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It's Summer! I'm off! To the North with the wasps! To the great and the off grid to live and feel off lid! And get some sun and run.

See y'all in a month and some.

Also, recent updates.

Trips & Monsters

I'm trippin' y'all!

Came back from a full two weeks+ of mixed distance and farm work up North this Sunday, and I'm flying back for a weekend this Thursday. Early morning. 6:20 AM. Probably need to get up around 4. Ugh. The bane of buying by budget.

I'm just back for a few days of work now but I can't leave again without at least plugging this trailer, for a game for which I contributed to this track!

It'll be up on more proper streaming services soon. And other places, like this place. It'll be everywhere.

There's no obvious correlation between music and game apart from the title and theme that binds them together, eternally, like the shackles of oblivion to which we all are (tied, that is), but if you like one chances are you'll like the other! I personally do like what I've seen of the game so far, and of course all the more as part of it, small musical sidemission or no.

You can find it on Steam here. Coming soon. July 1. Keep an eye out.

Shall catch up with additional upload locations and promos next week.

Toodles. Booyah. Roar. Random serenades and spades and encores. Full course, full force, all outdoors. See y'all when we sprawl on all our floors. Cause the heatwaves make knees scathe and call for shorts. Summer's coming soon, so you'd better play a tune.

This really what the blog is for.



I missed the Flash Forward Jam this year. Last week. The day I came back from this ^ wonderful vacation.

I've missed a bunch of things. I might be missing an awesome opportunity to fix up custom music for an in-game credit sequence - but I will manage the other sequence! May miss one of two. Time's just flying too fast. I've been in Östersund walking through a wonderful snowlit spring though, feeling like that really was time spent better after all, no matter how much I feel I need to do.

And refitting car tires - there's a screw stuck in one of my summer ones, I wonder what I'll do about that. And swapping clothes - they arrange events for that over here occasionally - this time it was in Bålsta. And submitting my tax report for the year. And booking trips for summer. And catching up on comments and conversations. Still feeling like I should have plenty of time to spare, but somehow the days just stream by and summer approaches with worrying speed.

There's so much I still want (and need?) to finish...

I must admit I have been playing a bit of DOOM though. New levels for the old classic. And I did watch through the 2011 Hunter X Hunter anime in its entirety a few weeks back.

I thought it'd spur me onwards; re-ignite my hope in humankind, and my sense of adventure, and make me DO things with my life, and so I did go to Östersund and that was great, but now I'm just back here again and it's the same old shit. Stagnation. No matter how much I push myself. I don't focus on what I should focus on, or I'm too tired to. I notice I yawn. I feel all but strong, so unlike when I'm in writing some prose or some song...

Though why do I EVER waste time on non-essentials? Been listening to Jocko's podcast. I then go mental. So necessary with breaks though when you feel you have spent all. Go take a train or a rental. Whatever you can: cement all. Relations you want to keep, then leap on out the window. Don't be indoors. Get out in the world and kill your limbo!

Regarding that Flash Jam I did get mentioned in a little Flash Forward interview/showcase thing. For the game I made last year. That was nice.

Maybe I will make a new game anyway, jam or no. Later. For now: gotta go.

A Strange Kind Of Flex

Just a cup of cappuccino and a bite of something nice I find is a polishing kinda spice of life.

I must've stretched some strange kind of back muscle.

Didn't sleep too well last night. If I turn my neck the wrong way a strange kind of pain radiates down my left shoulder. I tried to stretch it away yesterday - sometimes that seems to work - but in this case it might've just made it worse. Aggravated the body in its ongoing attempts to heal, mayhaps?

So today I'm trying a different approach. I'm applying Arnica oil and avoiding any movements that cause pain.... after another failed attempt at getting rid of it the painful way again this morning.

Regarding my car and the ongoing troubles there I had both mufflers and the middle exhaust pipe swapped out last week.

A flex pipe before the catalyst was set to be swapped out too, so I'd bought up four spare pipes with varying circumference just to be sure I got the right one, but fortunately that particular bit was in better shape than my repairman initially thought it was! So I saved 1000 SEK on complicated extra splicing procedures, and returned spare flex parts for around 800 SEK, and apparently they might not have worked anyway.

There's a strange kind of flex on my catalyst.

Not the same design or breadth as the universal pipes I'd purchased. IOW not a common design. It might have worked anyway. Might not have. Not sure. Won't find out now.

The electrical problems may or may not be solved too, as we've had some awesomely warm spring days, the snow is melting fast - though nights are cold so the lake ice lingers - and assuming the problems are humidity-related they might be gone... but I haven't dared make sure yet.

I don't want the car battery to drain completely a third time if they're not. Or for the door lock do disengage when said battery runs out. Or for the alarm to go off again when battery levels are getting low.

Weird things are going on with the wiring with this car, but as long as I'm driving and/or disconnecting the battery between drives it gives me no trouble, and the new exhaust pipes sound great, so I suppose I'll be hanging onto it.

Would be nice to eventually see these problems all gone though.

Stuff weighs on your mind. As do so many other things.

Regarding my recent dive into crypto, I can inform y'all that withdrawal fees at Binance are MUCH lower with alternative currencies, for example with Litecoin than with Bitcoin, though it may not seem that way on paper. We're using LiteCoin now.

The flat fee for withdrawal may be about three times as high with Litecoin, yet when you factor in the exchange rate to Litecoin with any real currency, compared to Bitcoin, you get considerably more Litecoin for the money, so in the end it evens out nicely/isn't a big cost after all.

Compare - as per the current network values on withdrawal (transfer) fees - the flat fee for each respective currency per transaction:

Bitcoin (BTC) = 0.0005
Litecoin (LTC) = 0.0017

However, consider what each one is actually worth:

1 BTC = 37,440 EUR
1 LTC = 104 EUR

Say you want to withdraw 100 EUR worth of LTC, that'll then currently cost you ca 0.17%, or just about 0.1 EUR.

If you want to withdraw 100 EUR worth of BTC, that'll cost you roughly 14%. Or 14 EUR.

One of the potential many benefits of lesser invested in and potentially better optimized currency networks! And it makes me wonder: who can actually afford managing regular transactions with BTC? And how did the crypto market get this saturated in the first place?

Also just gotta flex a bit and reminds you of my brand new mixtape. Old material albeit. Old but gold. Go check it out if you haven't.

I've posted some new duplicate movie reviews too, and I'm slowly catching up with everything else. So much. Slow but steady...

See y'all next weekend. Hope to get some good stuff done this week.

Seven Nation Army

Just some devices with eye sticks for great entertainment. :) And surprising musical capabilities too...

A Morning Ode

Look here morning...
I don't fucking hate you
But you come too early
I just want to greet you.

I know I'm only human
So I make mistakes too
But can't you just wait...
A moment so I can meet you?

I'm not trying to change -
Or to dissuade you
I know that you're great
Even if you're see-through.

So if you just say,
You'll be there for me,
If I'm there for you,
Then I will believe you.

I do love mornings!
And love makes you do crazy things so...

Rise and shine.

Some day.

When I'm out of my mind.

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