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Nomind #3 - Second Third Word

Third word man! For the second time. Stir some.
Reverb: none. High-pass. That's how I did it last year.
Now I'm on DX! Equalizer! See that! Just need to compress
And pan my audio yes. And I'll be sweet ass. Fuck.

And so we lean up! Climb towards the hill now!
Move like mountain!
I never thought that I would keep going up! I speak on it enough!
How I keep stalling like bathrooms I'm just a counting!

I'm an office worker, I'm no accountant!
I don't account for things that do not amount and
As soon as I get out of my basement in life and pounce in
To the savanna. I'll live the life like I got a cabana in Havanna!

No stress there at all! Manana manana.
Go like Deep Purple: truckload of bananas, but I do
Wish I was like that dude sipping cranberry juice and just gliding through
Listening to Fleetwood Mac, gotta try that tune.

Word out.

Nomind #3 - Second Third Word (0:44)

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Nomind #2 - Bedside Rhymes

Bedside rhymes...
Inktober's over so I'm doing these everyday to remind.
Me that it's not over. The grind.
Not closure. No I won't stop I'll go climb.
Up to the pinnacle of this culture!
Sit on the culture tree like I'm a vulture.
Fuck Lord Jamar I'm no rap star.
I'm a wordsmith, wordists know who I are.
That's a word for word nerds you heard?
You herd stupid. I have to explain it all,
Every time I make a new thing.
You don't deserve my alms.
Whatever happened to the new kid? That dude?
Well he was good but then he got attitude. No excuses.
Without that though can I climb to high altitude? Be ruthless.
It's like as soon as you lose it they say "that'll do"! The truth is.
Not that you need to be asshole though.
You just need to not give no fucks no more.
Yet I'm on my bedside rhymes...
House quiet. I write up one at night, then record when it's time.
When outside it's bright.
When people are up and tryin', to get by.
And I stayed up late so slept past my prime, number...
Is there one on the alarm clock?
Not the best at math. I'm hardknock.
But I bet I'll shine as bright
As Einstein! Aye.
I-I'll... try.

Nomind #2 - Bedside Rhymes (1:05)

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Nomind #1 - Climb (0:49)

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Nomind #1 - Climb

Can I keep going?
Thought about showing the world I can. That I'm no man who be bland.
Thought about calling this Inkember but I think Nomind's more my jam.
That's: No Mind November! That's... how I stand.

Every day! Get up and pay the gray no mind.
Keep on grinding, keep on striving, to keep it up and not fall behind!
The idea's in line with my ambition, and the greater mission which is to find.
My real purpose, I feel like I will only find in rhyme.

Still I don't want no pressure. Not broadcasting these Wanton sessions.
When I get into my noodle and just fool around and do things I want, no stress
No stricture! No bind to none, you get the picture?
I'm. Gonna climb through this timeline like this climb is my religion.

That you keep on going and going and going and going and
Never falling short. Never falling down. Never stalling now.
Till my fingernails fall off and my skin bleeds cause
The whole world is falling down I'm. Gonna climb.

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