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Iodine Poisoning, Malaga, Turku & A Mormon

How long has it been since my last summative post here now... over a month again huh. Or does this count? Or this?

I've been writing some shorter posts lately, but there's really so much more I want to be posting. I have things to tell y'all that these puny little occasional glimpses just can't convey, and it feels like a longer one's required. Longer gone from a weekly, to a monthly, to a little bit more than monthly now. Maybe seasonal summaries are finna be the future? Hopefully not. Monthly seems doable.

It's been a pretty crazy month though, in relative terms, for an individual who typically doesn't lead such a crazy life. Last week I had my bike stolen (insurance came through, but is less than half of the original price so it seems the next one's bound to be cheaper), and just the other day I had some mild iodine poisoning. I say mild because I didn't throw up, or have to get to the hospital ASAP, but I did toss and turn in fevers and chills the entire night, and stayed home from work the next day to recoup. Drank copious amounts of liquids, lemon balm, motherwort, and no iodine. No salt at all actually. Even if the amount of iodine you might get from salt is probably less than a mere per mille of what I had. IOW: of no effect.

It happened like this: Thursday night, I felt like I might be coming down with a cold or something, so I decided to boost my immune system a bit with a little iodine and zinc. Standard procedure. One tablet of zinc, and a drop of iodine in a glass of water, that you then whirl around a bit and consume just two teaspoons of - because it's highly concentrated. The pipette for this particular liquid is however not the easiest to use, and so instead of one single drop in the glass I managed to spill in at least a few. Alright. Maybe I'll just take on teaspoon instead of two. But what harm could that do? A little extra iodine is probably just an even better a boost, right? I took those teaspoons and everything was alright. No problem.

I sat by the computer for a while more, maybe an hour or two, and I started feeling a bit strange. A bit cold. Eventually I was shivering uncontrollably, and wondering if it could have something to do with the iodine. I turned off the computer and grabbed a glass of water, and then another one (not because I was thirsty - because this helps flush out potential toxins), and went to bed hoping it'd calm down. But it wouldn't calm down. The shivers got worse and worse, and I knew I should probably do something, but was so cold I didn't want to lift the blankets and get out of my bed. I rushed to my desk and grabbed my cellphone, dove back under the covers, and fumbled with the phone a while, looking up the symptoms of Iodine poisoning.

No results for chills. Fevers, though. Respiratory issues. Suddenly my throat started feeling kind of strange as well... and my face was burning. Yupp, that was a symptom. Not a serious symptom, though. If you've been seriously poisoned you're supposed to vomit right away, so overuse of iodine is never a serious threat. At least that's what The Internet says.

So I stumbled downstairs, fetched another couple glasses of water, woke up my parents, spoke to my sister (she's a nutritionist) on the phone, and waited while she read up a bit more on Google... all the while the chills and convulsions finally started to calm down, and so I calmed down.

Wonder what would've happened if I didn't drink anything though.

I went to bed, took some lavender, the chills turned to a regular fever instead, and I sweated out the night in fits of fever, and sleep, and frequent bathroom breaks, and come Friday I thought it best to stay at home. Though I was feeling a lot better. Just tired. Really tired.

The fever finally dissipated entirely sometime during the afternoon.

And today it's Saturday and I'm OK! So, that's what happens if you happen to not heed the dosage instructions on an iodine bottle, and maybe take the dosage you're supposed to take if you're subjected to radioactive exposure instead (seriously, if you're ever involved in a nuclear incident then iodine is the first thing you need to get into your system - in controlled dosage).

The unpleasantness of the night before last is starting to fade (last night I slept like a stone), but it really was a pretty scary experience.

I've never been particularly careful about the natural supplements I take, because most of them are so diluted you could basically take half a jar without getting anything worse than a bout of diarrhea, but there are definitely exceptions! I know now. Be wary.

For a week after this I'll probably be a bit more restrictive with iodine in my diet, avoiding eggs, dairy products, and sea salt in larger quantities than I have to consume (salt's in everything these days - but not always sea salt), but other than that I think I'll be OK. Might still be wise to do a check-up though. I called the local health center and they offered me an appointment in June. So maybe not. Though maybe I can get checked at some other place instead.

If you happen to live outside Sweden and think that our healthcare system over here is great and awesome: it's not. Waiting times are insane. Unless you're seriously ill there's not a change you'll get in anywhere except the rich,reputable or private clinics, and even if you do there's no guarantee you'll get a doctor who should actually be qualified to be one.

