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Soul Link 12

Final episode! A lot of things happen, but the major events are:

- Skura infested soldiers breach the groups safe haven.
- Morimoto saves Sayaki, at the expense of his own life.
- It turns out Nagasaki Sayaka was his daughter. She didn't know it.
- Nanamim (the stowaway) confronts Cellaria and kills her by touching her.
- Nanamim is not human, or Skura, she's a hybrid. Guess who's daughter she is?
- People are fighting all over the place.
- Aries crashes somewhere.

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Soul Link 11

The tough terrorist guy, the one who attacked the group a couple of times, then helped the mystery girl escape. Remember him? His name is Gale, if you don't know it yet, and he's not such a bad guy after all. In this episode he dies.


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Soul Link 10.5

This is a special episode summarizing everything that's happened up until now, from a different perspective: Cellarias! It's like a bunch of flashbacks into previous episodes with her narrative. That's part A of the episode.

Being Together Is A Form Of Happiness

Part B? A lot of talk about relationships from Aki's perspective. It ends with an inspiring message of morality. Enough flashbacking...

Soul Link 10

Pawing Cellera

So, you thought Cellaria just wanted money? Nah, she wants to become a superior being.

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Soul Link 9

Yuu's Getting Serious

Yuu-san goes on a rampage in the skura-infested area of the place in space. Also, flashback into her past. In a war-raging past Cellaria saved Yuu. Also, Yuu is Shin's sister, but back to the present...

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Soul Link 8

Craft Approaching

Maintenence Vehicle

A maintenence vehicle approaches. It seems to be the same one Shuuhei-kun left on. Question is, is he on it now?

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