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One Piece 115

The fight in Arabasta rages on!

Usopp Is Pissed


One Piece 114

Time for Usopp & Choppers great battle.

Holes In The Ground


One Piece 113

Seems like I got a bit ahead of myself in the last episode, so let me re-formulate.

It wasn't Sanji who outsmarted Bon Clay, it was Vivi. She then tried to escape the grim fate that awaits in his presence when her duck (and good friend) gets struck by a bullet. Now Sanji appears, and it's time for the right fight!

Carue's Determination


One Piece 112

Episode 112 with a short review for you it's true.

The Strawhats (Luffy still excluded) appear all disguised as Vivi, riding on ducks, apparently the fastest birds in all of Arabasta. They manage to take the people waiting for them with surprise.

Riding On Ducks


One Piece 111

Strange Water Monster

The Strawhats (Luffy excluded) run into a strange monster.

Nico Helps Luffy

When all hope seems lost, and Luffy seems to have perished, Crocodile leaves for the city. Nico Robin stays behind and helps Luffy out of the sand. Why? Sail on!

One Piece 110

Pyramid In Rise


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