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Iron Sky Premiere

Iron Sky Poster (Cut)

I went to watch Iron Sky today with buddy Bear. It's the debut day for the movie here in Sweden and he had two free tickets. :) Iron Sky is a Finnish movie featuring a disoriented female Nazi, the fourth Reich, a female president and a black main character who turns white against his will. What else does it have? Action, spaceships, explosions, a real doomsday device, a nice twist at the very end (retrospective spoiler alert) and eh... that's about it.

The movie is a mess in many aspects (soundtrack for one, some events-with-huge-chaos-potential just sliding by for another), but it was also a strangely refreshing view. It's no Hollywood movie, and it shows. Not in low quality filmography or bad acting, but rather in how unexpected things can happen, how the hero isn't a stereotype, how the sceneries and effects are creative and experimental, how the... well that's about it, but that's more than enough. Since it's Finnish, I was expecting something with a lower budget, but this was all but low budget. It was a good movie. I'll give it a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Unstoppable, The 777 Train

So, I've been thinking, is the 777 just a number or is there some meaning behind that specific choice of numbers? First thought was it's just a step up from 666, evil in a way, but not so evil it'll actually derail and take a thousand lives with it... retrospective spoiler alert btw. ;)

Today I read some interesting info, apparently 7 is a lucky number. Could this have something to do with it? Imagine the luck in getting that train to stop before the, well, you better watch the movie.

A third option could be that it just sounds good, or maybe it's just a favorite, or it could be completely random... or maybe it has something to do with the triple 7's you usually see in casino slot machines, the one armed bandits, you know? I'm curious.

Total Action & The Not So Happy Ending

I watched Total Action over at Voddler, rated it and read a few reviews, and 2 out of 8 thought the ending was funny. Funny? It's tragic as hell (spoiler starts here btw)! The hero dies FGS!

Ok, maybe not that tragic... it's satisfying. He has avenged his boss, his dear friend, saved the kids, made them all get closer together, and he wasn't such a great person anyway... but he's dead, and he was the kind of main person you gain sympathy for. I don't get how that can called funny, what twisted sense of humor do people have?

It's the same thing as calling any other movie than Inception epic. Only one movie is granted such a label. If there's more than one there's no longer any truth to it. That's like calling any drama movie a comedy, because it has a happy ending, sure you can play by the dictionary if you like, but the word has grown into something completely different now than what it really is (should I say was?). When you say comedy you mean something that you can laugh at, you don't mean something you don't cry at, that's like pleading to the cops that you're innocent because you didn't kill the victim. I could throw in a hundred more comparisons, but I hope you get the point.

Total Action does not have a funny ending.

Inception, Just So Damn Great!

Watched the movie a second time today, and the final sequence (which is basically the latter half of the movie) still brings goosebumps to my skin, it's just so damn great! So what's the moral of this astoundingly perceptive blog post? The moral is that the movie is just so damn great, I just had to say so a second time, that's all.

Inception, The Greatest Movie Of All Time

I watched G.I. Joe - Rise Of The Cobra, and thought it was a great movie. I watched SALT, which really was an amazing movie. Then just when I thought things couldn't get any better I watched Inception, and it just blew my mind.

I remember watching Killing Zoe and thinking, woah, this has something. I remember watching Léon The Professional, and when his eye, shielded by red glasses, appears and disappears behind a bullet hole in an aluminum wall I remember insuring myself that this would probably be my favorite movie of all time. Of course I thought the same when I saw Banlieue 13, and Legend Of The Drunken Master. Even Ice Age 2 had something other cartoon movies didn't have, yet Inception has something amazing that none of them will ever even get close to. (more…)

I Am Legend Alternative

I used to love happy endings, but somewhere along the line I got sick of them, it disturbed me that the bad guys always died, the good guys always lived, and everyone lived happily ever after. I wanted an alternative, something new, something different. Something like Oceans Eleven or Scarface. Times did change, and it seems even Hollywood tired of this always happy phenomenon. Though the majority of movies released today still have happy endings, there are a few who don't, and it seems to me that the movies with less happy endings are the ones who now turn classic. I Am Legend is one of many.

Despite the sad endings always giving a touch of finesse and brutal reality to movies, however, the alternative always comes to mind: how would this have ended if the ending was happy? The grass is always greener on the other side, so when a sad ending does appear the public screams out in agony. In this specific case an alternative version was actually made with a happier ending. Saddened by the first one, I watched the new version, but, it turns out I liked the other version better anyway. Moral of the story? IDK, just my seven cents on the matter, good night.

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