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Raining Now

A silent cascade of raindrops tear
The darkness reaching loud and clear
Into our being sensed in soul
Seeing through the unseen whole

They splatter mildly against the grass
They collide swiftly with stone
They run astray on edges and lie
Unsteadily in their new home

To be swept away by the morning breeze
Rise back up to the clouds they please
Grow in content and deeply consume
Until the tender rainfall resumes


Oh my god! I made a blog!
What more can I, do with my time?
Maybe fish for cod, maybe cattle prod.
Maybe watch the sunshine, falling down.

Oh my god! I wrote some more!
Have I ever written this much before?
At least not in such poetical grace.
I bet you could read this poem for days!

For weeks, for months, for years on end!
No use in trying to not pretend,
That you don't like this poem so,
It will in your list of bookmarks go.

Now I leave the line at last
My little sublime rhyme stops again
Time is ticking down too fast
Until next time I write, my friend

So watch the grains of hourglass
And wait for me.

Tricky Trickle

Nothing is worth happening
If it doesn't happen
I feel like I'm back again
Thus you should be clapping

The world is round
The pull surreal
It's full and real
Of hurled ideals

Nothing is worth slapping in
If it just slaps back on whim
Thus the slap should crack a rim
Somethings are worth said

Less then they are dead

Don't Flimmer

Whatever you need, you can get it. Online, offline, anywhere. Objects, emotions, lifestyles, devotions, notions, commotion, ignorance, just the ocean, remains free, free to be as it wants to.

Looking Backing

My life is full of ups and downs
It does rotate, spins round and round
It feels like it's going faster now
Than it ever did before

At times I wish it would slow down
And give me the chance to stand on ground
Retrieve the balance I had back when
I could be a kid again

Not Weakening By The Week, I Speak

Sometimes I feel like writing
Even though I have nothing to write
But don't worry I won't be biting
Because Cyberdevils don't bite

I've been spending this week allnighting
Yes I've been staying up all night
Watching serial scary movies
Rearing in the air with fright

I know all the tales they told me
But this world revolves so slowly
I just wish that my goddess would hold me
Safe, far away from harm

But it seems that I cannot reach further
Than the governments dreadful arm
So I hope I'll be swift like the shadows
And calm, like the sea

Like the universe - I'd like to be.

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