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Nomind #12 - Tired Tires

I'm... tired man...
Why won't this tiredness go away, why? So I can go on with my day life?
I fall behind on all my dues, if you see me you'll be spooked,
Growing a beard like I'm weird, it's not a great sign.

But I'm sane OK? Whatever you hear down the grapevine.
Is just someone tryin' to MAME my greatness.
That jealous cat Shady, jello raps,
I can say whatever I want he'll never play my tracks.

And if he does? Make a dis track and post it.
I'll get famous and big yeah he knows it!
I'll finally put out a mix on Datpiff and get roses!
So I suppose it's never gonna happen better tap in man.

I should be happy that I'm not in Pakistan...
I should be happy I'm not my worn out car. I'm just tired.
My tire-ness is at no risk of exploding so I've dire rest.
To check in this weekend. Check me depleting.

Check me refreshing. Vexing my setting.
Flexing my headring. Headband? Whatever is trending.
Heading to my friend too to watch some movies and eat,
Used to be tortilla Friday now it's taco retreat,

For the week/weak.

Nomind #12 - Tired Tires (1:02)

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Nomind #11 - Eswatini Swazi

Have you ever heard of Swaziland?
Do you even know how pronounce it?
Do you know what people live there?
Do you know how big their count is?

Bet you didn't know that officially
It's Kingdom of Eswatini Swazi!
Led by a king since old days,
Till the British came in like the Stasi,

Independent from 1968 and onward!
Reed Festival for the king a concert!
Name change in two thousand eighteen!
King Mswati the third he's the monarch

They are a fortress! They are a mystery!
They hide themselves away! They are powerful ones!
That's their motto that is what they say,
I read up on the Swazi today.

Bought three jars from Eswatani Kitchen,
Lime, Mango and Guava marmalade,
They're a country of just a million,
With temperatures in tolerable range.

They seem pretty great. So there,
Know their name.

Nomind #11 - Eswatini Swazi (0:45)

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Nomind #10 - Tenforce

It's the tenth and: I'm no tenant but I'll tend to what I've mind!
I want to be a menace so I grind!
Attention to my trench I don't go blind!
Not leaving hopeless soldiers low behind even if I'm low on time!

I'm a drag 'em all with me. Me and what army?
Me and my mind, we make alarm, we go harming!
All those who stand in our line, their sight to their eye-finder.
Cellphone sight buffers! Straight mindpower by tower!

But we can stop 5G!
I'm not anti-progress but anti the E!
When the E wants to put satellites high above our feet!
And radiate us without wait, every day constantly!

I'm not for it!
Won't stay silent or drop dormant!
I will be rhyming with violence put on performances through my lens
Even if my sight goes dim! I'm sighting things!

I'm going till my mic don't sing!
It's the tenth and I go again friends.
Some days better some day better get off me,
It's Father's Day today though, I got a cup of coffee,

Let's GO! Show the world we're a force they can't control!
And I mean that in the best possible way like: legal!
Regal like an Eagle though I'm not American! Drew up a card,
Wrote a poem and gave three jars of jam.

Exotic! Today can't stop. Got something I'd long lost in my eye socket.
Vision! Feeling an urge to go like a holy mission.
And this hole I spit with just ate three pieces of cake,
I'm wide awake! That might be why I feel like I can't break!

But I'm... just trying to find a line to set this straight.
To end this in the best of ways. To let go even when there's no stopping!
Don't have time to write like all night now like I've got options!
It's dark and gray but hey: We're heading to better days at no low pace!

YOLO space, don't wait!!!

Nomind #10 - Tenforce (1:27)

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