It's a bit depressing knowing that if your life ever happens to be in real danger, than the people you might rely on to save it might not have the necessary merits to do so. You hear horror stories. They're great at fixing broken bones and taking care of regular cuts and bruises, but for anything more complex you wonder what they're teaching the docs these days. I don't have a lot of faith these days.

Hopefully the situation is better in your part of the world.

But anyway, apart from nearly poisoning myself with iodine and getting my bike stolen there have been some good things going on in my life too. I've been going to a Chropractor - four visits in at this point - and that seems to be going well. He says I really need to take care of my ergonomics, and to take a computer break at least once every 40 minutes... how long have I been writing this right now? One moment. Taking a break... Alright. Down the stairs and back again. All good. Benefits of living in a two-story home.

My next visit's in just about a month now, and before then I've vowed to get in better shape. I'm making an effort to take walks more often than I usually do - have been keeping a nightly walking routine for over a week at this point, with an exception for the one after the poisoning, yesterday, but of course that doesn't really cut it. And I do need to think more about my posture. And breaks. I'm working on it. The sun is coming up again and hopefully it'll get easier to stay motivated.

The new mic I ordered arrived last week, and I just need to get started with some recordings now. There's a few collaborations on route there just waiting on my desktop. Also waiting for motivation, time, and practice. A little more exercise and that latter part should be easier too.

I had a little creative venting burst earlier on, but otherwise I'm not writing as much as I'd want to. It's more personal messages and emails than anything constructive. I'm changing that too. I'm writing this. I just posted a dose of twelve leftover reviews as well. Maybe all you need is a little iodine poisoning to lend you a little perspective and get you going again? As you know I've been in a DOOM Phase too. But this ain't a DOOM Phase 2 (or a DOOM 2 Phase): it's a Due Phase. Woo. Where I do my dues. And those who knew me before say who's that dude? He's so smooth and cool!

I haven't animated a thing since my last dabble a month ago, but that doesn't really matter. Writing's where it's at. That's what I want to do. I did watch a pitch from that guy who ignited that collab I was working on that part for (collab still on route btw), and it went pretty well! They also popped up his Patreon page on the live stream and I saw one of my comments on the main page. :D So hey, I've been on the Adult Swim Live Pitch stream!

Sort of.

It was a cool little event nevertheless, and I'm stoked to see what ChutneyGlaze might manage in the future. If he gets a spot on Adult Swim. He's got potential. This could go places. I feel like being there from the start almost makes me part of the process, but at this point I'm just a fan. Keep at it man. Great stuff. The collab was more than a month due though, apparently.

I caught that plane to Malaga too, and we had a great time there. Super awesome place! The day lasted way longer than you'd think. Our flight came in an hour late so we were checked in around 1 AM, and I didn't sleep at all the first night since people kept passing my room in the corridor - very central location, but we had a blast during the day, and the next night they probably couldn't have woken me up with anything. Woke up in time for the airport transfer though, a sturdy breakfast and a quick walk through the villa streets around the hotel. Everyone had a pool there. Got some sunburn too. In just a day. In March. They don't call it the paradise coast for nothing!

A week later me and my sister went to Häringe Slott (Castle) for a late Christmas present brunch, my nephew came to visit for a few days during the weekend - I bought him a three meal Birthday thing at the renowned Villa Godhem too, and all three of us toured museums; had a good time, and on the same day he left I left for Tallinn. Same time too.

Spent four nights there, at three different hotels of which the final one happened to be right beside a highly trafficked street with sounds just bouncing right up through the window - they had ear plugs in the closet at least, and roamed the Old City wondering what I'd really planned this trip for... I wrote a bit, though. Hope to upload a little series of songs from that too. Soon. I know I should just record the songs and upload them right now and then post them here instead of saying that, but there's a chance this won't get posted at all if I do so for now: soon!

That place wasn't half as exotic, so no pictures, but it was fun. Good food. Good weather. Sunshine every day. Just ten degrees lower than what we had in Sweden at the same time.

Then last week I took a two day trip to Åbo (Turku). Cruise ship. Good ride. Spent most the time in my cabin, listening to the party people roaming the corridors, hesitant to partake in a kind of life I've just never really been introduced to, but I did get out a bit, listened to the music, watched the darkness slide by in the ocean outside, and slept like a log.

