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Happy Eighties!

Collage Of The Awesome Eighties

My dad's hitting a commendable age today, so Happy Birthday Dad! And Happy Valentine. And have a Happy Day everyone else!

Image source here. Haven't watched that video but it looks nostalgic... homage to the greatest era ever. Today both a personal birthright and grand numerical reason for celebration. So here's a dedication.

Time to jump off and eat some cake and stuff; honor a good dude, who's lived quite the live and pulled through... I wrote a poem in Swedish, but one more might be good too! Without this father figure I'm not sure what I would do. Or where I'd be. Who I'd be. Who I'd look to if in true despair or need. And would I have the free time, to spare on creative fares and deeds? Would I have time to here emcee? Would I have the view on the world I have - learned from all the turfs we mapped, growing up way further back in exotic burbs with turban hats? My sun spots dot me spotty, like I'm on the verge of black.

Learned piano, stirred some mats, even got a marching drum. We're all way back in Sweden now, still look at how far we've come!

Eighty years? I hate the wear, but hope it'll still be great in here, with food and cake and awaking cheer. Ringing away the ancient years.

And here's to another ten at least, till once again we pen and feast, and honor this great tennis beast! Though he may not see the same play in me - I seek other ways to be. He still plays at least two games a week, can't age defeat, we take a knee.

Happy Birthday, BG.

Inktober #31.5 - Inktober 2022 (1:53)

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Inktober #28.5 - Earl Thirsty Morning (0:52)

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ink22 #6 doodle (zippa zee)

zippa zee

Zipping around at ulterior speed. Feeling the ground, and weeding the trees.
We huddle around; we see what we see. That nature is freaky, but sleek and serene.
And reaching the skies, the sun in our eyes, spots - that seem blue and green.

Picture and poetry somewhat unrelated.

A Morning Ode

Look here morning...
I don't fucking hate you
But you come too early
I just want to greet you.

I know I'm only human
So I make mistakes too
But can't you just wait...
A moment so I can meet you?

I'm not trying to change -
Or to dissuade you
I know that you're great
Even if you're see-through.

So if you just say,
You'll be there for me,
If I'm there for you,
Then I will believe you.

I do love mornings!
And love makes you do crazy things so...

Rise and shine.

Some day.

When I'm out of my mind.

Fake Woke

Facts though.
Stay woke.
Burnt up.
Lack smoke.
Stay broke.
Rap don't.
Slay ghosts.
Real ones.
See this.
Need this.
Feed us.
Sick of.
Be be.
Keep on.
Reach your.


- Bob Axell, inspired by this baggy satchel of thought-provoking act fuel.

(and that's when you hit play again and loop the shit out of ^)

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