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He's a living legend and inspiration this dude. :) Wasn't expecting a documentary but I'm looking forward to it! Also - even though the trailer may be bland and compromising - this one.

The Double Pick Of Destiny

Was singing some Tenacious D in the shower this morning and just realized this movie title's probably a double entendre!

The destiny in 'picking' Kyle as the other half of their grand band.

And the literal pick of destiny (the guitar pick with powers).

If that isn't also a literal pick of destiny.

All these years. I finally see it now.

Had to post.


Samurai stopmotion, abrim with special effects and a soundtrack kinda like Samurai Champloo - and steampunk-style tech that reminds of Tetsuo or Gundam... intriguing!

May never become a full-feature film or franchise but: here's hoping!


I woke up late.

Late late late late.

Fading into a daydream I wasn't willing to fully whisk away - where everything fell into place. Where my future felt fulfilling, filled with fumes of passion and praise and plans and freedom and grace. I relaxed for a little bit longer; erased some of the wrinkles on my face.

I had weird dreams before that, as always. I was in a hotel bathroom for a while - reminiscent of one of those small ones they have on cruise ships. Though with a bathtub.

Come to think of it this one was probably inspired by the one I saw in Jack Reacher yesterday - where Jack is whacked in the back of the head with a baseball bat and falls into the tub, and two thugs come in and wreck havoc before he has a chance to react.

It's such a good scene.

I wasn't a huge fan of Jack compared to the contemporary John (Wick) when I saw the movie last time, but I think I've been turned now.
I appreciated this one so much more than I did then. For the intricacies; for the so flawlessly choreographed and necessary chaos to match his quick wit and professionalism. For the unorthodox and very cliché-combatting methods and mannerisms of combat and revenge. For the welcome minimalism in a world of action that's become all the more a mess.

In the dream I was just making a mess of that bathroom myself though.
It was a weird dream, like I said. And apart from the bathroom I was... somewhere else... wandering... not sure anymore. Fragments of subconscious thought flee me quick.

In real life I think I may have a tonsil infection or something. I'm chronically tired lately, the hearing in my left ear - adjacent to a paining tonsil - seems a little dull and obstructed. My teeth ache.

I hope I can rid myself of this shizzle before I take the train up to Duved next week, to celebrate my brother's girlfriend's 50th birthday. I have the presents ready, but not yet packed - hope to manage that and a quick watercolor card this weekend. Which is passing too fast for comfort.

Where does the time go. Row row row your boat... column.
(Say that like 'Gollum').

In more positive news that title track that's been on the backburner for all too long at this point that I believe I've mentioned in plentiful a previous post is nearing completion, finally! Hopefully it'll be up and out next week, and I can move on, and I'll be back to the gym with a vengeance after this upcoming trip.

Been playing it a bit safe lately. Instead of getting in shape lately.

On the one hand I still need to get in shape - I am working on it, and it'd be good with more routine exercise to fuel my focus; help me get more done... but on the other hand (or foot - why discriminate) I feel like I ought maybe as mentioned play it safe when I'm at this tier of tired.

Walks are a more moderate and sometimes suitable exercise option. The weather's rainy but I've been taking more of those...

And tonight I want to sleep! Already I just want to sleep. Just blackout for the night and

beep beep beep.

Speak more to y'all next week.

POTC Movies Timeline/Recaps

I threw together some quick references for the different POTC movies while I was going through them earlier, maybe handy for someone else, the main elements of each...

Pirates Of The Caribbean 1 - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
Character introductions, the unlucky captain Jack, Bill the swordsmith and Elisabeth the lady. Barbosa, The Black Pearl, a cursed treasure and pirates versus cavalry. Also the most memorable escapes from the gallows and the underwater skeleton army scene.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest (2006)
Sparrow's debt to Davy Jones, The Flying Dutchman, Bill's father, a new villain of state, a strange fortune-teller lady and fate... ends with the Kraken.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 - At World's End (2007)
A journey to the end of the world in search for Jack, followed by a disappointing gathering and showdown between all pirate brethren and a great armada, and the goddess Calypso who contributes a decisive maelstrom. Stone crabs intro. Whatever happened to the Kraken?

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 - On Stranger Tides (2011)
The fountain of youth. Sparrow, Blackbeard, Barbosa, England, Spain, mermaids, jungle scenes, the wheel duel, and an old female acquaintance who seems a little crazy. Very different from the previous three.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)
Poseidon, captain Salazar, Barbosa's daughter, the compass, and an end of all curses. Bill and Elisabeth are back too, and their story concludes.

The first three could be seen as part of the same saga - where movies two and three are basically two parts of the same movie split up, the fourth a spin-off (few re-occurring characters), and the fifth one more of a return to both the cast and story of the original three, as well as a conclusion to all.

The first one's definitely the best one - only one that truly stands on its own.

Movie Sequels 2023

Visual Chart Of Movie Sequels 2023

A lot of nostalgia-inducing and potentially good titles coming out this year!

Source... not sure. Let me know if you know.

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