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Nomind #9 - No 9

I don't drink so I don't get hammered!
But it's nine so I'm going bananas!
Step outside of your peel you bystander!
Get into it move to the Bahamas!
Live the life somewhere on the atlas!
And WHERE does not even matter!
As long as you're all there! Mind and soul!
Leave behind this grime and snow!
Winter's come so rhyme is woe!
Like Undyne, my final throes!
Of this Earth, beholden by the ghoul!
Buy me solvent! Try me don't!
Rhymin' over timeless beats I could be...
Instead of spineless prose!
But I'm not! Number 9! No stops in time!
My final note: You've got the shine!
Don't try to coat! Not even...


Nomind #9 - No 9 (0:42)

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Nomind #8 - Scholar On A Weekend Sitting

Scholar's are of the past,
Wallop and kick ass,
Eat all that you can,
Cause life is all but fast.

Fast fasting only tween,
Big meals and daily dreams,
At night when just you slouch,
On a sofa or a couch.

Get up and greet the day!
Get out and get it made!
Get some marmalade!
Put it on your toast!

I don't think I'm even close to being all I want to
But I'll coast! To the lawn to
Write some prose! When my strong urge
To be in and work takes the long curve.


Nomind #8 - Scholar On A Weekend Sitting (0:28)

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Nomind #7 - Lucky Number Salmon

Lucky Number Seven
I'm revvin' I'm revvin'!
Writing for every day that goes and
Getting closer to heaven.

Just watched Salmon Fishing in Yemen,
What the hell am I peddling?
Felt a bit sorry for that other guy,
He done none mis-stepping!

And the main man was a sorry case,
And the lady ditto.
The prince though he was hella brave,
And never belittled.

Hope the cold land answered his prayers,
That they were thankful and saved!
It played out alright...
They hugged and then banked for the quay

And that was it... the other dude rode off in a jeep,
Politicians were swooped for a sweep, life just moved anew to the beat.
And you see how we all mistreat true leaders? Just try to kill them.
Or abuse them for a shilling. For a piece of juicy news by the beast or the villain.

Meanwhile I'll be in Sweden, in my mind just fishin' and chillin'.
I do have faith. That I'll stand strong however long till my... end of days.
Glory days? End the page.

Nomind #7 - Lucky Number Salmon (0:49)

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