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The Summer Post

I'm off! It's time. Summer's nigh. The sky is gray here yet I eye the sky. The sun glimpses briefly - summertime in sight. Which is exciting! Good times. Dives. Delight. Thought I'd have time to write this too, think I just might...

Been through some furious final moments in the garden, washing, dishing (dishes - washing), wishing (wisdom), squashing (fried squash with garlic - delicious), lots of bread, little chicken... no chicken I reckon but put yourself in my position in kitchen. No chicken. Been eating whatever remains though, freezing whatever's not eaten, vacuuming and cleaning, drying herbs, prying dirt, packing bags and scheming, tired for no reason...

I thought I'd start reviewing the books I've read a while back. Have had a bundle of literary drafts lying in wait for a year or so now, thinking I'd conjure up some cover images for them, but at last I decided just to post 'em. Before I fly off for summer. Best siphon off some my unposted material as to let me feel a bit more at ease when I leave.

I'm writing those in Swedish too occasionally, when the books are. Might start doing that more often. Feels suitable to follow suit with the language.

Haven't been blogging much this spring, but I have been posting a last-minute batch of drafts just now. I have movies scheduled for most of my vacation - just finished revising 'em till the end of July. Hope I get through a few more before I jump off today. Should suffice at least until I'm back long enough to revise and schedule more - for a day and a half in early August.

Took a lot of time that scheduling. It's so much easier to publish reviews in batches. I will not be doing this one-review-a-day thing next year.

S3C popped up with this nice surprise just recently too! A copy of my movie list with appended scores from IMDB and RottenTomatoes. And more. Shall do something with this after summer - much obliged @S3C!

Following up on that series of unfortunate events detailed in the spring post earlier: The puppy died.

Apparently it probably had an autoimmune disorder, and caught some nasty virus that had it developing abscesses all over it's body. It had a good appetite but kept losing weight, and was in constant pain, growing weaker and weaker, so big bro & co decided to put it down. :/

Our water pump up North apparently just broke down too. Not that it compares to that loss of life, but these things really just keep happening this year! And the warm air pump here is not fixed yet - they have no time to troubleshoot further until August at least. The hexalist I maintain on NG got locked today too, right when I was about to post my final summer update. Managed to get it unlocked again but that was quite a scare.
A potential seizing of a legacy that's been kept for twenty years...

On the bright side those airport strikes I mentioned earlier were cancelled! Should be all good for the trip tomorrow. And I posted that update. All good there too.

In regard to games (I'm all over the place with this post I realize - gotta write about the things I've gotta write about) I played some TaskMaker at the start of May, Serious Sam at the start of June, now I'm on Venetica, start of July. I hope I haven't lost interest when I get back cause it really is a pretty cool game. Very atmospheric.

Site idea till after summer: Add a span class for rhymes, to surround spontaneous rhyme-related bits in posts that I give the 'rhyme' tag, so that these spans can then be styled on the rhymes tag archive specifically, and thus highlight said rhymes only when you're browsing that particular archive. Elsewhere on the site they would have the same formatting as surrounding text.

Other site idea: Add links to Books and Movies in the top menu specifically, instead of having this collective Reviews category? I rely on the /movies URL on a few places, so I don't want to create a /reviews/movies structure as to move them away from the main page and blog.

The problem is that I do want movie-related posts to show on the main page too, but not movie reviews specifically, lest they flood the page. Adding the Reviews category for movie reviews specifically temporarily ammended this issue, but it's messy. I don't like having two categories on posts. Need to figure out a better way. To be continued...

Another one: Let you click on an image in a lightbox to open it in it's actual size in a new tab, or if possible zoom in and move around in the existing view. As it is some images actually shrink down if you open them in full due to the lightbox interface adding extra padding around the image/keeping it proportionately centered on the screen.

That's all for now y'all! I'm out of both time and words so I'll take my leave. Traditionally as may be perceived, from the city streets to the green green fields, to the outest reaches that I can reach. To live the loudest where you don't hear a peep. To seek enlightenment and light and retreat. From all that riles me up in this pot of boulders - come back stronger and not a lot of older - when autumn rolls in and we're hot but colder.

See y'all in October.


Just passed the grand 4,000 now!

Props all the rare commenters around here, most notably now @S3C and @Biter - the former of which without a doubt contributes the most commentary around these parts - and the latter who just so happened to snag comment #4000 exactly! Wonder if he's been checkin' the stats page occasionally to time this in, if not it sure is a spectacular coincidence...

Current, published #4000, that is. With spam and occasional deletions accounted for the Count (like Dracula) is currently up at 7,171.

