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Just A Moment

Random screenshot from a memorable Oni moment. :)

Silence Of The Lambs :)

The Final Fights

I'm so good at this game now I just can't lose fighting the big bad boss guy & Co. :) Provided the right amount of hypos are supplied of course. Bunch of special effects experimented with in the process of patching together footage from the game, hope you like. Get ready to check out these sequences of the final fights. ;)

Stunt Fight Footage

Entertaining video footage snapped and patched together from the great game Oni (though probably only entertaining if you're an extremely hardcore fan of the game). Mixed like an amature through Movie Maker on Windows 7 & recorded like an amature through BSR Video Recorder, but it's the stunts that count - right? Enjoy!

Perfect Combo #5

Perfect Combo #4

Perfect Combo #3

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