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Corona, Critters & Working Dreams

Woke up to a critter crawling through the wall.

Maybe it's a mouse. Somehow it's either gotten into our walls, or into the gap between the walls between our house and the neighbors - one of those thin all-encompassing gaps they intentionally leave there in case of fire, though it should be entirely boxed in and inaccessible to outside vermin.

If oxygen seeps through there's not much point. If the fire feeds the fire burns anyway.

Best case scenario it's not actually in the wall at all, but on the outside, and the sound of the critter's quick clapper-riddled climb is transmitted in such a way that it seems to be coming from somewhere else. It could also be that it's in the attic, wrecking havoc among our clothes and empty cardboard boxes.

I'm not sure it was the creature that woke me - I listen curiously now, I sleep under a net so even if it chews a hole in the wall I shan't be directly ridiculed or ravaged - or if it was the sun, shining fiercely through the curtains. Intensity curtails. Summer signs.

Light is the big downside of summer. That wake up early bummer. But if you spend some time outside then you feel pretty fun... err.

So I wake up earlier, and I'm starting to fall asleep earlier too. Though daylight savings are coming soon so these efforts will be moot anyway.

I woke from a strange dream, where I was at work, but then suddenly decided to venture outside, met up with my sister's boyfriend under the train station and talked about music, went to some kiosk and bought something... and when I got back my boss was there and chased me with one of those hand-driven forklifts, eventually just riding around in a circle, asking where I'd been.

He didn't phrase it that way exactly, and wasn't angry per se, just a little mocking. Apparently things had been going down at the place, and I hadn't been there, and it had been my responsibility. I was flabbergasted - for lack of a better word - as I just had no idea something like this could happen. What had happened though I don't really know. I was clueless.

Reading the dream: probably feeling a bit stressed with work lately.

But I woke up feeling alright! Took some vitamins; had a bite. I look outside. I hit some keys. I feel at ease. I almost smile...

Taste-testing coffee yesterday, while the coronavirus plays in jest and fades, it almost seems like all's alright. Anyway. All that's going on is normal life. Yet the trains are somewhat empty. And too: blazing blue the skies.

Sitting by the computer, eating a small breakfast; playing Pokemon while I rise.

And posting this way too late as if I left it up to fate. But still. In the clear. Weekend's here. And in a moment sober: soon it's over.

First Fat Tuesday 2020

A Semla With Spoon

First and only! It's that day again. When we feast. Not with hot sauce but still like beasts. After long dawns in needs of sleep. Carry on yawns until we meet. Pillow biscuits and crispy sheets. And here's another angle in case you seek an alternative whirl view. Like twin mountains. An equal peek.

Didn't get to the cafe this year either, work day this year too, but fortunately we had some almond pasta and a gluten-free bun in the freezer, and plenty of cream, so all is as good as all seems.

Happy Fat Tuesday y'all.

First 2020 Sundae

So the first month of 2020 is over, and then some, and so far I've been binge-watching old SNL sketches, BMX and skateboard videos (actually I guess that's more MTB?), kept going with Joe Rogan podcasts and Pokemon like a maniac. I'm on Moon now. Not Black. Next gen. Not bad.

A few good things:

- I finally went through all these posts I haven't gone through since June last year.*

- I'm picking up some good routines.

- I've already taken a couple trips up North, rented a car for a weekend, experienced some real winter, have trips booked till June, had my nephew over for a full week, checked out the last Star Wars movie in both regular and VFR 3D and most recently Bad Boys 3 (For Life officially) with good buddy Andreas up North. That was awesome.

Going to a preview of The Gentlemen tomorrow too - two days before the premiere. That's going to be.

I'm also reading some good manga. Hope to get back to those reviews too.

On the down side I wrote this post a few Sundays ago now and am *still going through those posts, but figured I'd get something done and post something anyway. There's a queue of stuff not to just revise but put up now, and the longer I put it off the harder it is to put up with. Bad habits. Bad priorities. Bad mindset. Bad start to the great 2020!

I made a serious attempt today, a few pages, but we're also speaking with the municipality about a smart water meter they recently installed (we don't want the microwaves), I've been writing to support about a restaurant deal that didn't go down the way it was supposed to (not a single fish or vegetarian alternative on the main course menu - beware New Taste Solna), researching dates for a potential trip to Sala, taking frequent walks to combat a recent wave of gastritis after all to much unhealthy eating/stress, updating, backing up and not to forget: partaking in my most recent addiction: Hot Ones.

It's the show with the hottest questions, and even hotter wings.

Asking celebrities interesting questions over an ever-increasing array of hot-sauce drenched chicken wings (or vegan nuggets if they prefer that). What a great idea.

