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Nomind #15 - Brighter Darkened Days (1:12)

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Nomind #15 - Brighter Darkened Days

I got a headache man. Too many chips, too many dead a tan?
Too long outside in the icy autumn wind with whatever fam
Can join me on my journey as I head into that neverland?
Walking, talking about the same old things, just squawking,
Rarely inspiring; stimulating intellectual conversations like
I guess I'd have with a great one like Steven Hawkins.
Then again maybe I'd lose my essence in his prescience,
And feel so lessened down when he's around I'd get depression.

Who knows. I don't. Shoes don't. Seem nice. If you don't. Have your size.

I got the headache though. But I got rid of it like I have before.
I ate my dinner, forced it in me though my head was swole,
Nausea creeping up upon me like my deadened soul,
Watched Dead Kids yesterday too and that was hella cold.
But dinner somehow clears the air up in my dome.
Either my head space clears or I chase my lair within my home.
Just lie down in my bed and writhe it out cause I got clout!
But not right now. I feel a bit drained, but also relish the bone.

I was given. Just for living. Just for coping. Don't let hope end.

When you're given that or the rope with which you can play Hang Man.
You'd be a fool to choose excuses; leave those Badlands; be a bad man.

The night is dark but days are so much brighter!

Nomind #14 - After A Chips Night

You inspire me! You inspire me to be a higher me!
Climb like a skyscraper till the sky I reach!
Scrape 'em like a covid test, hold your breath!
Climbing without rope or rep! Climb in till my shoulder's set!

On dropping boulders. Bordering on bold moves soldier.
Soldering the coils of free energy, Tesla.
The fourteenth day in mind and I won't rest up.
Stress too much Alexa has my site rank down to just a spec huh.

I've no time for posting up on my site things.
No time onsite tonight. Nor really time for mountain climbing.
No time to practice sight things, but there's one I got my eye in.
The screen. And it's tiring! I been, multiplying/widening!

It's cause I eat too many Daim bars though. It's cause I hang out with
Buddy Bear and eat a bag of chips solo! Come back home and chug three water glasses so
You know I've eaten too much but can you trust, that I'll manage mojo?
I'll get there this year yeah yo yo Cyberdevil over and.... in...

Nomind #14 - After A Chips Night (0:54)

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Nomind #13 - Friday Tiredeen

Thought something spooky might be going on! But hold your long Jon Silver, what's wrong now killer?
You got your Magnum all rusted by blood splatter? Well that means you never use it. Excuses, excuses!
I've been relapsing! Like the dear Mister Mathers. I've been in videogames! Yes I have, though I'd rather...
Finish the mixtape I'm making and try to break into the game cause I heard earlier... it may be vacant?

But that game I'm playing? It's more like testing. I'm testing games I'm never resting, stressing yeah.
I'd rather have a family and be caressing the flesh of a woman, but somehow you gotta get what you want huh?
Wait for it... well I'm tired of waiting furthermore. Get on your surfer board and go out and just merk a wharf.
I watched The Purge and it was bad-ass, but I'm concerned of course this month, when I have no time for movies.

And movies usually move me! Get me inspired. Usually keep me going. So I don't get so tired.
It's Friday night and now I regret, not doing more, but I regress. Yes I will rest! I digress. Rest is like a lifeline.
Check. Your cheques closely and don't let the fools fool you. And rule you. You rule dude. Be your own bank!
And say thanks to the true dudes. Who paved the way and moved you. And someday you can play it aaall back.

It's Friday I'm a rest cause I've been stressed and high on tiredness, this was my writing sesh today,
Not profitting off these OK IRS? There's no need to fry my next paycheck but I will make greatness yes.


Nomind #13 - Friday Tiredeen (1:26)

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