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January Tripping

Aaand I'm back again! To work and all that normal stuff. Took my third January trip this weekend, to Ă–stersund and back, to ski with my bro like a pro or a baller, and snowball and fall by the tall fir... but it was a great visit. I'm learning. My brother caught a cold and my nephew entered a session of winter depression due to some unforeseen complications with life and its lessons but... that's another story (and not one for the blog).

A story for the blog: my host suddenly told me I was moving to a new server again (last time was just about a year ago this very day), and so... we moved! It took less than an hour. January 26. I had all domains redirected within an hour after, and the old account closed shortly thereafter.

It took my ISP over a day to flush their DNS, but hopefully you have a better ISP so there was no unintended downtime for you.

I probably spent an hour trying to flush my DNS locally, wondering if something had gone wrong, then I tried a proxy and realized the site was working fine... just not for me. Must be the ISP. If the issue had persisted I found a workaround though: Google DNS. Good to know for the future.

Last time the site was moved it took a couple days, going back and forth with my host trying to sort out some problems with the shared and dedicated IP... so I'm very happy with this year's turnout, and ready to start recommending WHB as one of my favorites again. If you need a host feel free to use my referral link (much appreciated if you do! I get a cut).

The only difference I can see in the server specs after the switch is a change from 8 to 24 cpus... which doesn't say much about performance considering I have no idea how many others I share said server with - now or before, but if things are loading faster than they did then maybe that's the secret. :) Always nice with an upgrade.

I'll be back to posting reviews and what-not in a bit. After this weekend trip - and a crazy busy January overall, it seems like things might finally be calming down, and I might get some spare time to sort an assortment of sordid things out... some updates here are looong overdue.

Shift of months! *ping* It's the cue.

Shot Caller (2017)

Shot Caller (2017)

What a dark movie this was! A guy gets into prison because of an accident, and gets into a gang, and from there on it just keeps going downhill... but he takes it all like a man.

It's not action. It's drama. The main character's no good guy, but he sort of is, still. He doesn't make excuses. Life is ruthless. You can't chose it. Surely he regrets a lot but he doesn't show a thing, he just keeps on going, and so is king.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau puts on a killer performance. Never mind the similarities to Snitch with The Rock, this movie stands well on it's own two feet because he's a beast... with a conscience.

Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Even More 10K Leftovers!

Time for another 10,000 words of old and unposted ponderings! A massive mash-up of drafts, blurbs, and other irrelevant content all-in-one!

I've had this draft lying around for well over a year now, packed with way older drafts. Finally took some time to go through it, revise it, and here it is now: still as irrelevant as ever! Or unsuitable. Or unimpressive.

Rather than throw away surplus words of topics no longer of context or quality however, I like to collect them in posts like this. So if You feel like reading a creative, potentially somewhat interesting batch of very varied decree, here's your chance.

If not: don't mind this. Look around and I'm sure you'll find better, newer things. For the few who wish to view, without further ado, to you...


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

So it's that time of the year once again! When we fill up our pantry, then gather together to feast like beasts and be friendly with family. :)

I thought I'd have a few days more to prepare (a blog), but time flies when you're having fun packing presents. May your day be merry, though! I'm off to spend some time watching people unpack all those presents I just spent half the day wrapping... after a hopefully good meal and get-together.

Some spontaneous inspired Christmas poetry for the day:

Christmas time is nigh!
I look up at the sky...
Though all I see is ceiling.
Still seems a bit appealing.

It's bright and crisp and white,
Unlike the outside ground.
But good things come tonight,
When all us gather round.

Around the Christmas tree,
To get and give and feel,
Like part of something bigger!
And better. Let us heal.

Let us chit chat and relax,
And eat a bunch of snacks,
After too big a Christmas dinner,
Without winners - all grow fat.

And even without snow,
We've got all we need.
With friends and folks we know,
And ginger dough to eat.

And meals to make us sleep,
And too much stuff to wrap,
Just thought I'd write a poem,
And then it's back to that.

Merry Christmas!
Or whatever it is you celebrate where you're at.

Alternatively: And don't forget the hat.

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (2017)

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (2017)

Luc Besson is at it again! And revisiting his roots again, too.

This time it's with an imaginative, colorful, alien tale of two agents/superheroes on a mission to save Alpha - the future human metropolis of thousand planets! Basically Alpha is giant glass dome floating around in space... or am I confusing it with that other much more fragile-looking one in Star Trek? Either way it looks a bit fragile, so you know the threat's a real thing... or is it really? Twists.

The world feels like a hybrid between Fifth Element (the color and personality) and Guardians of the Galaxy (the aliens)... with a little Avatar (the main ingredient) mixed in. It also features a masterful Rihanna cameo! She's a shape shifter showgirl, so you know that's something to look forward to.

The plot's a bit shallow sometimes. They cut out certain characters to cut out on competition, and the Avatar influences are clear as day, but it was a fun watch. So many species. So much color. I love the world, and Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne make an entertaining and passionate duo.

It feels like a teenage movie in the first moments but... it's more than that. I can't really place it. It's for all ages. It's full of fight, and full of races! Never complacent. Always amazing. It's both the future and refreshingly ancient, and though far from flawless refreshingly ranging, with all from the tragic demise of the old and aging reign of civilization to the tasteful angelic changeling! If naught else: I'm sure you'll find it entertaining.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

The Save Game Strategy, Part II

I thought I'd caught up with that other game I spoke of more than well, after a pace like chasing Pell in a so grand line that I reveled! I had a great time! I excelled! I leveled! I was compelled to skip the shells with which you save... but unexpected system error... what the hell?!

It popped up on the screen, and the system shut itself, so at bed time again today I'll delve into this well, and instead of riding the swell I'll ride an echo of accomplished wealth. Like a shadow. Like it's stealth. Oh well...

Not saving's for the brave. And the lame. Really: save your game.

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