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Untitled 41

If you see
The space in me
Can you fill it
With something

If you see
The space in me
Don't fill it all
With malice

For I won't be
At peace again
If you feel me
With eveil then

If you see
The space in me
I'll rally you
Till the end

0 Days

Oh, it is here! :D
The greatest day of the year!
Finally, Christmas!

( yo kid - that's a haiku if you don't know it )

Btw, download provided for this years countdown poems below. Feel free to use them in the future if you need them, with reference provided, of course. ;) (2107 downloads )

1 Days

One day only!
Only one more!
Sit by the window!
Watch the snow pour!

Down from the rooftops!
Float through the vast!
Horizon of future!
Devising our past.

2 Days

Just another couple, of days until there are none
Of days we have to wait, of poems left to come
I ran down to the store, I slipped - but in relief
I crashed into another, turns out he was a thief

So I cuffed him up and sent him, by post to closest jail
They sent me back a "Thank You", so I let out a wail
I wanted cash and money, I wanted so much much more!
Nah, it doesn't matter, with Christmas at the door.

3 Days

Nine? Six? Three? Me?
Count? Down? Two? Wee??
Am?? I?? Un?? Sure???
Three? Days? Now? More?

4 Days

Only four

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