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CyberD Shampoo Commercial

I was lost on the net. I didn't know where to go or what to do, it was so big and I couldn't find my way around, the confusion made me depressed and discontent with life. I had three divorces and gained an addiction for fried chicken. Then I found CyberD and my wife returned, I went to rehab for my chicken addiction and life has been great ever since! CyberD, changing your life three steps at a time.

Note that all these names are completely fictional, as are the commercials, I'm just writing this for fun since it's eh... fun. & What? Shampoo commercial? This explains it.

A Computer Is Like Air Conditioning...

A computer is like air conditioning: it becomes useless when you open Windows.

Nice one. :)

The People You Want To Stay The Same...

The people you want to stay the same will change, and the people you want to change will stay the same.

Piracy Is Not Theft...

Piracy is not theft, it's piracy. Theft removes the original, piracy makes a copy.

Don't Be Too Efficient

What, don't be efficient? Hopefully the title baffled you, so the only option left (other than just skipping to something else) is reading on to find out what I really mean with it. ;)

First, let me point out that I'm a really efficient person, mostly, sometimes I get so much ahead of myself in my ambition to get things done that I don't take time to plan ahead, I do things I wouldn't have needed to do, or skip things that could have made the work so much easier. Other times I plan too much, I make plans for things I don't need to plan for, things like writing an assignment or drawing a picture or posting a post or something that I already know I should do. It doesn't need to be on paper to be done, that's just unnecessary planning. If it helps, IOW makes you more efficient, do so by all means, but I find that I get less efficient when type in schedules because the schedules I make are always way too ambitious. I type in tasks for a whole week in a day and when the day is over and all the tasks aren't done I'm obviously a bit disappointed, something that brings the work level down even further, but back to the topic...

I recently replied to a client that wanted a job done, explaining certain aspects of the job. I kept the answers very objective, so I could save the message and send it to other clients who ask the same thing. This took more time this one time, yet it will save me a lot of trouble later on.

Another example. When I designed this site I based it on the Kubrick theme, a theme that was back then the default theme for WordPress, very easy to modify and with an easy structure of code. Since then I've been adding small elements of code here and there until the whole thing just became a giant mess. I can't find anything I want to find, I haven't even bothered, the site design has been on standstill for a while. That's not the only reason (biggest reason is lack of time), but if I had spent some time structuring the code, labeling different sections for one, I wouldn't have any trouble now. Same thing goes for my music collection, one I've spent countless hours cleaning up, a bunch of other directories, even my room. I just place things somewhere and that's where they are, but when stuff amounts it's no longer easy enough. So, being less efficient will increase efficiency over time.

Another example. Today I'm tired, I stayed up late yesterday trying to do useful things and I ended up playing Doom since I couldn't focus on the work but still felt like I had to do something, not just go to sleep. Today I have a blasting headache thanks to that and my efficiency level is low like a skyscraper crushed by the sands of time. The moral of the story is, spend time sleeping, and you'll get a lot more done when you're awake. Most people know all this already, I know I do, but still it's easier to post a blog about it than actually doing what I should do. Other people probably have different problems, they don't feel motivated in doing anything, they just chill, do nothing, watch TV. I can't relate to that. Wish I could just take a nap or take a walk or do something useful (like doing nothing) once in a while.

I was going to sum all of this up with a quote:

Don't reinvent the wheel.

...but that goes more with what I was really going to write about, which I suppose I'll write about now to still your curiosity (err, my need to write)... the usefulness of using things that already exist instead of making new ones. Examples. You need to design a site, get a framework instead of building the site from scratch, it will save you hours. You need to eat. Make food for a whole week at once and save a lot of future effort. You need to make a numbered list of a thousand items in a text file, find a program that will list them for you instead of doing it manually. Everything will take longer time the first time, but the next time everything will so much easier. Ok Dokey, CBDvL signing out.

Flunk The System

There is no such thing as public opinion, there is only published opinion.
We shape the buildings, they shape us.

The author of this quote is unknown. If you know it, let me know! It's a great quote.

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