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Alien Script

Alien Script

A user on NG made a font, and so I made this...

A little alien script. What do you think it is?

Where I've Been By The Way

Up North! Two trips at four and six days apiece. I drove a thousand kilometers and flew back and fourth and back again and now I'm back to catching up and doin' all but nappin' in...

Shall hopefully post a bit more before it's summer for real. Two weeks.

Irrelevant but here's a cool cause to potentially help fund, this place serves REALLY GOOD LUNCH and if you ever wondered if EV's grow on trees (?)... they don't, but in fields, apparently. And here's what I'm playing right now.

Stay crunchy y'all.

All Is Well & Walpurgis

Been a while since the last longer bit of writing around here! I've been caught up, on catching up, on reaching up, on dreams and stuff...

Participated in the Flash Forward Jam this year - glad I made time for it this time! Even if it was just a simple thing. On the same week as my nephew stopped by, and good buddy Andreas came over for the weekend, hectic but good times.

Had a killer headache smack dab in the middle of it all, and actually bought a pack of painkillers for it - for the first time in my life. They worked, and so interactions and recreations and rations and all things but inactions went on, though I am a little disappointed I couldn't just weather out the pain as I usually do. It's cause and effect after all. If you get the effect you're better off considering the root of it all, and doing something about that.

Typically these sessions of PAIN seems an ideal time for rest - if you can't just steel up and fight through anyway. On office days I've managed - though maybe I just never actually had that bad a one on a day that really mattered - until now. Not on days I was bound to be a bit more physically active at least. Walking around and stuff. It's easier at the office; especially when you're working from home.

It went well anyway, and on the bright side I do now know that such temporary chemical discomfort reduction drugs really do work, and just that knowledge is bound to reduce the level of stress I feel leading up to more important events... which may end up reducing the amount of headaches I get when said events are over and said tension starts to dissipate. Though sleep's a way healthier opiate.

In other news we're finally welcoming in Spring around here, and Walpurgis! When peeps traditionally gather around campfires and have a good time. I know my nephew did. We've never actually celebrated this day within the family. I'd planned to work today, as I usually do on Mondays, and had totally missed checking the calendar for red days when I planned for some particular happenings this week.

Usually a 'free day' on the office whiteboard's a welcome symbol of rest and refreshment, but this time I met that whiteboard with shock...

But all's been rescheduled. All is good. The shock dissipated, I adjusted plans accordingly aaand I don't think I even got a headache from it.

My exercise regimen isn't going as steadily as I'd like it to otherwise. I'm tired. Maybe it's a Spring thing. You feel like you've been tired enough each winter but then comes this hopefully short-lived phase of yawny days that we on eve face, and until the pollen particles settle and the world's green for real there's always that odd underlying sense of fatigue that permeates all. I slept like nine hours yesterday...

Summer's coming though!

I'm taking my first trip up North next week, and a trip to Poland a week after that - to celebrate a cousin's 30th birthday. I've started taste-testing again, and mystery shopping a bit more, and playing TaskMaker when I should be doing other things - though still going steady with daily movie reviews, and check out this pretty fascinating set of pictures from the past.

If you're ever at the movies Renfield and Dungeons & Dragons really surpassed my expectations recently too - in different ways.
Both feelgood films. Recommended.

Speak to y'all soon. Time to go watch a Peter Pan movie. And/or sleep.

Happy Clock Day!

It's Time

It's that time of the year again! A time for festivities and feelgood sensation. For proclivities and peels off procrastination. To get stuff done! To get out: run! To get some blue skies and then some: sun.

Time's nigh. If your life is plain go fly.

It's Fry Day!

Feels like I've been burning both my candles lately.

No wait... that's not right. Just the one candle. Human candle. No nine lives here. *shout out newest Puss in Boots movie which was friggin' awesome*

Been burning my candle in both ends lately, I mean. And I mean that in both a good and a bad way. Good in that I'm progressing. Living. Accomplishing. Going through dues dutifully like there's no tomorrow! Watching movies after work. Getting home close to midnight. Getting up early to catch a train. Chew chew.

In a bad way since if you live like there's no tomorrow you'll feel a little worn out come tomorrow. Like if say you have a pretty prolific day and then stay up till 4:40 AM playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

It's such a good game though! Got back to it just recently. Two nights ago or so... I didn't want to sleep. I skimmed through my collection of GBA games in search of something I'd not yet played through fully or might want to go back to, and there it was. GS2:TGA. One of the best GBA RPGs ever.

I'm not sure I ever played through the first one fully either, but I'm not sure I have that one. Not with a functional save. They had some problems with such functionality on that one.

Seems I manage on less sleep occasionally at least. A sleepless night here and there's alright.

What bugs me is that I've been planning to up my exercise game for weeks at this point, but it's just not happening. I don't rest as required. I still eat too much. There's some kind of weird resistance I have in regard to working out consistently... or even generally just living healthily.

It's fine occasionally. I get a push and go tire myself out completely, and feel great after, but to actually make it a routine...?

Where's my discipline. How to attain that discipline. I've listened to a ton of podcasts on the topic already. Oughta know. I apply it to other areas of life but there's something strange about this one one. Endorphin-fueling and awesome though all exercise may be I just can't seem to get into it enough. Conflicting priorities? Some kind of strange martyr syndrome? Stress?

