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Reaching Conclusions

I came to. I realized. I must have the same view, as many others, so let me know yo.
Be familiar.

In Other News

If the sky falls down
Will the world still go round
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know

I See


Seasons Change...

...change of seasoning.

Pepper, please:
Former reasoning.
Throw away~
I can see the whole world
If I climb up´
The mast!
I can call anybody -
Yet tumors may creep,
In my membrane.

Day In New

I open up the curtains
And what is it I see?
A dull sun is smiling
Softly at me

I look out the window
The ground covered with frost
Upon soil and pebble
The warmth this world has lost

I look up at the ceiling
A grey and unseen white
Today is a new day
And I think I just might

Spend it like all others
Strayed by a distant fright
That if I somehow lose aim
My life won't be the same

Some Sometimes

Sometimes I find
That something comes to mind
Sometime I think
Would it seize if I blink?

Would it drown in my fictive
Imaginations flowing
Or would it keep growing
Would it keep going

Traveling through my mind
Engraving itself in there
Seeing to it that I won't forget
That this thought is near

I notice sometimes often
How my thoughts tend to soften
Yet my poetry is like a shard
It cuts away all that bombards

Me with silly denotations
And useless biggery-jibber
It sees to that I find
Only everything bigger

And keep it
In store

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