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One Piece 103

Red Desert


One Piece 102

Luffy, Zoro & Chopper get separated from the rest of the crew. They find some strange ruins with a lot of written hieroglyphic things in them. Eventually they get out, and meet with the rest of their friends under the setting sun. Beautiful episode.

Nami tries to explain to Vivi how she can trust in all her friends so easily, and she recalls something Luffy said while defeating Arlong...

Of course I don't know anything about swords you dumb-ass. I don't know anything about navigating either, or about cooking, and I can't even lie. I know I need others to help me if I want to move forward!

The swordplay refers to Zoro, navigating to Nami, cooking to Sanji & Lying to Usopp. Seems like he can say memorable things once in a while after all. On with the screen caps! Oh, guess what, I've decided to stop typing so much in these summaries, all I really feel like doing is watching the episodes anyway (wanting to write is something I do after I've already seen a bunch, and by then it's too late to remember all the episode details, so, yeah, that's why). Sail on!

Chopper, Luffy & Zoro


One Piece 101

Ace runs into a bounty hunter.



One Piece 100

We jump back to Suna-suna (the village) and the Kohza clan in this half-flashback episode. Vivi's childhood friend Kohza is now leader of the rebel army. For Luffy & Co, it's also another adventurous day out in the desert. No time for words, just screencaps.

Masked Protection


One Piece 99

The journey with the sand pirates is now over.

Farewell Umbrella-Osan

Luffy & Co embark once more on their quest over the dunes of sand.

Along The Dunes Of Sand

Along the way they meet a group of people pretending to be a part of the rebel army, protecting a little village. Ace who has already 'infiltrated' the group knows they are cowards who use only the name to scare people away, taking as much from the village as they can in form of food and fame while they're there. Luffy & Co decide to test them, and they evolve from cowards to warriors willing to throw their lives away for the sake of the people cheering them on. So Luffy & Co fake an escape and everyone lives happily ever after. Sail on!

One Piece 98

In this episode Nami & Vivi captured by some sand pirates, led by Barbarossa.



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