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Easter Posting Toasting

Hello peeps! Like RJ used to say.

I've been having a thoroughly fun weekend for a change.

Two free days for Easter, of which one has passed and one's about to, but it's amazing how as long as you change your location a little it can seem like even the shortest additional sessions of spare days last longer than they really do/are more than they really are... even if this is in fact a 200% increase in terms of usual weekend off time.

About the length-enhancing session sensations though: Yesterday I was out at buddy Bear's mom's place in the countryside, getting my first almost serious sunburn of the year, eating good, doing some woodwork, sipping sunshine and chillin' for real in an early morning still... peace like a painting.

And today I went on a quest to find an air compressor to pump up my car tires, that I swapped yesterday afternoon (winter's officially over - even though we'll apparently be getting a little temporary snowfall this coming week too - studs away though).

I drove by the local gas station yesterday after the switch, but their compressor was broken, and apparently the one at the nearest gas station after that was broken too, and that's all we have as far as 'nearest' goes.

Road trip time today! All the way out to BĂ„lsta, which isn't all that far away really, but enough that it's like a different world.

It's beyond suburb. It's outside the city entirely. With woods and fields and grids of villas (that's what we call regular houses here - independence style - with their own square allotment of garden and fence and all) that spread out endlessly... and the first gas station I stopped at also had a broken air compressor! In what ways can people possibly abuse these tools to the point of their breaking with such frequency?!

The next place did have one that worked though, plus a bucket and brush (also missing at the local place these days) so I could clean my somewhat muddled and severely-in-need-of-cleaning car windows and mirrors. I grabbed a double macchiato and a Danish pastry for free while I was there, courtesy of having voted in the OKQ8 representative elections in Stockholm a month back, and drove around a bit for a suitable spot to stop and have a blissful bite before driving back... and it really felt like a way bigger outing that it was.

Now regarding the car I just need to get it washed entirely. Been at least eight months. Water and a brush is not enough for the rest of it. But the tires did need air, so good to have at least that bit taken care of.

I wish I had a lawn btw. So simple a thing to wash if on one.

So pricey if relations, you build with these here stations.

In other news NG had a nice surprise for the first of April this year too - quite unlike previous Easters too. And that's all I got in regard to this year's foolery. Spent the day at work; didn't have time for as much other Internetal exploration as I sometimes do. If anyone's stumbled upon a particularly good one feel free to leave a comment on it!

In other news World Backup Day was the last of March, and I actually did do a proper home computer backup the day after. If you need a good cloud-based backup provider check these guys out. Been with them over a year now, and so far it's been great. And yes that is a referral link. Much obliged if you do sign up. :)

If you need a good host you might want to check these guys out too. Just signed up there and have no real experience of their services yet but good first impressions...

Also Timor Tempus is back! And I've been reviewing a bunch - and watching a lot of martial art movies you'll be seeing a surge of reviews for soon. Plus re-views on these two a while back. Been updating the anime list a bit as well. Some day I'll really catch up there.

And finally, something I planned on writing about just a while after this post: We saw two wild boars in the woods one day. Ran by just 20-30 meters away. Was pretty cool.

In regards to the price on this thing: it's not bad after all. Ten bucks. Looks super useful. The buy-an-iPhone-to-buy-flipsampler thoughts are currently shelved - I just don't need this enough, but if I ever do start requiring this kind of functionality on the go I know what I'll be getting.

Did I mention I voiced the narration in this thing earlier btw? Won this thing earlier too? Bought this thing a while ago?

Was also going to post about the Escobar Fold - a foldable smartphone developed by Pablo Escobar's brother.

They had a pretty cool site for it. Playboy poster girls posing with said hardware, but apparently: it was a scam. :/ A Samsung with stickers, basically, and they didn't ship like they were supposed to.

Not that I was ever close to buying one but... would've been cool.


One Piece 968

Laugh Tale. That's all I gotta say.

It's an episode where one thread of the One Piece finally gets closure - somewhat unexpectedly - and reignites the feeling of adventure once again. It's where they're headed after all. Maybe we needed a reminder.

Roger's story. It started a bit like filler, but I'm glad we got this tale too.

Hype's back. One Piece. Please don't ever run out and be done/seize.

And may this be cryptic enough to get you into it too.

Do What You Can Do...

Do what you can do in your capacity to change things.

Attended a pretty inspiring webinar today and this was how it ended.
Shall imprint said parting message here for eternal posterity. The context is business, but it applies to pretty much everything doesn't it?

Be the change you want to see.

That you want to be. That you want to refer to when you infer that you are the newest me. Who stays with you after curfew when you may want to flee. But don't be a wannabe. Or a zombie commie. Abercrombie only.

This started strongly but on a leap. Land anomaly. Be the oddity with a job that's free. Like an emcee, or a busy bee by Blomsterlandet's fancy IT frenzy fencing? Branch out. Whatever tree you want to reach.

Friday Night Funkyyy

Wonder if I might've inspired this whole FNF wave way back in 2007? With this.