It might have inspired me to start getting into hot sauces again too, and that might've contributed to that aforementioned state of health I'm now taking frequent walks to combat. And probiotics. And bicarbonate. And mung beans.

And with regular work on week days for some reason time just isn't enough. I figure when I'm through with all ten seasons of the above maybe it'll come back though... maybe I'll get back on track yo... just need to keep spitting fasts and swallowing cash flow cause if you're rich you've got the cookie monster like. Mad dough.

Alright alright. Feels to good to write a while. I've got music videos and reviews for months now, just need to get started on sifting through the queue. Make it a habit. Other stuff just keeps rolling through.

Speak to you when I do.

After The Fires

For Australians by Australians. Poor Australians bye Australians. Hottest country in the world right now. Politicians? Fire Australians. Been following Honest Government Ads for like five years now to the point it almost feels like I'm Australian.

I'll never tire; it seems they'll never expire/die down. Happy they're a part of this and not just martyrs this is the change to preach the quire now.

Environmental change is a high-pitch sound. Some people don't seem to hear the frequency. Some people have the money to build motes around them and shit on the wokest townsmen and sleep peacefully.

But if enough people try to live decently, there's no way they can keep these sheep beached in while they feast like kings and seek evil deeds to somehow fill their pockets with a piece or ten. World leaders? Deceivers. Beasts of men.

If we just leave 'em maybe they'll weaken and we can breath again.

Happy 2020!

Happy 2020!

First post of last year here.

I wrote a lot back then! I wrote a massive resolutions post too, albeit very vague and unspecific. I watched the fireworks spark and fizzle away occasionally. I sat in a dark room and pressured up some hopes and positivity for the year to come while the sky flashed outside, as if a storm raged in the distance.

I'll be a bit more transparent this year: I'm uncertain. I'd like to make greatness this year, but I won't promise a thing. Fear of commitment, freedom of none. But I promise I'll sing. I'll repair my inhibition scares and fare to be King. And you can see me in the limelight when I bare it all in. I'm going somewhere... my peers and my kin.

I'm not even going to start trying to catch up with the blog before New Year celebrations commence this year (bit late for that now anyway), but if there's any hope in me accomplishing any of the goals I'm setting up for myself then there will be some of that soon. :) I'm hopeful! I didn't get stuck digging through old posts or resolutions today, or revising these ones unnecessarily. I skimmed, I trimmed; I'm ready.

Happy 2020.

Resolutions 2019

Grand hopes and visions for a year with no more inhibitions drawing near!

I feel I've almost written too much during earlier years. I get carried away. Maybe I feel like it'd be a sign of depression if I don't commit myself properly to my writing, and if I have happened to be out of whack with my well being and all then that's no trait I've wanted to showcase, but it's not, is it? Shorter writing's a sign of mastery more so than disregard. Not depression. Which I've too long had in regression.

But it's time now. Time for a little strong, and belonging winter session (that came out a bit nonsensical: I mean I feel pretty content with how the last year went - and I won't spend too much time here to just blast air vent - I shall post a few commitments to look back at when I've walked this black path and sit down on a stone at daylight with my backpack then).

There is this one bit from last year's post that merits repeating though. Hopefully I'll manage to some day make these words such an ingrained part of my being I won't even need to think them to follow: Don't wait, but don't haste. Don't hesitate. Don't stall, don't fall, don't all. Don't say "yes" if you stress. Don't do if you are not supposed to. But mostly, a 'can't do' won't do: think instead of what you could do. Be good too.

And without further ado, this year's commitments:

1. Get in shape. No superficial goals on walk amounts or specific exercises this time - variation goes a long way there - I just need to get better at taking care of myself. No overindulgence, no laziness, and no sacrificing exercise time for other dues when I know I need it. I'll manifest some proper exercise regimes and routines and stick with them, and stay mobile even when I'm at a standstill.

2. Stop stalling. This applies to a great variety of things, many of which I've gotten better at the last few years, but this commitment is first and foremost in regard to writing. When I start writing something I shall aspire to finish it, and if it's in regard to a blog post or similar time-relevant item then I shall get it done right away whenever possible. And revise it before I post it. No leftover dues unless they really are necessary. And of course: notes and such.

3. Leftover 2016 goals. You'll see more about those later. ;)

My PM box ain't nowhere near as empty as last year, nor is my Gmail, but I did respond to something I've been stalling with for over half a year today! So there's something.

Here's hoping the New Year doesn't just come with a little more surplus of time, but also Commitment. Discipline. Consistency. These things I need to work on.

And maybe a little spontaneity too. A little more letting go. So here we go!

2020 on the roll.

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