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ink21 #30 doodle (furteea)


Started drawing one thing and thought of another.

Inktober #30 - Wise Man Apocalypse (5:00)


Inktober #30 - Wise Man Apocalypse

We're in the clear? Yeah. We're in the clear. Leer. Haha. Ha. Yeah.. yeah... yeah....


Revolutionary ideas! Ghosts playing on my feels, transcendental meditation, mediate to greet the nation, save a speech for when it really matters. Feeling battered. Enough with all the chatter. Chit chat it don't mean much but it doesn't mean mismatch. Mishaps happen. Hold up. Enough of that I'm a get to rapping...


Tattered soul somewhat lost in apocalypse!
Get to the rocket ship! Clear out here!
We've an air of a fear that inhibits us!
Still need to live it up! Greet peers here with a cheer.
Not a sheer that we stab in our arteries! Jab to lobotomize!
Nice peeps caught on the sight of the prize!
I've been one of those guys but I pocketed it!
All that guise now I try to be wise.

We've an ear for the evil doers! Hear them speak of ruin!
We listen in when in sleepy brooding!
Is that a temple of DOOM? I don't want to move in!
I'd rather be in the temple of BOOM! And translucent.
Cypress Hill. Violent ill. But inane and sane man.
Speak no evil of 'em it's the world that's been changed!
Been shamed. We're all insane in the membrane.
Could use a lane change. Heading for the great pain, ey!


( When we hit the wall maybe we'll see the truth in all...
Maybe we will get UP if we too will fall?
Like the Egyptians, Babylonians, suspicions
That our era too is just little figment

Of the great world history.
Of the wizardry and mystery, permeating this big relief.
Stuck on the reef of existence, flickering,
Little living things still sticking to this bickering )

(( Tattered soul somewhat lost on the long road!
Going here! Going where? Where it all goes...
All of us must just seek the vision, see things clear and
Speak things different here.

Tattered soul somewhat lost on this journey!
Hope to reach a throne, may be carried on a gurney instead,
Burning beds cause the wise men told me.
Stay up way too late and get back to the old me. ))

Cause everybody out there's too controlling,
Teaching us things they don't know why they're teaching,
Preaching all things they've committed to preaching,
No matter the reason or what they believe in!
A wise man speaks not wise men show you!
Why men seek just to control you!
Childhood trauma? Is that all it falls to?
Meaningless as a hundred dollar lawsuit? WHAT!

Hit the wall till we see past ourselves!
Tear it down and we'll see that our shelves!
Stretch way out in endless oblivion!
Sun sets in the west by the steps were living on
Steeped in a stupidness! Raised with a lack of sense!
Sent to the school to be! Stupid with all your friends!
Fed with a bowl of lies! Bred as the afterlife!
Past it ain't nothing nice! Lap on the sunny rise!

But I don't want to wait till sunrise I want to be!
Free in the nightscape, draped in the company
Of silence and darkness! Violence don't harm us!
The vilest of harvest is why we're alarmist!
Everybody see the prize just zone in a hundred.
Vision blurry scurvy eyes hurting through the tunnel
When the white light comes and it hits you
You realize you've been through the deepest of shits to

Get to nowhere! Get out in the air!
Could have stayed on the first side! Had it all yeah!
We keep digging down for more! Blowing up our floors!
Destruction's us at our highest - how much can we afford?
How much can you scorch? How much can you pummel?
Before the world around us wholly starts to crumble?
You do yours though mate and I'll do mine
Just sit here and sip this lemon and lime and sunshine

( chorus )

Ey! What a rage! Know your place!
Elon Musk! Heading into outer space!
I don't care about that! Don't want to escape!
Want to fix it all here for it is too late!
Get right! Get out of your ape mind!
Find time! To help and be great/kind!

What the hell are you doin' with your life huh?
This year's shit but it doesn't mean your life sucks!
Could be right! Could be useful! Could be cool!
Would be stupid to spend it all on YouTube!
This worlds yours if you grab it by the balls!
Go and make something beautiful of it all!

Don't mind me though I'm just bitter.
What I've never been though is a quitter.
Forget about this doubt shit, clout is
All you need to get the route picked and deliver

Deliver! Deliver! Deliver! Deliver! Deliver! Deliver! Deliver! Deliver yeaaaah.

ink21 #29 doodle (too chain popo)

too chain popo

If you like cryptic shiznit: Something with Two Chainz, something with another rapper, something with the law, something with the color of; something with it all.

Inktober #29 - Reduce (1:48)


Inktober #29 - Reduce

Reduce! It's a series.
Been going for seven years and the end? Not even near it.
You can choose to get into it with your friends or become a part
Of the crew and actually not just get tuned into but get too in to the art!

A cast with character. That's the foundation.
That's the glue that holds up this whole mutual creation.
In a miniature landscape, foes and threats we face in
Our journey to flee the damaging lands of our creating.

Science. There's science too in the art of war.
There's science in our growing, and of our being so small.
There's violence, but also ambiance within these halls!
The wild world that grows around us... when silence stalls.

It's a living world, though full of fungi and ants and madness.
Massive chitin-clad creatures that do massive damage!
If you have arachnophobia then best be wary,
Somewhere in here in the sequels it... may get hairy!

We've got Mejson, we've got MariogD and the *Bott!
It's stylized that way and he might say 'tsaa' a lot. (inside joke)
We've got Bill, we've got Candy, we've got the miracle man!
A team of savages all managing these bad lands!

Zip the caretaker, Mazurek the great creator,
Jimmy, Rowny, Delsin, Jason and a devil you might see later!
Steve and fallen comrades and God-DL lost among hombres,
A team of valiant vicious warriors all going on rage,

In this crazy land where you never know what is looming!
It'll show you what it truly means to be a human!
Progress may be slow, but the detail uncompromising.
Give the show a go you know? I'll let you know what I think.

It's atmospheric, it's ambient and exciting.
The plot steady gets better as does the ambient lighting.
And the foes they will get bigger! The show it will deliver!
Join us all you friends and show the foes you are a killer!

And finally, get your hands up high and yell with pride:
Flash will never die! As long as we're alive!


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