 Computer

This thing seems pretty cool! If only shipping didn't cost twice as much as the product I'd definitely order one... 16 days left to decide.

Dino Sharing Song!

There's a project, and here's a plug. :) Good buddy Jabun (whom you might find a link to in that sidebar to the right) is making the music in this particular prehistorically artsy sharing is caring sloganed T-Rex tokened storytelling skit to educate the kids! Consider sparing a share if you have shares to spare! :) Right here.

Drift Stage

Here's a project that doesn't really need the extra attention, but as it is a game I'm looking forward to playing I thought I'd post a plug anyway.

There's an alpha version of the game available here (free), and the project has been in the works for some time before Kickstarter. I must've signed up for their newsletter some time since I was just made aware of this, now... it's finally happening! Drift Stage

Johnny Rocketfingers 3

Just going to post a little advert here for this kickstarter. If you've ever played the old Johnny Rocketfinger games, or any old entertaining Point & Click adventures like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle - with sequences of animated story in between the awesome action and random entertainment, you might like it! I managed to snag one of the Early Bird spots and definitely hope this'll make it past the planning stage. One more link!

Kickstarter In Sweden!

Kickstarter's in Sweden! Yeah! And that's eh... really all I have to say about it. Took these wonderous screencaps back when this was still new news. Last week. Before last week. Maybe the week before. Maybe time to... kickstart something? My career?

Kickstarter In Sweden!

Kickstarter In Sweden!

Kickstarter In Sweden!

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