What is it. I need to figure this out. Tomorrow...

In better news though that theme song I've been occasionally speaking about for almost a year at this point is finally out there! You can catch it on NG or here. Shout out @Jabun - who probably put in way more work than he'd expected to put in when he first agreed to mixing/mastering this, and @ChordC on the awesome instrumental, and @Hania on obliging with her awesome voice on choruses and... other places.

It's been so long in the making I can't listen to it like I haven't already heard it a million times now and appreciate it fully, but I'm happy it's out! And it turned out great... I think I thought initially!

So far people seem to think so too. :) Woo.

Speaking of NG, they just killed General. Forum #1.

It was the one that started it all. The one forum there that's been thriving for soon twenty full years - even when activity on others waned - since the site was a mere baby.

I'm kinda bummed. Here's a petition to bring it back again.

I don't think it'll work - they have their reasons for closing - but it's worth a shot no? If it works it works, if no then oh...

And here's an Indiegogo for a project @littlbox's been working on for some four years now. Chip in if ya can/want to/feel generous punk (movie reference I realized I got wrong whilst writing - it's lucky).

Also had my music used in this a while back, meant to post a link to this game I also made some music for a while back, and here are six duplicate movie reviews.

Three newly posted, and three that got lost in a text file around summer.

If you wonder about that trip I took recently: it was awesome.

I can't ski - odd for a Swede I know - I didn't grow up in places with snow, but we rode up the mountain anyway and watched the people who did, walked along the shoreline of a frozen lake, toured the small town of Åre, saw the biggest waterfall in Sweden (Tännforsen), ate good, played games, tried the small but fully functional sauna in their rented cabin apartment on the third floor and had an I'd say pretty fun birthday party on the day my brother's girlfriend hit fifty (years not cents)!

I traveled back tired three days later on a late seven hour train - caught the last commuter train home with but a minute to spare - and since then life's been running again.

My brother's girlfriend fractured her shoulder the day after I'd left. :/ Whilst out walking the dog on what I'd assume was probably a pretty icy surface. They'll know if it'll heal itself or if she needs surgery in about a week. I hear it's painful. She already has some herniated discs. Debilitating addition.

What a way to end their one week celebration/vacation in the wild...

Reminds you that you do need to take care of yourself. Of your health. Stay light. Stay agile. Stay strong. If you can. I think I'll take at least a longer walk than usual today; work more on that tomorrow... after a somewhat shorter session of the-golden-age-of-gaming Golden Sun tonight.

That's all for now. It's Friday. The sky's veiled. Get out and fly.


I woke up late.

Late late late late.

Fading into a daydream I wasn't willing to fully whisk away - where everything fell into place. Where my future felt fulfilling, filled with fumes of passion and praise and plans and freedom and grace. I relaxed for a little bit longer; erased some of the wrinkles on my face.

I had weird dreams before that, as always. I was in a hotel bathroom for a while - reminiscent of one of those small ones they have on cruise ships. Though with a bathtub.

Come to think of it this one was probably inspired by the one I saw in Jack Reacher yesterday - where Jack is whacked in the back of the head with a baseball bat and falls into the tub, and two thugs come in and wreck havoc before he has a chance to react.

It's such a good scene.

I wasn't a huge fan of Jack compared to the contemporary John (Wick) when I saw the movie last time, but I think I've been turned now.
I appreciated this one so much more than I did then. For the intricacies; for the so flawlessly choreographed and necessary chaos to match his quick wit and professionalism. For the unorthodox and very cliché-combatting methods and mannerisms of combat and revenge. For the welcome minimalism in a world of action that's become all the more a mess.

In the dream I was just making a mess of that bathroom myself though.
It was a weird dream, like I said. And apart from the bathroom I was... somewhere else... wandering... not sure anymore. Fragments of subconscious thought flee me quick.

In real life I think I may have a tonsil infection or something. I'm chronically tired lately, the hearing in my left ear - adjacent to a paining tonsil - seems a little dull and obstructed. My teeth ache.

I hope I can rid myself of this shizzle before I take the train up to Duved next week, to celebrate my brother's girlfriend's 50th birthday. I have the presents ready, but not yet packed - hope to manage that and a quick watercolor card this weekend. Which is passing too fast for comfort.

Where does the time go. Row row row your boat... column.
(Say that like 'Gollum').

In more positive news that title track that's been on the backburner for all too long at this point that I believe I've mentioned in plentiful a previous post is nearing completion, finally! Hopefully it'll be up and out next week, and I can move on, and I'll be back to the gym with a vengeance after this upcoming trip.

Been playing it a bit safe lately. Instead of getting in shape lately.

On the one hand I still need to get in shape - I am working on it, and it'd be good with more routine exercise to fuel my focus; help me get more done... but on the other hand (or foot - why discriminate) I feel like I ought maybe as mentioned play it safe when I'm at this tier of tired.

Walks are a more moderate and sometimes suitable exercise option. The weather's rainy but I've been taking more of those...

And tonight I want to sleep! Already I just want to sleep. Just blackout for the night and

beep beep beep.

Speak more to y'all next week.

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