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Trust In Panic

When nothing seems to work, when nothing seems to go my way, I had better get to work, and do something with my useless day.
Turn it around, spin it in ground, get it to stay, put it on its feet, stash it away, let it portray, let it grow roots, let it hail.
When nothing seems to function, when nothing seems to be on track, then I seem to make assumptions, without taking my senses back.
Grab them back then, into my head again, fill my cranium with wonderful motivation, fill it with hope, fill it with colors, fill it with bright, white, light.
Let the dull grey stumble away under the clouds, and be careful not to voice my accusations out loud, just let the chaos fade, let it go away.
Turn back to front, turn front to back, stops just fencing defensive, go to attack, try the turmoil, taste the array, stay there in touch, let the truck stay.
When nothing seems worth mentioning, when time seems all but frozen, when the world is cold and grey and a puddle looks like an ocean.
Don't melt down into that puddle, muddled by emotion, stay sincere, stay convinced and fill yourself with devotion, towards.
Something that works, something that spins, something that goes, something that wins, something that flows, something that brings.
Hope to this world that the gods seem to forsake, since so long ago.

Just One Of Those Days

When nothing really happens.
When you do a bit of everything but still get nothing done.
When the clouds are grey.
When the sky is covered in clouds.
When the world is coated with sky.
When your head feels a bit heavier than usual.
When the wind blows colder than the day before.
When the scenery is beautiful, but you don't stop to look at it.
When the waves of the ocean are far away.
When you can just sit.
When you can just stare.
When you can travel for miles, but still get nowhere.
When you feel like lighting a candle.
When you feel like just sitting down and thinking.
When you feel like something is missing.
When you should be doing something else.
When you spend time with everyone.
And feel like you need time with yourself.
And feel like you should be social.
And feel like you should achieve.
And feel like you need to believe.
And just stand there.
And wait, maybe.
For the day to end.
So you can finally sleep through the night.
And maybe when you wake up the next morning.
Things will start out like you planned.
And things will happen.
And the sun will shine outside.
And you will want to go outside.
But you will still sit inside.
Working frantically with everything you could have done the day before.
To get a sip of sunshine before the darkness.
Once again settles in.

Some Times

They say time heals all injuries, but time can cause so much as well. Time can lend you your heavens, and time can fetch you all your hells. They say time heals all minorities, the majority of time is for sale. Time can forsake you when you need it most, yet time is what will let you prevail. There have been times when I had no time. To raise my fury and shout in wrath, or lean back and relax in a steaming bath, or lie and rest, or open my eyes and laugh, or smile at the sky so blue and vast. Some times go fast, some times go slow, sometimes we don't know where the good times go. There have been many times, and there are many still ahead, so I'll keep striving to find, the good times before I'm dead.


Don't feel like talking
Don't feel like walking

I don't feel like sitting
And doing nothing

Eye them in silence
The crowns of violence

Up on the Internet
Because I'm tired and . . .
The sky

Is grey

Random Poetry 02

I once made a post
Not to brag or boast
But to talk about stuff
But then it got closed

I got so depressed
Thought I had nothing left
So I scrambled my password
And ran to the left

But I was struck
By sudden account theft
They abused my account
That I sacredly kept

With which I was obsessed
So many years ago
But I couldn't figure out
What to do I think slow

I tried sending emails
But they just decieved me
I tried sending PMs
But it wasn't easy

With the ALT I had
So I though, well too bad
And I got a new account
And now I'm so radicaly rad

Time to start a new fad
With bunnies and a pot
Photoshop like an ad
And I won't stop

Random Poetry 01

Random pieces of inspiration, all written by me :P

I played in a band
Called devilish sand
We made VG music
High on demand

Pepsi is a brand
In summer I was fanned
With a fluffy fan
So I fled and ran

But I'm hardcore
So I don't give a damn
I stopped by a statue
It was of uncle sam

He said join the army
And I got suntanned
Learned to shoot people
Without regret for my land

Ho ho ho - this summer has been great
It might be winter now but my wish is never late
I never give up and I never forfeit
Now I work at the shop stacking crates


- - - - - - - - - - -

I don't know what to say
On this bright and shiny day
To my dismay
The sun never went away

So I couldn't utter
Any words for my months
And I had no hunger
When it was time for lunch

I grabbed a watermelon
And started to munch
And now I am addicted

- - - - - - - - - -

A great game to play!
Both night and day!
I can keep playing this!
And never go away!

I don't know what to say!
So now I go berserk!
Happy Birthday!
And keep up the great work!

- - - - - - - - - -

I aim for the stars
I throw the ball far
It flies over a building
it lands on a car

The people inside died
But they write it off as suicde
I live with heavy concience
Without honor or pride

I should have told the truth
I shouldn't have lied
I travel back home
To my house and go inside

I find my aliby
Sleeping in my bed
I rage unstoppably
My face goes red

And when I regain
My sanity and go sane
The dude is stabbed
With a cane of bread

The dude is dead
So I go to jail
And I feel much better
But I fail

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