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My Old Twitters

Browsed through my old Twitter messages today. 606 of them. It's interesting how back in the day you just said what you were doing, right then and there, and ten years later (it's been almost ten years since my last post at least) it's evolved into more of a chatroom than a list of status updates. So much more dynamic. And so much less about status updates than points of interest - a mesh of news, dues and random inspiration.

Almost like a lightweight version of Tumblr.

Also I miss Ananova. Quirkies... remember? There's so much nostalgia in those tweets, short and pointless as they may be. Some places are gone, but some sites never die! City Creator's still there, for one. Still fun. It's not in Flash either so maybe it'll live past 2020 too.

I don't remember playing Dragon Fable at all. But the site. Hmm. Seems very Time Hunter-like...

No time to go Google now, but just thought I'd post a note. If you want to check my twitters, new and old - inexistent and archived - they're here and here. Maybe some day that second one will actually come to life... maybe. Some day.

Chessence... Still There, Still Inactive

What's happened to the site I once planned on starting up and making so large and great? Well it has now just shriveled up and turned into really nothing, oh is this fate? And what started in time as a badly climbed rhyme will go down and go low and so do all tunes grow till it's so distant you can't even bend with a spoon, but really, it's no tune. It's a chess site, and that's all, that's a mess, and my, and the chess, tonight, and that, and this, and yeah... oh whatever.

CyberD Search Results

Google is fun, didn't know CDB images were this unique. ;)

CyberD Search Results

CyberD Search Results 2

CyberD Search Results 3

CyberDyze - Old YouTube Channel

Hehe, browsing through old accounts and sites and stuff and guess what I stumbled upon, my old YouTube channel! Three videos there, music videos made with great assistance of and dedicated to the almighty GTA SA game, so if you like GTA SA give them a view. There's a bunch of favorites that may be worth a browse through too.

Didn't know what to do with the link, guess I'll leave it here so it's not lost forever. :P


Looks like people actually do click the links in my blog posts once in a while, haha, a thousand people fooled. ;)


CyberDyze! Wutt?

Cberdyze Wutt

Haha, I was a bit surprised to get this in my inbox yesterday. Thought CyberDyze was all dead and gone already, but it seems like some places still haven't forgotten about it. :)

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