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Jackie Chan, Man!

I've been watching Jackie Chan movies like crazy for about a week now.

It started out as just a fun idea. Watch a few of Jackie Chan's older movies, maybe watch a few of the newer movies as well, but then it turned into an ambition, so I've been stuck watching movie after movie. Haven't seen Jackie Chan's movies? Keep reading, you should, most of them are really worth watches. Jackie manages to combine action and comedy like no one else does, and manages to use both the surrounding environment and nearby objects to his advantage, each fight scene is a new creative experience, and in my case it gives a lot of inspiration and motivation too.

Sure, there are a lot of great martial artists out there - Jet Li, Tony Jaa, Bruce Lee, ehhh, and a bunch of others with names I'll probably never remember, but the point is, Jackie Chan is unique out of all of them. I love all kinds of action movies, but Jackie Chan has become some kind of addiction. Maybe it's the fact that he does all stunts himself, maybe the fact that his movie characters always portray him as a nice person, IDK, no need to dive into psychological concepts now anyway. Don't know who Jackie Chan is? Read this.


Idea For A Movie - War

Picture this, black screen, bam, movie starts. A face, coated by dust and dirt, blue eyes, intense, unshaven, looking straight forward, tense, chin towards chess. Another face, brown eyes, same expression, another face, scared, gasping for air, as if he was suffocating. Camera zooms out. A line of soldiers, foe and foe, stand straight in front of each other, rifles pointed at each other, they seem equal, commanders stand beside on both sides. The sky is hazy, cloudy, the ground is muddy, far away a distant green can be seen. One of the soldiers, skinny, scared, turns and runs. The soldier he was pointing his gun at shoots him in the back, starts calmly reloading, some soldiers exchange glances, some retain their blank determined expressions. Hell breaks lose within a second, everybody fires, both sides fall, they keep shooting, a few men still stand on the right side, pained by the bullet-holes attained, yet they stand without flinching, reloading rifles, the camera is at an angle that focuses on the one at very end (or start) of the line, a strong soldier. The soldiers on the ground, on the right side, stand back up, slowly, hesitantly, they shoot whomever moves on the left side, where everyone lies on the ground, dead or dying, except the commander. He stand still, hands behind back, proudly, eying the soldiers in front of him, takes out his gun, aims at the soldier in focus, the commander on the left quickly guns him down. The music starts, slowly, a monotonous sawing music, gains tempo. The soldiers group together, help each other up, not everyone can stand. The ones who can't, light a cigarette and stay where they are, sitting on the ground, rifles in hands.

Switch of scenery. The soldiers are walking down the road now, in a group, the soldier previously in focus in the lead, commander slightly behind him, an unorganized troop following after, they march through the city. A soldier beside him starts coughing up blood, moves to the side of the road, sits down and lights a cigarette. They move on, with determined expressions, red blotches are appearing here and there, they've been shot, they're still moving. The music picks up pace. March seen is pretty quick, maybe five-ten seconds.

Boom, hospital door flies open, camera at back of troop as they move through the hospital, everyone walks in, two soldiers stay outside, guarding the entrance. Back inside, the soldiers kill all patients, heave them to the ground, drag them into a separate room, they force the doctors to pick out bullets and do what can be done to mend them, silently. The commander moves to the security center, kills the security, watches the cameras. We get to see this too, everything that's happening in the hospital. Bodies methodically being disposed of, the guards at the entrance standing stiff as statues, doctors operating on soldiers, personal running through the hallways. The soldier previously in focus stands up, lighting a cigarette, a steady expression on his face. The music has reached it's grand finale now, it dies down, and the story starts.


Can you see it in your mind? Can you imagine what a great start this would be? Feel free to use it if you have the resources, just make it good, and I'd be happy to know about it if you do. ;) I'll transform this to a full script if any producer out there requests it (you? move producer sitting there in your comfy office chair pondering over how the next big Hollywood box hit should look?), for the meantime, my time is running.

Pacman The Movie

You have probably all played the game, right? A movie has now been announced in 2007 featuring the infamous round yellow arcade character. I've been looking forward to movies of Max Payne, Doom and Silent Hill... but this?

I am really interested in how this will turn out though. No information has been given except the name, but it has been announced. Search IMDB for it and you'll see the so far blank movie page. Nice day!

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