I'm learning to sleep in strange places! Progress. Didn't manage the first night in that final Tallinn hotel very well, but actually did the second one!

I've also tried a couple lunches, most memorably at Dolce Italiano and Almoc Coffee Box (recommended!), went to a clothes swapping day one day and managed to get a brand new Hugo Boss tux in pure wool, am back to the movies again as of last week, and spoke to a mormon on the train one day on the way to work. A missionary, with 16th century roots here, who had been in Sweden for two years, moving from Boden to Borlänge, and spreading the faith. He spoke Swedish surprisingly well, and at the end of our session gave me a Mormon bible, in Swedish! Jesus Kristi Kyrka.

I didn't know we had that here.

I've seen him once before on the same train, at least once, when we has talking to what appeared to be a homeless person, or an alcoholic. Not sure if he saw in me a similarly pitiful state of being, but it was an intriguing talk anyway. It's not common that Swedish people talk to other Swedish people on trains - at least not ones they don't know - but being American you can start speaking to anyone here and everyone knows that's OK. Because you're American. Take that as you will.

Felt like it was a pretty impressive commitment speaking to a stranger on each trip back and to work though, if that was what he was doing. Every day. All the time. I get the impression he did have that commitment, and it's just something you don't usually see over here. Commitment. In any kind of shape or form, but especially not religious commitment.

I'm not about to turn religious just yet, but it was just inspiring to see.

I had the bible with me on the boat too (same day), but haven't started reading it yet. Read some NANA and played some Castlevania instead - until the save file corrupted. Again! More Shoujo reviews and an in-depth analysis on NDS save file corruption coming up too.

I was also hoping to write a bit about spring, about how I've been out with shorts a few days while everyone else still cowered in their jackets, how my alarm clock played a joke on me the first of April by running out of batteries just when it was supposed to go off, about the time when there was a fire on the Odenplan escalators, my first four ice creams of the year (new reviews coming up there too), about the little wine cellar I just started in a closet under our boots or about how levain is like a special kind of sourdough, only it has to be made from pure wheat, but maybe we can leave some of those topics for some other weeks.

Spring tiredness, also... is it really a thing? Or is it a time change thing? Earlier this week I dreamt that I had massive sleep dust (just Googled that; I really like this version of it) in my eyes. Woke up so tired, and snoozed long enough that I almost fell asleep again and had to rush to the train. By foot.

I seem to get this every year though. Also just so happens that this same time last year, when I was feeling like I might be a getting a cold: I actually got a cold. Some things sync so well it's almost like they could become routine. My yearly cold. My yearly chiropractor visits. My yearly trip to Östersund. They all started the same exact day this year as last year, and I really didn't plan any of them with that in mind. Cool, huh.

Otherwise one of my main goals this year is to not keep things going according to routine. I'm finna change things up a bit. I'm finna buy a new bike and ride a bit. I'm finna record some stuff too. Not living in the moment. You know it. Own it. Post it notes postpone shit.

Oh and that bursitis thing I went to the chiropractor to fix? Apparently my pelvis was way out of alignment, and the hip rotator cuff had been straining to make up for it, not being able to move forward on one side, or backward on the other, and hopefully we're getting that fixed now. The instant pain disappeared after the first visit. The I-can-move-any-which-way-I-want-to-and-I-don't-feel-a-thing is going slower, but I'm almost there. Just can't sit crosslegged quite yet. Can't rotate right. Mic check.

Speaking of games: I haven't played much more GTA VC since that last post, but I've been on some Dawn Of Sorrow and RE: Revelations instead. Finna finish those up soon too, just like Plutonia. Oh I don't think I mentioned I had a massage in Tallinn too! Hotel credit. And I've booked another trip North for the summer. Main one. Waiting on cheaper tickets again for the finale... or more if they really cheapen them up. Our plane taxes are dropping in June. Maybe then.

Until then I'm pretty much done with my bouts of quick trips for the season! I thought about getting one more just for free baggage, but on second though it's not really worth it if I don't actually feel like taking the trip, and when the sunlight's found its way back here I'm not sure I do.

The concerts take over next month too. I'm aiming for... a few of those. And old recaps. Soon.