The last milestone was... two years ago, and before that four years before! Seems conversational pace or quantity around these parts is doubling by each milestone now.

Not that numbers like this matter more than the venting and penning this place was primarily made for, but it's always nice with some connection; attention; affirmation; comprehension; complication; condemnation; reprehension; apprehension; contemplation; preparation; devastation; while you're waiting...

If you haven't ever left a comment here before why not leave one today!

Appreciate y'all who do say hej.

Happy Easter Y'all

Been catching up on some interesting reading lately, I bookmark too much...

Like for example here are various interesting charts over statistics from the past year, some of the best inventions of the past year, the main reason AI maybe isn't like us at all, the most popular toys for all birth years thus far (mine was the original GB - I do have one! Traded it for a Pokemon card), some powerful psychology-related visuals, interesting info on cola - though I don't fully agree with the aspartame bit - skim PubMed if you wonder why, and this site is pretty cool - you can for example get Snoop Dogg to send you a Birthday message. If you have the dough to spare. Or (cheaper) hire Kanye East for some prime political and/or hip-hop satire.

Also there was a pretty cool Andrew Huang and Rob Scallion thing a while back, and if you still play GTA SA you need the Gangster Sit Fix that Silent released this April. It's a game-changer. Literally.

All mods are literally game-changers aren't they? But... yeah, check it out. Sit down and partake in some of this stuff. Don't fall out of your seat now. Don't babysit. Learn. Grow. Become an evolved adult model humanoid.

In life-related news we've been celebrating a whole lot of Easter this recent weekend. Was away on Saturday, had egg hunts on Sunday, had guests today, have had a lot of sunshine and I really need to get my gym-related routines going for real again tomorrow as to process some of the seasonal surplus of sweet sweet chocolate-related edibles (edibles as in things you eat - they don't get you high - just your blood sugar) I've been binging...

Had some dream I planned on writing about but I forgot 'em.

I've been playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age a bit. Night time.

I'm almost through the game now... initially I loved every second of it, and totally immersed myself in the mystery word thereof, but eventually the puzzles become a bit much... it's a great game, with a good rate of progression, good fight trade and figure-things-out mechanics, great lore, dialog and character building, but it's a little puzzle-heavy - with a bit too expansive dungeon-style puzzles on some parts - and it's easy to get lost. Both in those dungeons and with your progress overall; not know where you should be heading next.

It's an open-world type game and sometimes a bit too open.

I am having fun with it though so that's the main thing. I found my way back to the main storyline yesterday too. Woohoo.

Summer's coming in quick now, I'm attempting to tan up without getting totally burnt, and so far managing! Save for those cheeky spots right under my eyes. Time for cream and selective spot-related shading strategies for optimal spread and progression... it's the same shizzle each Spring. Wonder if I'll get sun blisters this year, or if I'll manage the seasonal UV-raise related pacing and distribution a bit more ideally...

Y'all more thoroughly pigmented peeps have it easy!

See you in a week if the summer breeze keeps fleeting, my sleep does deepen; I don't keep depleting my soul and shun runs for Golden Sun fun.

Also updated the design page a bit. Been thinking for some time that I probably ought appear available and knowledgeable if some people do seek my work there - still more to do in that regard. But it's a start. To move to art. Branch out beyond company time.

Happy Easter! Feaster! Eater! Have some shine.

It's Fry Day!

Feels like I've been burning both my candles lately.

No wait... that's not right. Just the one candle. Human candle. No nine lives here. *shout out newest Puss in Boots movie which was friggin' awesome*

Been burning my candle in both ends lately, I mean. And I mean that in both a good and a bad way. Good in that I'm progressing. Living. Accomplishing. Going through dues dutifully like there's no tomorrow! Watching movies after work. Getting home close to midnight. Getting up early to catch a train. Chew chew.

In a bad way since if you live like there's no tomorrow you'll feel a little worn out come tomorrow. Like if say you have a pretty prolific day and then stay up till 4:40 AM playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

It's such a good game though! Got back to it just recently. Two nights ago or so... I didn't want to sleep. I skimmed through my collection of GBA games in search of something I'd not yet played through fully or might want to go back to, and there it was. GS2:TGA. One of the best GBA RPGs ever.

I'm not sure I ever played through the first one fully either, but I'm not sure I have that one. Not with a functional save. They had some problems with such functionality on that one.

Seems I manage on less sleep occasionally at least. A sleepless night here and there's alright.

