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One Piece 26

Hostage drama episode. Gin's attempt to get everyone off the restaurant doesn't go as planned. Sanji knows how much the restaurant means to everyone. He's not giving it up for anything, so Gin keeps Sanji at bay while Pearl beats the shit out of him. Sanji can't fight back or Zeff will be dead, so he doesn't fight back, and in the end he gets knocked unconscious. Through the fight he tells the tale of why he owes the old man so much, and how he doesn't want him to lose anything more.



One Piece 25

Luffy Makes A Deal


One Piece 24

After the pretty sketchy so not so fluent episode summer you may have read for the last episode, here's one to make up for it. The clash of swords between the greatest swordsman in the world and the tough wannabe Zoro.

Ships Are Dunked


One Piece 23

Episode twenty-three-summary-review commence!

Food For Everyone


One Piece 22

Zeff tries to get Sanji to leave, but Sanji doesn't want to, he still has a debt to pay the great chef.

Ship Approaching


One Piece 21

Luffy starts working at the restaurant, dropping plates, burning his hand, being generally chaotic, and no it's not by purpose. The crew sits down and waits for him to resolve the situation. He's just not cut out to work at a restaurant.

Here's a couple of screen caps without captions. Cause they don't need captions.



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