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1 Day Left

1, Until everything is done!

Heres my short poem, for everyone...

Tomorrow is the day
That will wipe you off your feet
Presents are opened
Everything is sweet

Tomorrow is the day
Jesus faced defeat
But still we party
And eat and eat

Tomorrow is the day
Of happiness and sharing
Taking and giving
And today is preparing

Today is the day
On a quick final rush
I run to the stores
And buy stuff for all of us

Today is the day
I'm so stressed out
I'm almost forgetting
What Christmas is about

Today is the day
We wait for tomorrow
When everything is swept away
Unhappiness and sorrow

We gather round the table
Play games of any label
Eat as long as we're able
We live inside the fable

We party and laugh
Until our jaws hurt
And then rest in 2 weeks
Before we get back to work...

10 Days Left

10 Days left,
Only ten days!
Until we celebrate
In many different ways

No matter the place
Puts a smile on the face
And there is no competition
Still every thing's a race

Waiting till late night
For some its early day
When presents are opened
And everyone goes YAY

While everyone in snoring
Some wake up in the morning
Somewhere the sun is shining
Somewhere the rain is pouring

Here it's hopefully snowing
Outside the plows are plowing
I peacefully eat my porridge
Watching the moon glowing

Through mist and clouded clouds
The sun looks curiously down
Upon the rare footprints
Of creatures moving around

Everything is still
Everything is quite
Still people sleep restlessly
In the late of the night

Suddenly I remember
It's already the 14th of December
And I still haven't bought a single gift
So much thoughts I miss

The next week
There will be little time
All shops will be crowded
People standing in line

I have a lot of assignments
I have to get done
But after all is finished
Then it's time to have fun

When everything is over
And it's Christmas in the air
I'll wrap in all the presents
And I'll have time to prepare

Then I can stop these updates
Then I can relax and chill
Beside the Christmas tree
With endless time...

To Kill.

17 Days Left

17 days remaining
Outside the rain is raining
When will the snow start snowing
The streets are overflowing

Everything is flooding
In mud like chocolate pudding
I slip and slide to school
Our class is like a pool

2 Weeks left until
Get my grades I will
And then celebrate
Christmas and Chill. ;)

A short poem by the great CyberDevil
To move things up a level
and now for how the lyrics go
in the genius freestyle drive-thru rhyme
by Joe:

I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce
Don't be frontin' son no seeds on a bun
We be up in this drive thru
Order for two
I gots a craving for a number nine like my shoe
We need some chicken up in here
In this dizzle
For rizzle my nizzle
Extra salt on the frizzle
Dr. Pepper my brother
Another for your mother
Double double super size
And don't forget the FRIES...

See the video at YouTube or check out his site.

Later, Cyber


Leaves lit in bright fire
Ground covered in gray
Of ashes from the
Bright light of torn day

Cold creeps near my bone
Aligned cobblestone
Frost lies on the sidelines
Of my far walk home

The warmth in my house
To feel and its rife
Glaze the cold surroundings
With no source of life

The winter is near
A grim symbol fear
Snow falls through the air
The beautiful bare

Spring jumps through the window
The new year's a mere trap
Winter never arrived
And summer is back

A short poetic poem by the Cyberdevil (me)

Friday 13 O_o

Thick mist flowed and followed and birds that flew it swallowed
The street was damp and gray
and the sun did not rise
to mark this new day

The train was close to empty and it drifted silently through
the mist and past the fields covered with morning dew
I could not see the end of the scenery passing by
nor mark the border between earth and sky

I'm not superstitious
So Friday 13th doesn't scare
Walking under ladders
Smashing mirrors I don't care

On this special day
That just passes once a year
But I'll be watching scary movies
With the fear thats in the air..

A short poem dedicated to this mistful day... by Bob Axell...

Internet Poetry

Websites come and websites go
Why they disappear I don't know
New Ones are made and the Internet grows
Developing friends and foes.

Sites are hacked and they go down
Without backups they never get around
To keeping the site online furthermore
I tell you all to backups adore.

Normal people watch TV
While I sit in front of my computer screen
And live for websites which I mean.

Spend all night working on code
Which will a simple page reload
On a virtual world open for 18 years
Who knows when the net.

Will simply, disappear...

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