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Nomind #27 - The Lively Ruffle

Damn man... got a lot of shit on my brain.
Go ham and... plow through it till my eulogy!
Handstand... on the bridge like I truly feel!
Like I can fly! But can you be free?

I don't know... if I live the life or if I'm waiting.
To go... I'm always a thinking and contemplating.
My woe... doesn't know no end but when I'm pacing
The train station. Waiting for friends or foes or bros.

Or both. But not triple that'd be a dip down.
In my life. I'm already six in this ground.
Like John Wick, in his garden with the two girls,
Have you heard off Knock Knock? Well it's superb.

I've just gotta end this cause I have befriended,
Great people on NG and they got me working late.
Got me playing videogames, testing games I mean.
Man! Can't this shit take a break?

I thought Inktober was hectic! But there's no exit!
The bullshit goes on... just like Brexit!
But I'm not complaining really. I'm quite inspired.
I like to write a while too but I just feel too tired.

Trifle dues. Strife and juice. Light the fuse. Let's go BOOM.
Like the First Over Inktober but no no no Toon Boom.
Flash ain't dead. #Ruffle
Gotta live it up! Let's go kerfuffle.

Nomind #27 - The Lively Ruffle (1:10)

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Nomind #26 - Lotta Lotto, Real Yolk No Haggle

Got a lotta, gotta lotta, gotta lotta days! I gotta lotta days...
When I'm not in my place! Not in my straight heat phase...
And I know and I know it can go a lot of ways...
A whole lot of ways... yeaaah! It can go all to waste! Down these waterways...

But not today...

Cause today I'm fucking doing it hugely! I'm moving fluently!
I feel as truant as a huge machine! Doing feats!
Youth ain't weak! I dropped a year and a few with ease!
Shedding kilos for real though need new apparel!

But really no... I still got a real arena to go.
I gotta walk, I gotta jog, I gotta scare up smoke.
I gotta keep on till my finger's bleed from gearing,
Not all day but all year in! It's gonna be apparent!

Cyberdevil's on a streak, still speaking third-person!
Old people speak to themselves, think Cyberdevil will worsen?
It can't get worse though than hell! Still living in my shell!
Tired of saying the same thing, when will I yell and break my

Thin walls like a thin sauce gotta put in yolk!
No gluten for me no I do no coke.
I mean wheat - visual similarities.
That'll be my motto - I don't snaggle bleach.

Gotta win the lotto - I'll be haggle free.


Nomind #26 - Lotta Lotto, Real Yolk No Haggle (1:15)

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Nomind #25 - To Life Again

AKA Just Docking

Sister came to visit today...
Took a walk, walked it away...
After work when everything was okay...
Then had a workout! And then I shaved...

And now I've docked again on my quay.
The term docking is such a strange name these days!
If it don't sound strange to you I'll refrain from
Talking about the new vein of the word now in my brain.

And I am Bob Axell! That's how I'm named!
Referencing myself so it won't ever ever change.
Forever and ever, forgetting me would be a shame!
Regret in me, if I see, legacy prepped in vein!

That's why I make my music! Also vent-related!
I'm kind of emo sometimes, some kind of memento ain't it!
What do I want to leave, how to do I want to be remembered?
As one you forget when you stop listening? This My November.

Lately though... I feel legacy feels trife.
It's more so moments. Live a little. Soar like a kite.
You're in your life, so live! Live! Your life.

And there's no right way to do it!
Screw six chicks in A Buick
Whoo kid!

Nomind #25 - To Life Again (1:00)

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