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One Piece 8

This is the part where the rap breaks down, it's really tense no one makes a sound! Luffy & Buggy are breaking things round town and it's going down oh shit watch this NOW NOW! :D

Shanks & Buggy


One Piece 7

Woo, all out fight. Nami runs away in the heat of the battle to find a treasure. Zoro defeats the sword-weilding top-throwing acrobat Calisomething. Luffy starts fighting Buggy. No captions for this episode, but the pictures pretty much explain themselves.

Luffy Meets Buggy


One Piece 6

I should stop typing 'Zorro' cause his name is really 'Zoro'. Actually it's not 'Zoro' at all, that's just a fan-subbers fault that stuck, his name is actually spelled differently, and so is Luffy's name (Ruffy)... but enough of that, and the reason you haven't seen the Zorro typos is because I went back and edited the old posts btw, now, on with the episode!

In this one, the episode six, which could have been the end of a second trilogy but wasn't, the showdown with Buggy the clown get's started for real. Luffy and Zoro (and Nami) manage to escape thanks to Zoro's incredible strength.



One Piece 5

Finally, Nami!

Oh, I don't feel like writing so here's a bunch of screen caps. To summarize, Luffy meets Nami, turns out she's a navigator, she wants him to join her at first, then he wants her to join his crew, then she realizes he's a pirate and is confused because she thinks she hates pirates. She tricks him, takes him to Buggy tied up, hands back the map and waits for a chance to steal it back and escape, and suddenly Buggy wants her to kill Luffy.

Turns out she doesn't really hate Luffy at all, and then Zoro comes into the picture and tries cutting Buggy into pieces, but it seems he ate a devils fruit too that lets him split into pieces, so he can't be killed by a sword, instead he stabs Zoro who is completely surprised by the attack after having sliced up (or so he thought) his foe. Then they all get blasted with a buggy bomb and, well, if you want the next part skip to the next episode.

About the incoherent end of the previous episode summary, maybe I should fill in a bit on what really happened at the end there when nothing was really said about what was happening. Well, Luffy gets kidnapped by the bird he tried to eat, Zoro starts rowing after him like crazy, on the way he meets a few pirates (the ones Nami stole the ship from) who try to steal his ship while he's rowing like crazy, so he beats them up and gets a bit delayed. Meanwhile, Luffy falls down on the island in front of Nami, and you catch a glimpse of Buggy hiding in the shadows, and that's all part of the past now, so on to the screen caps below we go!

Ooh, He's Strong!


One Piece 4

Buggy The Clown


One Piece 3

Oh yeah, it's episode three! If this was a trilogy it could be the end of it. Fortunately it's not, and it's not a quadrilogy either, it's an infinity. The episode starts right in the middle of the action. Luffy is in the process of freeing Zoro, well actually he hasn't even started yet, he's just arrived with the swords.

Yay Swords


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