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One Piece 97

Chopper In Heat


One Piece 96

Luffy & Co are on their way by boat to some harbor from which they can cross the desert, hopefully surviving a long voyage through a blazing land where the dunes of sand climb over 300 meters high.

Miserable People


One Piece 95

Luffy meets Ace! For a short while, and for a short while he joins them on their venture, and a lot of funny things happen. I'll let the pictures speak (about everything but the many funny things, see the episode yourself to catch those).

Luffy & Ace


One Piece 94

There are new characters popping up with each episode, and it looks a showdown will eventually be inevitable! Don't worry, this isn't the showdown episode, but it might just be one of the funniest episodes of the series. I can't help but laugh out loud each time I watch it. It's only my second time watching it, but still, the comedy factor is undeniably intense!

Let's move on to this episodes screencaps...

Golden Apple Scam Revealed


One Piece 93

Episode ninetythree!!



One Piece 92

Ah, I remember 1992, it was a year when I... what? Ok then, episode summary coming up...

Crocodile On A Building


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