For now though, this is plenty. Easter's coming up, and I'm looking forward to not just catching up a bit but just doing nothing. I realize I haven't even written about work btw. We got new T-shirts there. I'm still highly appreciative of the flexible schedules, even if they'd like that I work all Fridays too when I can. So I've been doing that when I can. Of course I'd booked certain trips where Friday just happened to be one of the included days before this announcement was made so that's typical. But they're still optional. Just feeling-the-obligation-al.

Work's going alright, even if I'm starting to feel a bit busy there too. Like I could make it a full-time thing after all, though I don't really want to. Don't want to burn out. Don't want to loose my hobbies. Like this. Like writing.

But was this a crazy month or what, huh? Or am I just crazy? Or have I not written enough about how crazy it was? It's been pretty crazy from my perspective anyway, and I feel like the crazier it gets the more I evolve. The more involving the more I'm evolving. Problem solving and cognitive revolving while the cogs within us collect gall and solve them.

Until next week. Month? Whenever there's time. Peace and mind.


Hey I just want to write!

Can't you see that? I yell at the impostor. I yell at the world. I yell at the poster. I yell at myself. I yell in my room. I yell on the train. I yell in the line at the supermarket with a cart full of watermelon. I yell in my mind.

The world can't hear me.

But it's not strange if I don't speak up. It's not strange they don't hear my music if I don't put it up on Spotify, Strange Music TM.

Or like Dax take it to YouTube. It's dax.

I don't know if I'm ready but I don't think I'll ever know either, though at least I have a job that lets me hone my creative skillsets while I do other things. I mean literally. I mean literal skillsets. I mean.

No I'm pretty nice tbh.

And that's another thing that bugs me. Acronyms. In LOWERCASE.

I just want to let it all out here. I want to let y'all know. I want to be like Nietz sometimes and just let all flow. I know I live a protective life in a projective world, but I vent, even if I can't extend my arm to the slimy underbelly I know through my penthome door. Just want to vent some more. Give me air. Need to breath. Psychological asthma. Haaaaaa. Nhhhhh. Phhhhhhhhhhhhh.


They should leave the wires.


Stop getting musicians off the street.


Is what we need to live.


Don't take them.



It all goes so much better when I write it like this. Like it's meant to be: written. Like spoken word... just ain't my thing. I'll relapse to this like that ellipses.


And if I record I can keep the beat.

The Vernal Holi (day)

It's the first day of spring today! AKA The Vernal Equinox.

A co-worker reminded me. It doesn't really look like it but it does feel different. It's getting brighter. The sun is up on the slow train from work - I'm reading a book about how to make a tree. The streets are free from winter gravel on the way home - hastily swept up by clumsy machines. Humans will do the second sweep. Robots aren't all this awesome. Yet.

Over in the Hindi hemisphere it's currently Holi(day)! The air's dusty with color, and celebrations sound all over town. Thanks for the well-wishes DIWAKAR! May the day by golly be holly. Hey.

I ordered a new microphone a couple of days ago, and it's arrived. It's waiting in a probably dark compartment in a recently closed shop.

It's a Shure SM58. A legend. A considerable upgrade from my previous no-name dynamic DM-2. A new pop filter should be in the same box, so I can finally discard the nylon sock on a wire, and a portable mic stand too so I can try the other condenser without holding it, which probably drastically reduced the effects of the vibration shield last time I tried it. But wait... I couldn't even get it working last time. Missing drivers? I shall try again.

If that doesn't work though I'm pretty confident that dynamic's the way to go. It can take a beating. It can take some noise. It's good for hiphopping. For heaving a voice. It's the evening of choice! Things be popping. Steady improvements. The barren wasteland's about to bloom: room about to turn into a studio: studio about to go boom.

Hope to pick up the Shure tomorrow anyway, and I'm heading off on my last quick trip (last before summer... maybe) this weekend. And after that: I'm overdue to make some tunes.

Spring does feel pretty soon.

Procrastination Bastion 2019

So I relapsed.

Earlier this week. I was looking for something to watch and I stumbled upon Black Lightning, a TV show about a black hero who fights gang crime to keep his two daughters safe. Relevant, right? Principal by day, vigilante by night.

The effects were cool, and the relations intriguing - you want to see how they evolve, but the we-made-this-to-last-as-long-as-viewers-and-budget-let-us faux pas shines through, and thus I don't want to waste my time on it. I watched the first episode and that was that.