What bugs me is that I've been planning to up my exercise game for weeks at this point, but it's just not happening. I don't rest as required. I still eat too much. There's some kind of weird resistance I have in regard to working out consistently... or even generally just living healthily.

It's fine occasionally. I get a push and go tire myself out completely, and feel great after, but to actually make it a routine...?

Where's my discipline. How to attain that discipline. I've listened to a ton of podcasts on the topic already. Oughta know. I apply it to other areas of life but there's something strange about this one one. Endorphin-fueling and awesome though all exercise may be I just can't seem to get into it enough. Conflicting priorities? Some kind of strange martyr syndrome? Stress?

What is it. I need to figure this out. Tomorrow...

In better news though that theme song I've been occasionally speaking about for almost a year at this point is finally out there! You can catch it on NG or here. Shout out @Jabun - who probably put in way more work than he'd expected to put in when he first agreed to mixing/mastering this, and @ChordC on the awesome instrumental, and @Hania on obliging with her awesome voice on choruses and... other places.

It's been so long in the making I can't listen to it like I haven't already heard it a million times now and appreciate it fully, but I'm happy it's out! And it turned out great... I think I thought initially!

So far people seem to think so too. :) Woo.

Speaking of NG, they just killed General. Forum #1.

It was the one that started it all. The one forum there that's been thriving for soon twenty full years - even when activity on others waned - since the site was a mere baby.

I'm kinda bummed. Here's a petition to bring it back again.

I don't think it'll work - they have their reasons for closing - but it's worth a shot no? If it works it works, if no then oh...

And here's an Indiegogo for a project @littlbox's been working on for some four years now. Chip in if ya can/want to/feel generous punk (movie reference I realized I got wrong whilst writing - it's lucky).

Also had my music used in this a while back, meant to post a link to this game I also made some music for a while back, and here are six duplicate movie reviews.

Three newly posted, and three that got lost in a text file around summer.

If you wonder about that trip I took recently: it was awesome.

I can't ski - odd for a Swede I know - I didn't grow up in places with snow, but we rode up the mountain anyway and watched the people who did, walked along the shoreline of a frozen lake, toured the small town of Åre, saw the biggest waterfall in Sweden (Tännforsen), ate good, played games, tried the small but fully functional sauna in their rented cabin apartment on the third floor and had an I'd say pretty fun birthday party on the day my brother's girlfriend hit fifty (years not cents)!

I traveled back tired three days later on a late seven hour train - caught the last commuter train home with but a minute to spare - and since then life's been running again.

My brother's girlfriend fractured her shoulder the day after I'd left. :/ Whilst out walking the dog on what I'd assume was probably a pretty icy surface. They'll know if it'll heal itself or if she needs surgery in about a week. I hear it's painful. She already has some herniated discs. Debilitating addition.

What a way to end their one week celebration/vacation in the wild...

Reminds you that you do need to take care of yourself. Of your health. Stay light. Stay agile. Stay strong. If you can. I think I'll take at least a longer walk than usual today; work more on that tomorrow... after a somewhat shorter session of the-golden-age-of-gaming Golden Sun tonight.

That's all for now. It's Friday. The sky's veiled. Get out and fly.

It's A SUNDAY!!!

I've caught up with all my lectures this week - ones I'd recorded this winter but hadn't yet taken the time to view, and I'm almost caught up with my diary - from three months behind down to just one, and I've caught up on some much overdue email correspondence... unsubscribed from the daily Morning Brew newsletter too. No time for media, be it main or alternative stream. I'm working on being. Working on emceeing. Working on the green.

Also working at the gym (pronounce that like gee-eam).

Really zoning in on the fitness regime. And I wrote about my newly attained gym card recently. I worked out Thursday, and planned to do so Friday but was still feeling pretty pooped, planned to do so Saturday but was still pretty sore, then actually did so today and holy shit do I feel tired now! Had planned on simple cardio but the machine I'd planned on using was busy - and remained so for about half an hour - so I ran from device to device otherwise and was out of juice entirely when time finally came for the planned cardio session, but I did that too, with but half a banana for breakfast before this, first thing in the morning. A one hour work-out without pause then... is that normal?

I'm listening to a David Goggin's podcast right now so I can't complain, but it's taken me the full day to finally get control over my arms again, and on the lunch walk I started getting light-headed and wobbly. Feels like I might be overdoing this a bit. I should probably start nice and slow and ease my way into this new BUT THEN AGAIN!!!!

I'm getting in shape anyway, even if I probably won't be able to train for at least another two days after this. Slow but steady; intense when it counts...

On the blog I've updated the stats page with a few more categories/corrections, and added the 'most viewed posts' bit here too - previously in sidebar only.

