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One Piece 109

Back at the Casino, Crocodile leaves the building.



One Piece 108

Yuba is being tormented by sandstorms. The old man is having a hard time, but let us skip to the Strawhats and their particular dilemma. They are as we all know in the VIP room, a cage made of sea-stone that they just can't get out of, and when things can't be getting much worse...

The Key Is Lost


One Piece 107

Mr 2 is impersonating the king, attacking Nanahara, shooting the leader Kouza, inciting the rebellion that will start the war. When a kid is killed their hatred really flares,. "Their love to protect the country is what will destroy the country." Two sides that both love the country clashing in a fruitless dispute. Meanwhile, in the VIP room Crocodile is telling everyone his plan, the process of creating his own Utopia.



One Piece 106

Smokey is hot on their tail and they run into Crocodile's casino.



One Piece 105

Looking At A Map


One Piece 104

At The Tables


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