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Leftovers 8

Another forty minutes of leftover footage! Lots of repeats here, at least thirty failed half-assed attempts at the final level just after enterting the compound and the beginning of Dr Hasegawas lab... and then some outta-sync footage. If you're still watching it, enjoy!

Leftovers 7

More leftovers, here, with a full episode in it this time. Also a perfect run of the first boss fight (against Shinatama). Had to speed a few clips up a little to fit everything under an hour. There's a bad cut at 44:30, JSYK, but I don't have time to out-edit it right now. Enjoy!

Leftovers 6

Another batch of footage from way back. There's a bad cut at 32:50, but after having published the move at least three times after finding other erros I'm not even going to bother fixing this one. Leftovers. If you're still watching this series, enjoy! ;)

Leftovers 5

This time the footage is from way way back, very very left and abandoned and over. You can tell by the watermark I pasted on my video footage back then, something I've gotten better at (not including). Bit over 40 minutes in this batch, mostly uncut game footage as always. Enjoy!

Leftovers 4

40 more minutes of watchable leftover gameplay footage from Oni packed together in a file. Enjoy!

Leftovers 3

Yet another 40 minutes of watchable leftover gameplay footage from Oni. Though it's more like bloopers this time. Some neat stunts may be included. Enjoy!

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