Messed around with WP functions trying to get some 'oldest posts' and 'most popular post per year' statistics there too, but it seems those are more difficult than they should be. Something for a later time! A public visitor count's in the works too - a plugin I currently use should be developing such front-end functionality soon.

I've also managed to upgrade PHP versions! Whoop. Not all that way, but to reasonably updated tiers at least. Had to remove just a couple bits of code for that to work, attempted rewriting them first but realized I didn't really need 'em after all. But I need to get better at PHP. There may be other bits that aren't as non-essential. Seems like a common problem though: NG Logs is currently dealing with a similar issue.

In regard to NG the one and only @GRUB-LORD (who now goes by simply grubbb) put out a pretty slick hoverboard blade animation with one of my old audio loops this week. Much obliged! And with all the recent exercise I think I'm finally starting to get into the right headspace (and physical form - vocal capabilities have felt a little strained recently) to get to composing this one title track that's been on the backburner all too long as well...

Things are shaping up in life! I'm going and growing. Will I transcend what's known through this hole in the ozone? To the throne in the Wolf–Lundmark–Melotte? Blow up slow like Yo Gotti? I don't know, but like David Goggin's says you get peace when friend is foe. Now time to sleep and end this toll and I shall creep till I can leap and maybe reap some fender flubber till I'm 1337 just like no other. Many roads, many shows to see to know how flows a dope emcee and breath till undercovers seeth and boil asunder and I'll be a God of thunder and smite feeble minds with wonder like Ken Block with lots of rubber let us rock though not so shuttered we get seasick. Open blinds: see the sights and feel it.

It's a Sunday! One day. Just like a steal it's: a rest.

Worked out hard and now I feel no stress.

Last week.

It's Another Sunday...

...and what a weekend it's been!

Been out in the wild with good buddy Bear for a day, my sister's been over for a day, and before that I've been troubleshooting and following up on the development of that same payment provider integration that took most of the week before, and the weekend before? Last weekend?


To visit my big bro and co, and spend the final day catching up on favorite movies with my nephew, who was self-isolating with a recent bout of whatever-virus-is-going-around-these-days - who happens to also work with film, so we share that cinematic interest.

It was a good trip, albeit hectic before and after, and my brother's girl lost a big dental filling in the midst of game night. Still finished the game though. Saw Avatar 2 at the movies (go in with low expectations and it'll surely surpass them!) and spent so much time walking there too that I slept for roughly ten hours the second night. But it is vacation - that's what you're supposed to do at such times no? Rest up. Have fun. Relax a bit.

Twas a good trip.

On the blog I've updated all sidebars, the post archive, the poetry, gallery, design and music sections, added another ten quotes and random tidbits of text to the sidebar wisdoms, added a link to my new Bandlab page with the recent remix, added the music section sidebar to all music posts, added excerpt support for all category templates (if posts have an excerpt they should now show that instead of the full post on category, search and archive pages), fixed up the 'old' category layout (I'm hoping to use that more - it's meant to be a way to archive old versions of pages and texts as I update them - I forget to), added one more random footer line (heya @Biter) and fixed the randomizer script there which apparently hasn't been working properly since 2010! -_-' It's showed a fraction of included lines.

Same with the one on my personal site. Fixed copyright dates and links on all of my other/smaller sites too.

Also polished up template files a bit overall, removed unused code, updated the sitemap a bit, moved and merged some directories and updated some pages a little...

So far I feel like I'm keeping up pretty well with my visions for the year!
Of fixing up the site a bit, posting daily reviews and long-term hopefully sorting out some more deep-rooted compatibility issues. I've been fiddling around with jQuery versions so far, more on that some other week.

In life otherwise? There's a potentially pretty big freelance gig in the works I've been pretty excited about the past week. Negations are underway, so *fingers crossed*. If all goes well maybe my side hustle/secondary income resolution may be off to an unexpectedly good start too!

Here are a few more duplicate reviews, and elaboration posts on those two WP-related issues I was having last last week.

Feels good to be alive right now. Life's going pretty well. Been looking at a local gym too; getting ready to step up my work-out routines for the new year new #metoo...

Also RIP Gangsta Boo! Iconic Memphis Three 6 Mafia rapper now deceased. Just 43 y/o...

It seems the New Year is off to a pretty bad start in regard to unexpected icons passing, but let us not fret on those who've left! Let us not sully their legacy by wallowing or slowing our steps! Let us take great speed and haste if only we've crept - and go till there's nothing left! Let's go. Let go?
All set.

2023 finna pay all debt.

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