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Midsummer Movie Madness

Sixty overdue movie reviews, there you go! And here are six old ones.

There are more on queue, but I figured I'd make an attempt to get through at least some of them before summer comes running, and maybe this is about what I can manage. And it really is running now! Quick. Sometimes I don't feel like I can keep up at all. Time is ticking down towards my great withdrawal, it doesn't feel like a week, more like it's just tomorrow...

Monsters, the some might say promo track for this great game, that debuts in just two days now, is now up on CDB too. Streaming links soon? Maybe? I thought about posting in on SC as well but maybe later.

Otherwise I've been celebrating Midsummer with crepes and waffles, and a cousin's 29th birthday with a nice lunch under a white but still stifling canvas at the Bro-Bålsta golf club nearby - and trying to get stuff done in my by day close to 30°C computer room. Fighting the heat, I won't bow to defeat, but I've had kind of shallow dreams and woken kinda weak...

I have another series I'm playing a role in btw, albeit a minor (role that is - the series is great) and almost only inspirational one. Line of Work. There's more to come, and I'm a character innit! Also don't miss this.

Also might not have mentioned Space Force before, a catchy little shooter to which I contributed some captions.

But it's gone, because the creator decided to just delete their entire game catalog. At whim. Along with two other notable titles I'd been credited on.

I just don't get why people do this.

Why they feel bad about their old work to the point they clear all traces of it. That they don't grow with it. Don't learn from it. That they don't feel like the game's no longer theirs at whatever time they publish it, but rather a contribution to the world; for others to appreciate and cherish.

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder after all.

And who doesn't second-guess themselves? Man up. Stand for what you believe in! Stand for what you make! Stand for who you are!

Don't throw your accomplishments to the wind at the whim of self-scrutiny and weakness. It doesn't benefit you; it doesn't befit you; it doesn't make anyone happier.

That's how I feel. But it's not my business is it.

Just know I would never do anything like that with this site. It's been strong for soon twenty years, and will be for another night.

Alright, I gotta get some more stuff done...

Trips & Monsters

I'm trippin' y'all!

Came back from a full two weeks+ of mixed distance and farm work up North this Sunday, and I'm flying back for a weekend this Thursday. Early morning. 6:20 AM. Probably need to get up around 4. Ugh. The bane of buying by budget.

I'm just back for a few days of work now but I can't leave again without at least plugging this trailer, for a game for which I contributed to this track!

It'll be up on more proper streaming services soon. And other places, like this place. It'll be everywhere.

There's no obvious correlation between music and game apart from the title and theme that binds them together, eternally, like the shackles of oblivion to which we all are (tied, that is), but if you like one chances are you'll like the other! I personally do like what I've seen of the game so far, and of course all the more as part of it, small musical sidemission or no.

You can find it on Steam here. Coming soon. July 1. Keep an eye out.

Shall catch up with additional upload locations and promos next week.

Toodles. Booyah. Roar. Random serenades and spades and encores. Full course, full force, all outdoors. See y'all when we sprawl on all our floors. Cause the heatwaves make knees scathe and call for shorts. Summer's coming soon, so you'd better play a tune.

This really what the blog is for.



I missed the Flash Forward Jam this year. Last week. The day I came back from this ^ wonderful vacation.

I've missed a bunch of things. I might be missing an awesome opportunity to fix up custom music for an in-game credit sequence - but I will manage the other sequence! May miss one of two. Time's just flying too fast. I've been in Östersund walking through a wonderful snowlit spring though, feeling like that really was time spent better after all, no matter how much I feel I need to do.

And refitting car tires - there's a screw stuck in one of my summer ones, I wonder what I'll do about that. And swapping clothes - they arrange events for that over here occasionally - this time it was in Bålsta. And submitting my tax report for the year. And booking trips for summer. And catching up on comments and conversations. Still feeling like I should have plenty of time to spare, but somehow the days just stream by and summer approaches with worrying speed.

