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For Fears & New Years Nearing

A lot of fears fade when I rise up,
Because then I know I can reach.
We grow everyday as we wise up,
Until we're as tall as our dreams.

But don't grow too much or you'll realize,
There's something else up there but air,
If you go too far through these clear skies,
Maybe you'll find new things to fear.

Awesome Work Once Again!

Awesome Work Once Again!

Friendly super artist friend (?) Chutney glorified a recent review I'd written. Shout out.

RIP Stan Lee

RIP Stan Lee

And that's not even the saddest one. Oh my god... I barely knew the dude, but the feels some of these evoke...

I didn't grow up in the grand universe this great man created, but I've been spending more and more time there these last few years, so I guess I might've become a pretty big Marvel fan after all.

Didn't draw anything but I did write a poem:


Unorthodox Bright

Haiku for a bright
Morning when the world wakes up
To life...

(Ellipses - three syllables.)


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

So it's that time of the year once again! When we fill up our pantry, then gather together to feast like beasts and be friendly with family. :)

I thought I'd have a few days more to prepare (a blog), but time flies when you're having fun packing presents. May your day be merry, though! I'm off to spend some time watching people unpack all those presents I just spent half the day wrapping... after a hopefully good meal and get-together.

Some spontaneous inspired Christmas poetry for the day:

Christmas time is nigh!
I look up at the sky...
Though all I see is ceiling.
Still seems a bit appealing.

It's bright and crisp and white,
Unlike the outside ground.
But good things come tonight,
When all us gather round.

Around the Christmas tree,
To get and give and feel,
Like part of something bigger!
And better. Let us heal.

Let us chit chat and relax,
And eat a bunch of snacks,
After too big a Christmas dinner,
Without winners - all grow fat.

And even without snow,
We've got all we need.
With friends and folks we know,
And ginger dough to eat.

And meals to make us sleep,
And too much stuff to wrap,
Just thought I'd write a poem,
And then it's back to that.

Merry Christmas!
Or whatever it is you celebrate where you're at.

Alternatively: And don't forget the hat.

Quick Old Poem

Digging through textfiles, and I found one I hadn't posted. :) It probably sounds better if you rap it. Maybe I'll get a recording of this done eventually...

I haven't added any poems on the site since last year
Haven't added any sound or new designs it's just clear
A shitload of things on my computer to go through
And when I do that I might just do some uploads too

It's not like I haven't written anything I write lines
Every day and some days I write them many times
But my time's no fun nay it runs out constantly
I want to ask it "what the hell do you want from me?"

But now I'm back, desk clear and I'll keep it that way

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