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Nomind #21 - The Day Late Hexa

The day late Hexa!
I should've posted it today,
But I didn't,
Now it's up for the next one!

But what did you expect huh?
I mean I work a full time job,
On part time,
And I'm not no Alexa!

May call be Cybernetic!
I say Bionic a lot
But I'm not in the trenches
Waiting for no bombs now to drop!

What I'm saying is I should mention
I've got Terminator attention!
But I don't live in a warzone!
And I don't wear suspension!

Only when I ride...
Come alive in the dead of night.
He he he he. Creep laugh.
Dead end flight.

If I used that as a pick up line
You'd think I was a little tiring,
Midget king. In a bad way.
Little tyrant.

I'm with my dawgs though.
We're humping fire hydrants.
Do what the fuck we want to.
To feel alive and vibrant.

Just know I've never done that.
Don't know what the fuck I'm saying,
Time is ticking away but I've got
Stuff to do before the day ends so

Later! I'm bout to post a list and you can
Make Earth Greater.

Nomind #21 - The Day Late Hexa (0:51)

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Nomind #20 - Nightly Build 20

I've written so much... why do I write this up though?
It's not for dough, do I try too much though?
Try to go, everyday for months and months and months...
So now I've done tons! Where does that get me?

I'd better be better when I am ready!
I better be prepping for something like a brand new Chevy!
I better be stacking my money AND getting plenty!
So I can fund some great things not just talk so edgy.

I better articulate real so you comprehend me!
I better use my time wisely like it's never never-ending
Energy to spare every morning when I get up pent on getting bent in
Working till my shoulders slouch but I don't got no couch!!!

I'll never be stopping man!
I'll be dropping albums I've got a lot of plans!
And I won't let 'em gather dust now I'm a make some grands!
Yeah I'm a make something grand so I can feel like with my life

I made alright! Wouldn't that be nice?
All for tonight...

Nomind #20 - Nightly Build 20 (0:46)

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Nomind #19 - Oh Ho Ho How Tired We Are...

I see... with my own eyes!
That Tech N9ne Specter video... it felt so right!
We're way past Halloween... on with our lives!
Like Inktober's over though but... still I ride!

Each day now... wake up and then write!
Or go to bed, in a haze, and see no light...
Look out the window, out there I see no life either!
No Justin Bieber videos to get me hyped!

I mean to be get me uplifted. To see things brighter.
I get side-tracked with pastimes. Sleep deep with all-nighter's.
I wish I would though, really I'm just so tired that I
Go to bed in good time, but still sleep like expired items.

Dig deep in my reserves for energy to deserve,
What's spent on me now, come tell me not to leave smirks.
Behind when I open blinds and see the night not leave Earth!
This winter time is feeble, and we've got no snow so ski no.

Though I don't have skis here either. Never get real winter!
It feels even colder when the ice never closes, yes we sleep indoors!
But gotta get out when it's day time! Not for glimpse of sun,
Just gotta walk, gotta get the heart pumping, I ought a run...

I really ought a exercise more. Here's what I try for:
Six pack in my life! Went from this month to: future time drawer.
Six pack's a bucket-list item! But how can I take pride in
Me in my day to day life if I stay inside still still and hiding.

I know it's winter now, but Sapiens don't hibernate. Can't be idling.
I'll Trump myself some day thank me a Biden (abiding).

Nomind #19 - Oh Ho Ho How Tired We Are... (1:20)

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