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May The 4s!

Saw the old classic Star Wars: The Phantom Menace at the movies yesterday, and I just realized this is probably why they're showing it!

May the 4's be with y'all. Course.

Best Death Scene Ever

More info on this particular masterpiece of a movie glimpse. XD

The scene's available without the scream, too, though apparently said scream may have really been in the original film, just not in the restored version of the movie.

Take this with a grain of salt.

Aquaman X3

Aquaman X3

Did I ever tell you the story about how I ended up watching the same movie a full three times at the cinema, even though I wasn't necessarily that big a fan of it, and actually found it somewhat sub-par compared to the prequel? No? Though it did grow on me with each subsequent going...

Well that's a story for another time. :)

The other double? That too.

Fallout At The Movies!

I got into the Fallout games again just recently (first experience was so so), but they've been around a looong time! This time I enjoyed 'em, and I've grown to appreciate the depth of lore that's associated with them too. And how flexible the world is. How countless the opportunities that present themselves really are. So I'm hyped for this!

Though cautiously optimistic too. The trailer's promising, but with a game that consists of so countless opportunities, I wonder how things will play out in a so much more linear, and comparatively short-form media form. Hollywood rarely does a good game justice too...

Hope this one's an exception.


He's a living legend and inspiration this dude. :) Wasn't expecting a documentary but I'm looking forward to it! Also - even though the trailer may be bland and compromising - this one.

The Double Pick Of Destiny

Was singing some Tenacious D in the shower this morning and just realized this movie title's probably a double entendre!

The destiny in 'picking' Kyle as the other half of their grand band.

And the literal pick of destiny (the guitar pick with powers).

If that isn't also a literal pick of destiny.

All these years. I finally see it now.

Had to post.

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