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Musicalish #280

Real rap's coming back! :D This one's for Dax, but let's start with some...


Musicalish #279

King Los put out a mixtape recently! Have a listen.


Musicalish #278

Final catch-up dose from the summer season and just cause we got 'em a whole lotta autumn! Thought I'd start this one on the theme of (but don't miss Logic's Wu Tang collabo further below, among some strong others):


Musicalish #277

And another dose! It's a real mix in this one. Real brew. All flavors.


Musicalish #276

Time to finally catch up with all that music I missed this summer! All in a few massive doses of dope hits (and unknown bits) and footage. For you tuned ins: view this if the shoe fits.


Musicalish #275

Union Carbide Productions! A Swedish rock band that's been gone for some 25 years appeared on Gröna Lund's stage this year and put on a pretty awesome show. Gritty, grungy, almost industrial music with rockstar vocals. Their style seems to have changed since the old days, but they weren't bad!

Here's some of their stuff back from the...


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