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I'm Back


Reviews to come. Summer views to come. Inktober too. What I do get done. Who walks through this life after all? When you... can run.

Hope y'all had a good sunshine season.

Time To Save The World

I'll just leave this here this time. :) Good music and a message...

Summer vacation's come. I'm leaving in less than an hour and have yet to water the plants and clean the house... finna need to get a move on after this. I've posted 66 previously unfinished movie reviews from the past year since last weekend. 12 manga reviews. Caught up on some things but not all... but alas that is all there's time for this time around! Time to head North to that great wilderness that awaits again...

Will be living off the Earth for a few. Small steps, but maybe if we all took some we could turn this Earth to a new Earth that's both verdant and cool. The heat hurt us in June. We don't have any storms here, no earthquakes/​monsoons, and it's all too easy to forget still this emergency brews.

Real talk. From Chris Webby, from the Burbs and to you. Don't feed the hearth of our doom. Is it worth to resume? This corona gave us all a chance to emerge from this wound, with a clear mind, yet we're so disturbingly few. Who really see the need to change up, and search for a truth. That isn't just this same game we play where we purchase and use, and trash the world for a dollar. What a worthless excuse.

You can learn something too. You can earn other things, like true virtue/a snooze. Stop all hurting the world. Take a perch and be heard. With a word and a worthy while, we'll work through the herd, and change our leaders to lead us, not just stir the absurd.

Peace out.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)

John Wick is back at it again! Taking his art of violence to the next level, all the while innocent (and not innocent) bystanders get caught up in the crossfire.

It was a pleasant surprise to see some of the action cinema martial art world's more foreign faces along for the ride, both the so very violent (but awesome) Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman from Indonesia (maybe most known from 'The Raid Redemption'), as well as the exotic American action icon Mark Dacascos - who for some reason reminds me of Brandon Lee. Bruce Lee's son. Turning to Google now he looks nothing alike though. Maybe I've mistaken the name/actor earlier.

Overall this movie's an action feast unlike others, where although sometimes bullets have a tendency to miss even when it seems the shooter wouldn't be incompetent enough that they would miss all that easily, this is a minor grievance. The action scenes mix in occasional grim cynicalism and comedy in such a way that it's easy to distance yourself from the faults, and just enjoy the journey. And the choreography, of course.

Cause that's what it is. It's John Wick's journey. And it's a bad-ass journey. It's colorful, classy, and glassy - this time with horses, dogs, swords and even Halle Berry in the mix.

I love it! And I think everyone else in the room did so too (watched it on the big screen earlier this year), even though when it's over it feels like one of those movies you just can't praise after all. It's so RAW. It's so mindless. It'd seem shallow to say you love it but... what can I say. I love it. I love depth too, but these types of movies hold a special place in my heart as well. The action choreography is just so classy and creative it's crazy. It's a blast wave you're facing if you wave at the screen. Yupp. Straight out amazing.

The only bits that bug me a bit are the notably fake bits, like John's fall off the roof, the horse kicks, and the Indonesian fight bit where either the Indonesians were scared of injuring Keanu, or he just couldn't match their pace. Something's off with that battle. Maybe they'll perfect their craft until the next round.

There's also the fact that John jumps back and forth across the world so easily, without transition, even when that difficulty was supposed to be one of the focal points of the film. And he's sure forgiven fast. Inconsistencies.

I was really expecting this to be the finale too, but it looks like there's more on the way! I can't wait. Even if it's just a way to keep making money at this point it's gonna be one hell of a showdown.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome

Call Girl Of Cthulhu (2014)

Call Girl Of Cthulhu (2014)

Grindhouse, gore and rock music! Hell yeah. The props are legit, and the story's just the right kind of explicit and crazy. It's one crazy mess and it's inspired by Lovecraft no less.

You see so many of these B-movies that try to be better than they are, but here's one that really is all it is. No more no bliss. Expect mutant dicks and exploding stiffs. Wicked music that whips your wits. Get a load of this.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

The Lovely But Hellishly Hot Summer

So I tried moving my mattress down to the bottom floor and sleeping behind the sofa, but that didn't help at all. It felt even warmer than upstairs. Worse circulation maybe, even though I'd had all windows open for some time prior to bedtime.

I lay there a while anyway, too tired to move but too hot to sleep, reminded also that there's a clock ticking in our living room that you fortunately don't hear upstairs.

I went up again. I visited my room. Too hot. Went to the other side of the house, and tried one of the now vacant rooms there now that the folks are up North (right now I really can't wait to join them), and maybe that was a little better... the morning sun usually falls on my side of the house first too, so I figured at least I'd be able to keep cool longer on the other one.

Only it was also a corner room, so after a night of tossing and turning and for some reason having to run all too many times to the bathroom despite a not overly large consumption of water (could have been a late side-effect of the 10g c-vitamin doses I took during the day to keep going), the sun started heating up that side early as well.

I think I finally maybe slumbered a bit some time after five, was too tired to set the alarm for anything, woke up around eleven as the room grew hotter again, closed the window on the cooler side of the house to prevent the inside air from getting as hot as the outside air at a time when the ratio of cool outside air/hotter inside air seemed about to switch, drank some water, turned on the computer, and started Googling portable air conditioning units...