There's so much I still want (and need?) to finish...

I must admit I have been playing a bit of DOOM though. New levels for the old classic. And I did watch through the 2011 Hunter X Hunter anime in its entirety a few weeks back.

I thought it'd spur me onwards; re-ignite my hope in humankind, and my sense of adventure, and make me DO things with my life, and so I did go to Östersund and that was great, but now I'm just back here again and it's the same old shit. Stagnation. No matter how much I push myself. I don't focus on what I should focus on, or I'm too tired to. I notice I yawn. I feel all but strong, so unlike when I'm in writing some prose or some song...

Though why do I EVER waste time on non-essentials? Been listening to Jocko's podcast. I then go mental. So necessary with breaks though when you feel you have spent all. Go take a train or a rental. Whatever you can: cement all. Relations you want to keep, then leap on out the window. Don't be indoors. Get out in the world and kill your limbo!

Regarding that Flash Jam I did get mentioned in a little Flash Forward interview/showcase thing. For the game I made last year. That was nice.

Maybe I will make a new game anyway, jam or no. Later. For now: gotta go.

Edd's Day

RIP Edd Gould, 1988-2012.

He's been gone ten years now, though he created a legacy that's outlived him by far, with both fans and family contributing not only mementos but truly keeping his characters alive even to this day.

His profile still houses his contributions to the world, and has during the last couple of years seen a resurgence of new content. Eddsworld lives on under his name, and profile, in the hands of a capable and commited little crew of new animators that are taking over where he left off.

Hat(s) off to you Edd!

You did so much with the little time you had. You helped so many. You inspired so many. You left a legacy that'll live on for at least as long as you lived, and hopefully far beyond your time. It's uplifting to see, and to still have a laugh at and with the characters you created.

Maybe next year I'll have time to make a proper artistic homage, for now: RIP. And live on.


I've got a new mixtape out y'all! (Hope I'm not abusing the CAPS there ^.)

True to tradition it's mastered by Nick AKA @Jabun of Jabun Audio, is a recalibration and mastering of all my Inktober work of 2020, is available for free both here, and on YT NG and shortly - in limited dosage - on SC.

I only upload a limited selection there since they have a cap on your upload time with free accounts, and I don't want to exhaust mine yet. Hopefully there are still a few more of these tapes waiting down the road to save room for, not least the last year material one...

It's a bit belated this one. I was hoping to have this out before the New Year, but with work schedules and covid and all intervening - and when I was finally better Nick was sick - it so came to be it came out this year instead. Hopefully we'll get started on the next one earlier.

But for now rejoice! Feast your ears here on this here veneered share.

In total time of cleaning, mixing, mastering, revising and in other ways managing these files there's probably at least a solid thousand hours of prep time in the pipeline on this one. So you know, I'm pretty proud. :)

I've no idea how much time goes into the average album but I imagine it's less. I imagine professional musicians make less of a mess with their recordings. I imagine they don't mix and publish and then remix and master in two individual sessions - a year apart - or spend quite as much time double-checking ISRC codes, or composing copious amount of off-looking cover mock-up's before they settle on a better one, but that's something for another post - gotta showcase some of those too.

What matters now is this is OUT, and I am joyous, and happy, and I thank you @Jabun for all the hard work you put into making this the wholesome, beautiful, audial Inktober adventure it has thus now finally become.

You can download it for free here too. Share away if you like!

And compare the grand finale track I posted at the end of last year's Inktober post (commemorating both the last mixtape release and another month of Inktober done well - the month that's now being released in full and more flawless form here above) with the brand new here below:

Old and new, in that order. Can you hear the difference, can you? ;)

Have a great day y'all! It's a grand new FULL INKTOBER MIXTAPE for me and the masses, and with that I bid you adieu. Whoop!

Ciao soon.

Retirement Only Lasts A While...

Retirement only lasts a while, but life is a lifetime.

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