Then I opened up DOOM and played through almost all of the fourth episode. Classic Doom. With GZ. And Brutal.

I played the rest the next day, and (I assume almost most of) TNT after that, and the rest of that the next day. Plutonia up next?

It's been a while since last time. Even though I consider myself a pretty hardcore Doomer at this point I keep running into new secrets, and committing level routes to memory. For the first time I think I didn't spend hours trying to find the exit in Wormhole - I went into the dungeons by choice, to as Metallica say: Kill 'em All. And I'm remembering that TNT was not my favorite one of the two unofficial extra episodes. It was the one with mazes and enclosed spaces and puzzles I never really figured out.

I'm still having fun with the game, but I'm also disappointed because I'm almost purposefully staying up late again, and eating snacks, and browsing through BBS BS, and posting one of these by effort redeeming posts about it again.

Despite my best intentions it seems that whenever life is going well I turn to time waste to distract myself. Maybe because I'm nervous. Maybe because I'm stressed. Maybe because I'm scared of progress. Maybe because I'm slightly depressed. Maybe because I'm just tired.

Who knows.

I'm taking extra walks, I exercise, I try to be efficient and then I play DOOM for two hours and eat a bar of chocolate. What the hell man.

I swear good things are coming fast though! I've just got to catch some cash flow. Plans supplement out that stomach: I'm gonna defrag and fraction. Life's a kneecap on traction. And like they say about Boyka: good knee, bad knee, no knee - he's still going Oni.

Oh me? Maybe I'll go play the Bungie phony and get a slow meal.

Today Is...

Dentist’s Day.

Alright. I think the partial party trilogy might have to be put on pause with this one... it's a bit too teethy for my tastes, this one. I have a phobia for parties like this. Don't bite what you can't chew. Or shoo, away with you; onto beaches, sand, and sunshine. We'll finish this party... some time.

Travel, Animations & Rabid Rations

So I'm dabbling with animation again! I thought I'd animate a little something just to make that clear... well, more like because I just felt like animating something more than the other thing I've been animating, which is a small contribution to a rather large collaboration coming soon to a portal near you. Soon as in: in a month or so, maybe?

It's been fun to mosh with Flash a bit though, and now that I'm done with this (I hope - currently awaiting confirmation) I have some music to attend to. A few other collaborations on route there. I've been letting them weigh on my mind a bit the past couple of weeks, ever since I recovered from that cold, but I've written my verses and am just about to start recording again. Kinda feels like another cold might be on route though, but I really don't want to catch it. Hope to catch a plane to Malaga instead. Thursday.

I've also been dealing with this thing, which is still very much a thing. It comes and goes. If I happen to sleep the wrong way it's worse again when I wake up, but even if I do sleep the right way it seems to come and go. Simple walks can turn into nightmares if it sets in for real.

I'm thinking it's probably not bursitis after all, but more probably something to do with the psoas muscle (a deep-seated core muscle connecting the lumbar vertebrae to the femur), and the reason I have problems with that particular muscle might be a myriad of things. I've booked a chiropractor visit to get that checked a couple days after I get back - no available times before. One more thing to be nervous about whilst traveling to foreign places, the furthest away I've been the past fifteen years at least...

Since the last semi-traditional Sunday post I've put out another hexalist update right on schedule, have kept playing GTA VC - albeit a bit more sporadically, put up a massive dose of late reviews recently (though there's more on route), a couple dreams, and no travel posts though I had planned to, but they went OK! First a trip to Budapest (Hungary) at the start of the month, and then a cruise to Turku (Finland) the week after. I've had a foot massage, tested three new cafes (all with premiere deals) and dinner at Centralbadet one day, in their little terrarium with artificial sunlight.

Those be the highlights of the last few weeks!

I've booked my first trip up North for the summer too, my nephew might be coming down in a couple weeks, and I'm bout to post some reviews. I'm choking my dues. Both old ones and new. Hope to fix this hip thing, the hiphop thing, and in a day or two maybe open my views. And perspectives. Head off to the sun and live it festive. Until next time, don't wreck spines, stay wretched.

And wise words for my nephew or niece: when stressing like bumblebees: take time to find peace or you'll regret it. This life is truly hectic. No matter your direction. The lesson: don't let sun escape you or you might wake blue... and that... is depressing. Better change the setting before you're pressed in. Cyberdevil addressing the resting.

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