Sold out all over. All but the most expensive models, and some of the cheaper (and potentially crappier) ones, but what choice do you have in a situation as this? The heatwave's set to last all weekend now. I follow the weather report feverishly, hoping the situation changes and it blows away with a foreign wind, or maybe we get a few raindrops to dampen the heat.

As the nights get warmer as well there's less hope of chasing out any surplus heat without artificial aid.

How reliant we are these days of electric devices... back in the day my parents spent two years in Tunisia without so much as a fan. How we've weakened. I've weakened. Maybe all those cold morning showers this year and Wim Hoff cold therapy is actually making me more sensitive to heat.

Or would it be different if we still lived in the forests and slept under the stars? Are we artificially heating up the world as well, more and more for each year that passes?

Maybe our attempts to cool our houses is ironically also what's forcing this change. No energy without heat.

But regardless: I ordered a portable air conditioner, rented a car during lunch (still work from home), I commuted to get to the car - careful not to touch anything on the train except for the door-opening button that is unfortunately an obligatory manual touch-based task now that this heatwave reigns - and drove to Elgiganten, stood in line for what felt like half an hour - though not without appreciating their cool air-conditioned locale a bit more than I usually do, got my cool device, drove home, read the manual, noted that it'd better never be near any flammable gases or electrical devices that might cause a spark that'll make it go haywire and (I assume) explode, pulled the exhaust air tube through the open window that so very dysfunctionally-in-cases-like-this folds inwards and opens all too much if all you want to do is just slip through a tube, probably reducing the efficiency of said device, sheltered it in place with curtains and string and a bedside lamp, and there it's been since, turned off only when I briefly returned the car and took an hour-long walk home in the hot afternoon sun to avoid unnecessary commute - cooling the room.

It works! The room's cool. I have the door open to the hall and to all other rooms as well, hoping it'll cool those too, but it's not a top-of-the-line model, and ideally the gap around the tube around the window would also be better sealed. It's a cheaper, but appreciably functional alternative, though I see that to take full advantage of it I'd best use a whole lotta duck tape and/or drill a hole through the wall, and I'm not sure I'm qualified for that latter project. It'd be good though. Energy efficient and easy. Wonder if the folks might have anything against it...

When all's said and done though and this thing's been running a few hours I'll hopefully sleep a bit better tonight. Or rather: hopefully I'll sleep. Yesterday was a blanket-tossing water-drinking heat-wave experience like no other, and admittedly it probably stirred certain unreasonable panic since I went and bought this thing instead of just enduring, as I probably would have if I was well-rested, and fed, and overall just feeling well.

Barely ate any lunch at all today. The heat wouldn't have it. Feeling slightly paranoid about my wellbeing these recent days, even if dieting in particular would probably be pretty good.

One hot day's alright. A weekend's tolerable. A full week like this... it's not something I'm used to. I've never lived in Arizona y'all. Supposedly it takes a week to acclimate to a warmer climate, but this better not be permanent now. I need some cool again. This isn't how we do things over here.

When the days are all sunshine and the warmth won't leave the house: either get an air conditioner or some clouds.

Or get out.

The Lovely Hateful Hot Summer

What warmth!

I'm up late. All windows open. Managed to revise and post another dose of long overdue reviews, and am reluctantly about to head off to bed as soon as I finish writing this. Fortunately the nights are still cooler than the days, but it takes a while for the heat to leave the house, and when it finally starts to cool down... it's day again, and it heats up, and so goes the cycle.

On the bright side at least there's sunshine! On the plus I hear corona can't stand the heat either, so maybe this wave will kill off some bacteria too. It's about to get even warmer tomorrow though, over 30°C for three days straight, and for us cool folks with easily heatable thin wooden houses with dark roofs and no heat tolerance at all save for sauna, it's just too hot. I'm ready to move my mattress down to the bottom floor and sleep behind the sofa if need be. Maybe move down the computer too if it comes to a point where I just can't focus on doing what I'm supposed to here. I'm already slower than normal but... hanging on. Staying hydrated. I can do this.

That new platform at work btw? Nope, not yet. Maybe tomorrow; if not tomorrow hopefully the day after, or the day after that, because next week I leave. July 2. What a burden to get off my shoulders it'd be if we could get this platform launched with time to spare for occasional errors that might appear post-launch. I started writing this post two weeks ago, and just that felt way too short at this point. Down to one and ticking now, and heatwave in the midst...

Plenty of household dues that need handling before that departure too, and as much online hobby shizzle as possible with what time's left, plus of course: gotta move. The fat won't sweat away itself. I've been taking daily bike rides instead of walks - even the warm breeze relieves.

I'm emptying the freezer before I leave and I believe that - with the previously impending covid-19 pandemic potentially closing down society and life as we know it - we may have filled the freezer a bit more than we usually do when vacation usually looms and time usually comes to defrost it. Plans weren't so definitive this year. I find myself eating a bit more than I usually do now, even though I know it's not like somebody can't take care of whatever leftovers get left here. Or worst case: wait till I get back with the defrost mission.

Also I finished Naruto, and have moved onto Chrono Crusade since. More on that in some other post. For now I'm a attempt to persevere through this imminent dose of surplus warmth, and maybe go through a few more reviews if time allows it. Also don't miss this GOG giveaway.

Summer's great, but you really need a lake to handle certain summer days with a certain wonder/grace... or air conditioning.

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