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One Piece 127

The war is over! All over the country people rejoice.

The King Delivers A Speech


One Piece 126

The blast knocks everybody down to the ground, yet they get up again, and keep fighting. Vivi is yelling at them to please stop fighting, and the Strawhats do what they can to beat down the resistance (without killing anybody).

The Fight Still Rages On


One Piece 125

The bomb in the clock tower has been revealed. All the Strawhats have to do is get up to it and shut it down before the blast off. Piece of cake, right?

Crocodile Sneers


One Piece 124

In the town square things are looking hopeless. They can't find the bomb anywhere and the time is running out. In an attempt to rethink their strategy Usopp fires up the signal.

The Signal


One Piece 123

Drops Of Water


One Piece 122

Zoro & Sanji


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