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The Cozy Carrot Cove

The Cozy Carrot Cove

Requested a shark with purple shades and scars eating a carrot; coasting around a calm blue ocean cove, and here he is! Courtesy of @TheShokBlok.

He's the ocean boss with the dopest jaws - a death defying beast who feasts on basil and leeks, in the grizzliest abyss of wilderness - the sleekest peep in the deep. Seemingly equally awesome as Frozen was.... yet a bit more summery. ;) Get some sun and be. Free like bumblebee! Till the cold and thunderous fall...

Happy Summer y'all!

Soundwave (2018)

Soundwave (2018)

Been a while since a movie hyped me up like this one! When the credits start rolling yeaaaah. I'm inspired! I feel higher. I'm enlightened. It's in my blood. It's all around. The world is sound. The plot seems shallow but still profound. Treading the new waves, looking to new days, you done made me proud. Dylan K. Narang.

It's the story of a young inventor with a troubled past, played by Hunter Doohan, who invents a machine that can hear sound waves of our past. And then he meets a girl. Katie Owsley.

Of course there's a bad guy too - nobody I recognize but they're all good. There's loss. There's a build. It feels a little simple sometimes - I wasn't a fan of the photographic way they interpreted the sound visually, slowed down as if photos instead of film - but at the same time that's a piece of the newness here. It stands out. The fights might've been anticlimactically non-existent, and the chases never involved cars or any other elaborate form of vehicle, but they did capture the desperation. Sometimes.

It's got that dystopian-like sci-fi synthy soundtrack too, but no soundtrack that takes over, which is almost odd considering the premise.

It's maybe not all compelling, not all entrancing - the stop by the police station seemed a little stupid, but I'm pretty close to being blown away by this one overall.

What a blast. A new one. An audial one at that.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


The Mismatched Couple (1985)

The Mismatched Couple (1985)

They don't make movies like this no more!!! Dance off scenes with Donnie Yen and Mandy Chan. A fight against a crazy top boxer (Dick Wei). A love story unfolding in his home, his sister and Mini... though wasn't that other girl his sister too? No?

It's such a feelgood movie, creative in a slice-of-like-like kind of way as only HK ones used to manage, with a refreshingly different theme with the dance scene. May Mei-Mei Lo is in it, and Wan-Si Wong, and Woo-Ping Yuen, and Anna Kamiyama, and a bunch of other awesome people.

Really had a blast with this one! Donnie can dance. Donnie can fight. There's music. There's girls. There's misunderstanding. There's plight. There's hardship but it's alright! The Mismatched Couple cannot squish this hustle! Tonight.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome

1000 Episodes Of Detective Conan!

I posted about the 800 mark a few years back, and here we are now! At a point no other anime no other internationally notable anime has previously surpassed. The thousandth episode. And not just that many, but all with a level of detail and intrigue you'd expect of a mainstream detective fiction movie.

The DragonBall realm may still have more episodes total, but not in one conducive segment. Not like this.

This show has now been running for over 25 years straight. All canon.

I haven't made it much further now than I had in my earlier attempts on catching up with the anime, but I did make it a bit further with the manga. I bought a whole set. The first 53 books or so. All that were published in Sweden. It's nowhere near the full thing still but... we're getting there. I'm getting there. Some day.

There's no rush yet; hopefully it'll keep on going for a long long time.

I try to imagine what it'd be like to be the author behind this too. To know how massive a legacy you've left behind already, and are continually building upon. Most likely that's not something you want to think about though, less the pressure amounts and the legacy unfortunately comes to a halt. It could happen any day, but for now rejoice, for the thousandth is upon us and it gongs tough.

Hurrah. Also.

I'm On

This stress follows me.

Distress follows me.

Trying to calm down. Trying to fight my wallowing.

Galloping through tomorrow like it's yesterday, stressed I say, trying to feel blessed yet still I step to shame. Can't reclaim my own soul. Rock and roll's a livestream that I won't go to with a GoPro. A style I can't call my own. Dues they pile, am I wrong? To keep on. To do things like it's leap year and I'm legion. It's foolish of me maybe. I seek to flee to freedom.

Summer time is coming with a different set of dues. And this regret to lose. I hope it works as planned.

Summer time is coming and I'll shimmer till I'm steeped. In all things that won't stoop. Till I am huge and grand.

Summer time is coming yet it's a feeble hope I think. Cause lately all my summers have been gone within a blink. If I want to change my life I need to start with the sink - not the running water. It's become a slaughter. How much can I drink?

Summer time is coming with another hope though. With a sun and PE. So when I'm done I'll be free. I can run so I'll flee. I'll be strong so I'll lift. All the burdens that now weigh me down and try to find bliss. Like the highest skylift.

I will. My will. I hope? Aye


I'm Off

Tomorrow! To the North! To our fated summer days before the summer really springs to grace at our summerplace...

Feeling kind of melancholy for some reason though. Maybe because it'll be such a short trip, maybe because I don't really feel at peace with all the dues I have here, but maybe actually because I do, and this is how you feel when you relax after a big wave of tension? It's been a lot this last week. And weekend. Pressure levels on the level I imagine some people might've been living with all through this pandemic; that I might not have been able to properly imagine before this...

My confidence levels feel lower. Sense of purpose lower. Sensations of exhilaration over the trip. Life force and all. Lower. I feel like either I just want a good night's sleep or I want to get out of here ASAP. Flee the burdens I associate with this place and find some people...

I meant to write peace there actually. Subconscious saying differently?

Is it all that bad though? Don't know. If I rest up maybe this'll let up. Maybe it's just tonight, after a long week and then some with no proper winding down.

I'm logging off for tonight now, and for the rest of the week! See y'all in a bit. When I'm back again and maybe: got a grip.

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