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Pitch Dark Coffee

I feel like I run this place now.
Like I own the whole world.
Like the world is in the palm of my hand.
And I can crush it like an almond.
Just stomp on it with my foot.
With a big shoe on it.


I'm so energetic that I can stay awake.
Even though I feel like sleeping.
And now I post a blog.
Even though I feel like creeping.
Off to the couch.
Dive in the deep end.
And just lie there.
But now I'm here.


And I'm not leaving.


I Write, Therefore...

I write for insight
For my site
For my sight
Is not always what I'd like it to be...

I write both at night
When dull stars shine bright
And at day if I might
In a world that is vacant of me...

I write for my life
About life
All my life
I write so that I can breathe...

I write when I fight
With myself
With the bright
Sunlight that sweeps through the sea...

I write, and therefore...
I'm alright

To Blog Or Not... Should Have A Title.

Ehh... what should I write about today? What should I say? While the sun shines away? I feel like writing, so I will, if that's ok. Just don't know what I should write, or why I should relay. Anything really when I'm idle like hay, when I could do things and become an idol if I may. I'm just tired of this delay. Just tired of having to wait. For someone to open the gates. So I can ride out and away. Into the sunset before the whole world just decays and turns gray.

Do you know how I feel? Like a grocery meal, obliged but not in shape. I'm too tired to make, time of my mistakes. Should I maybe take a break and record this if it's great, it sounds pretty swift I say, so I shouldn't just drift and forsake just a great rhyme any day. It's a great day to spend anyway. I spent the day friendily. It's coming to an end I see. Sun devising new ways to sink on the rising horizon. And then it's May. In just a few days. Next weekend buddy bears blows the candles on his cake. I'll be there and gain weight. Eat great.

Like there's no tomorrow, always time that I can borrow, time it goes, it goes and comes. I have little, but some have none, and some have more than they can spend. I could spent time until time ends. I could spend time a time again. I could spend more than I can... hence. Time is high it's like a fence, it stretches up so far I sense, maybe I can dig through it have another one waiting, on the other side. Spend time timing time trying to decide. What to do with my time, it's might time, right time. Time to fight prime. Time to glide like a kite, I'm. Sick.

Sick of having to wait. For someone to open the gates. So I can ride out and away. Into the sunset before the whole world just decays and turns gray.

Good Morning!! It's Thursday Yay

Rise and shine!
Like cereal, real hunger killer
All grain all filler
No need for fiber
My time is iller
I dive with pliers
Down under still earth
The fridge won't budge
You be the judge
Is it just too full of food
Or too thick layers of unplied dust
I think I must
Write just a few lines before
I download comics, take a walk
And on my studies progress more

Untitled 27

Poetry is dim
In poetry I swim
But I can't see the end
And I don't ever pretend

That I can, cause I don't
No I can't, know I won't
Leave this land, cause I'm here
In the mist, of despair

A Little Winter Poem

A little poem
Now that winter falls
The temperature drops below zero

A little poem
Now that the winter is all
I can see loud and clear, outside

The moon collides
With a blinding sun
Run, little people
Run, folks, run!

The moon collides
In the sky so large
Panorama, devour us
Snap us like pictures

A little poem
Now that winter fell
There is no warmth here, so can this be hell?

A little poem
Now that winter failed
To disappear in day, and at last prevailed

Now the moon collides
With the blinding sun
And it slowly, fades, away
Now the moon has died
And the sun has won!
And in comes a brand new day

It rolls a bit slowly
Can't quite control
The warmth or the cold
Or make any half whole
It slurs a bit, trying
To make a statement

A little poem
Now that winter claimed
The lost, the found, I'm in his domain

A little poem
Now that winter flames
A fire, desire, to bright the strain

On the world we heard
It's screams inside
I think it needs to chill
Think it needs to hide
Behind the snow undercover
The winter came, and it is

Like no other

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