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One Piece 85

Eh he?


One Piece 84



One Piece 83

You'll figure this one out. ;)

Laphan In The Way


One Piece 82

Hopes High, Nami Low


One Piece 81

Doctor Kureha

Doctor Kureha appears, along with a mysterious sidekick named Chopper. They heal a sick kid, save his life even. She asks for a pretty big provision in the fathers business as pay, the people are suspicious, they say the kid would probably have gotten better anyway, but the kid is grateful, thanks the doctor. "Oh? Seems I got a nice tip" she says, and lowers the provision a bit.

Luffy & Sanji are heading up the mountain when they run into a little rabbit,a 'Laphan'. No trouble yet, but in the next episode there will be. In other news, Wapol is back! Ya know that guy that was eating off Luffy's ship? Yepp, him, turns out he was the dictator, err, king - in the land of the Drum earlier. He killed off all doctors and kept the best ones for himself, then pirates came, and he escaped and left the people to die. The people survived, and now he's back to take control.

Wapol Arrived

There he is. Asshole. So we know now why the Strawhats were greeted so un-nicely, yeah? Sail on!

One Piece 80

Luffy & Co arrive at a country that has no name.

They are surrounded by people with guns who tell them to leave at once. One of them fires at them, and Sanji gets a bit pissed, Vivi holds him back and a nervous soldier shoots her. Even after she is shot she begs them to save Nami, Vivi apologizes, and Luffy does the same. It turns out they aren't as unfriendly as they seem to be and Luffy & Co are taken in, Vivi is treated, and they seek to find a doctor for Nami.

A Hiker Bear


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