Not that it had much to do with the game content at all, with girlfriend or boyfriend or the ever so villainous dad or luscious mom and all... but there are certain similarities don't ya think? Title-wise and all? My title's vice but tall.

And it's been another week apparently, I see as I stare here eerily, at the calendar where weeks repair and freak.

A working week since the jam has passed. Busy week days but I had a blast. This Friday I think I'll just watch and have a laugh. Till my self-discipline kicks in with that battle wrath. That makes me stay with or without friends till like six AM, catching on on site-work, like this shit again?

Well no I just said six cause it rhymed. Best be quick cause lack time. It's Friday and I sit and: rewind.

Friday Night Funk King

Friday Night Funk King

There's a grand new brand new animatic up on the grounds of which I played a vocal part in! My second FNF jam entry by role of collaboration, with thus far minor contribution, more specifically on the vocal lines and bits (like grunts and hits) you'll hear here and there by inclusion.

The storyline and animation portion's by talented-but-short-on-time-this-time @Mabelma! It's not all crisp and colored and all, but it's as done as it's going to get for the jam, so hopefully y'all enjoy it with storyboard focus. ;)

Hopefully there'll be a full-on fluent and flawless animation to come down the line, and more, and I should be partaking in one final FNF entry coming out last minute tomorrow! More notes on that one then!

For now go watch this thing right here; enjoy!

Blooms Of The Third Moon

It's snowing outside...

Who would've thought we'd have snow in the middle of March? Down here in Stockholm where we usually don't even have it for Christmas.

It's been a strange year this year, not least with the covid strain sweeping through our human realm and populating with pandemic swoop result, but also with the weather.

Also with a lot of things, but let's just focus on the weather since that's what we Swedes typically tend to do when we get together and don't have anything else to talk about. Or don't dare take the step to controversies over common courtesies. I don't know if it's really like that anymore. Maybe be a myth but...

Some time last year - not sure when - we had a full month of cloud. Not a ray of light. Not total darkness but total gray and gloomy all day, and short days.

A few weeks in I was getting severely depressed; reminded of how old posts I'd posted where I seemed overly so were really not blown out of proportion at all. That's really how you feel when you feel like that. and then when everything gets better you forget how low those lowest points can be... until you return there, to that bottomless quicksand pit it seems life throws you to every now and then, most recently for work-related uncertainty woes and/or simply lack of sunshine.

But the sun rays came back, and Christmas passed, and the day after we had snow. Just for a couple of days. Just enough to remind us that it really was Christmas.

The weather relapsed to melting again, then came New Year, and in came the snow again! To remind us it really was a New Year after all.

And then it passed, and all returned to normal, the weather started getting warmer, but the nights were cold and the days cloudy and still somewhat bleak... and then came the snow again!!! This time in full force.

It snowed so you could actually shovel, and feel there was snow, and it stayed for a whooping three weeks and then some! Didn't melt once. You could see the edges slowly creep away against the gravel on the sunniest days, and I spent one particular weekend walking so much I almost got burnt, in February! Who would've thought.

Gradually the snow piles grew lower, and then in three days and nights it melted away, leaving only gravel-strewn piles here and there as a winter memento, and the days went, and work picked up again, it seemed to get warmer, but the nights grew colder, and the day before yesterday the snow started falling again...

Just a little then, but today it's all out storm, and the world that was recently Springing up in green and turquoise (I don't know that it really was, it just seemed like a suitable color combo call out here) is suddenly covered in white once again.

Was actually feeling a little under the weather when I woke up today, maybe a bit too many late nights; early mornings; too much weight vests on walks in an attempt to get in shape without making extra time-consuming effort... but I've been eating supplements, feeling better, and as the layers pile outside I currently feel the best I've felt in a while today.

Almost had to let that one rhyme, like I do sometimes, though it makes better sense like this. Like chips. They make sense but don't make amends or bliss.

In normal wording now I realize I've come to actually really like snow.

On the darkest days it's what gives me hope. Whenever it comes around I brighten up. The world brightens up. Everything looks softer, and cozier, and clearer. It hides the dirt. It hides the trash people throw away. A shopping cart someone had dragged to a nearby underpass was entirely submerged for those full three winter weeks earlier on. We thought someone had finally fetched it.

I used to love summers like no other season, but lately I've been loathing the heatwaves that come with it, and realizing that maybe the thing I like most about them is really the sun, and in darker seasons the snow is almost like it's paler cousin. Like a third moon.

It might not give out as much D-vitamin and UV light, but it reflects the light there is. It's a helpful helper. A gifted uplifter. And ever since I started taking these daily cold showers I seem to have all the more an affinity for the cold that comes with it.

I love the sun. I love the snow. The way the weather's turning maybe we'll get a snowy summer this year too. And supposedly the gulf stream's stopping. Maybe we'll get a summer ice age too. Who knows?

Was going to weave in some mementos from last night's dream here too but I got side-tracked; don't remember that much about it anymore.

There were people after us though. The family has gathered in a room somewhere. A cozy place. We covered the windows. I crept in under a blanket. I was small again....

But summer's coming soon and it'll be fall again.

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