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A Little Winter Poem

A little poem
Now that winter falls
The temperature drops below zero

A little poem
Now that the winter is all
I can see loud and clear, outside

The moon collides
With a blinding sun
Run, little people
Run, folks, run!

The moon collides
In the sky so large
Panorama, devour us
Snap us like pictures

A little poem
Now that winter fell
There is no warmth here, so can this be hell?

A little poem
Now that winter failed
To disappear in day, and at last prevailed

Now the moon collides
With the blinding sun
And it slowly, fades, away
Now the moon has died
And the sun has won!
And in comes a brand new day

It rolls a bit slowly
Can't quite control
The warmth or the cold
Or make any half whole
It slurs a bit, trying
To make a statement

A little poem
Now that winter claimed
The lost, the found, I'm in his domain

A little poem
Now that winter flames
A fire, desire, to bright the strain

On the world we heard
It's screams inside
I think it needs to chill
Think it needs to hide
Behind the snow undercover
The winter came, and it is

Like no other

Untitled 41

If you see
The space in me
Can you fill it
With something

If you see
The space in me
Don't fill it all
With malice

For I won't be
At peace again
If you feel me
With eveil then

If you see
The space in me
I'll rally you
Till the end

0 Days

Oh, it is here! :D
The greatest day of the year!
Finally, Christmas!

( yo kid - that's a haiku if you don't know it )

Btw, download provided for this years countdown poems below. Feel free to use them in the future if you need them, with reference provided, of course. ;)

Download “Christmas Countdown 2009” – Downloaded 221 times – 107 B

1 Days

One day only!
Only one more!
Sit by the window!
Watch the snow pour!

Down from the rooftops!
Float through the vast!
Horizon of future!
Devising our past.

2 Days

Just another couple, of days until there are none
Of days we have to wait, of poems left to come
I ran down to the store, I slipped - but in relief
I crashed into another, turns out he was a thief

So I cuffed him up and sent him, by post to closest jail
They sent me back a "Thank You", so I let out a wail
I wanted cash and money, I wanted so much much more!
Nah, it doesn't matter, with Christmas at the door.

3 Days

Nine? Six? Three? Me?
Count? Down? Two? Wee??
Am?? I?? Un?? Sure???
Three? Days? Now? More?

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