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So many questions
Running through an open mind
Chaotic and clear


Crazy Christmas

Christmas is here
Fear is in the air
Santa Clause is coming
You better be prepared

You can't hide nowhere
He knows if you're scared
He'll strike down upon you
Abuse you to tears

No end to nightmares
Now that the big red is in town
So don't show your anger or hate
Don't you dare frown!

In two days he will leave
All the kids have been deceived
There will be no presents
To nice children in need

The criminals have been freed
The world is chaotic and clear
Now that Christmas has arrived
Now that Christmas is here.

The Poem Feature

Guess whos poem was the daily feature on today? Heheheheheh...

The Poem Feature

Roam In Rome

The sun rises high
In our dull gray sky
Far away in the distance
Black birds fly

Stray rays of sunlight
Fight their way through my curtain
And my dim eyes
Start hurting

To my grim surprise
It's time to start working
Run to the train
In vein berserking

Fate has insisted
So it seems like I missed it
Caught in a blizzard

Ah, well that was a random ending, wasn't it? Am working on getting together a poetry collection on my website. Seems like the things I make most of I post the last of, lmao . . .

Btw, poem content is purely fictional, I made it to the train in good time this morning, and have done so all past traingoing days this year. :P


Clear blue is the sky,
The daylight passes by,
I sit inside and dream,
Forever it may seem,

The minutes they are countless,
Like sandgrains on the beach,
When I am all but working,
With fewer goals to reach,

I cough up blood and apples,
For breakfast that I ate,
The clerk comes to my bed,
To hand me another plate,

My soul cries my heart aches,
From a dream my mind awakes,
Simple fever is all it takes,
For total outbreak.

Short poem by the Cyberdevil


I was inspired! So here is a new poetic presentation from the cyberish devil.


Is there a greater reason,
For the change of season,
The sunrays slowly reaching,
Into the dark horizon,

Everythings in motion,
Sun hides behind the ocean,
An hour later until summer,
When it never dives down under,

I saw the leaves falling,
But no snowflakes this year,
The winters been a dark one,
No sun reaches down here,

Every day passed,
We all covered in fear,
Litten up by cyberspace,
Plenty of time to prepare,

Now it feels like spring,
Sun shines on everything,
I hop and jump and sing,
In the sunny setting,

Is there a greater treason,
Then stopping times flow,
Time just flies away,
Yet the hours don't go,

And now vacations over,
It feels great to finally breath,
After all this harsh work,
Take it easy and let it be . . .

Peaceful Poetry by me . . .

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