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Musicalish #4

Seems like this Music's all about death lately huh? Ah well... let's kickstart the stream with an obituary!

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Musicalish #3

Bunch of good music.

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Musicalish #2

First Nils Horner was shot in Afghanistan, and yesternight our nearest neighbor died.

RIP, both of you... but more so Olav, our good neighbor. We had some pretty intense chess sessions over the decade we've lived where we now live, and during latter years he actually won a fair share of them. Am I getting worse or was he getting better? Lately I had some part-time work assisting him when cancer took away his ability to walk properly, and he gave me an armchair and a tray of screws.

He was always a smiling presence; when we moved here he was pretty much omnipresent in the community too, the real essence of presence. He had some great tales to tell and I hate to say farewell... but that's the way it sways. Hope there's a better world waiting; there will be better days.

In other news I just started a new (my first 'real') part-time job and I'm not used to getting up early every morning so the past couple of days have felt strangely tiresome and melancholy, though the work isn't bad. I was cycling back from it yesterday when the right pedal jumped off the bike and I scraped my knee, and a hole in my pants. Not that it's relevant to anything.

What's also not relevant to anything (except maybe relevant to being irrelevant) is how WP seems to be adding an open bracket after all embeded YT videos. I have no idea why and I hope the problem wil solve itself. In the meantime though, just enjoy the music.

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I was going to call this Musical Monday but it's not Monday. I was going to start the post with a 'It's not Monday but I decided to post this anyway' but then... I just changed the title. Now I don't need to post this stuff exclusively on Monday's either. Genius. These posts? Well I thought I'd start posting batches of music videos of artists I follow/like every once in a while, of people I admire, that inspire... stuff like that. I was thinking of turning these posts into some form of ongoing series of audial adventures so... here's the first one! Onto the sound:

Otto from Madcraft has been posting drum covers for a long time. It's usually Blink 182 stuff, but lately some Finnish hiphop's popping up on the playlist. Awesome beats.

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