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One More Tuesday Recap & Jamble

Some site-related updates since last y'all: I've updated the PHP version on CDB! Finally. From 7.4 to the latest and greatest.

I had some script-related issues with the upgrade, as I knew I would have, but sorted 'em out quicker than I thought I would. I tried an update years ago and that time things did not work so well, but something must've changed since then. Plugin authors must've done some work on making their plugins compatible, otherwise the scenario's the same...

There was one particularly weird issue with corrupted dates in the library, which I by the way ought probably integrate with the main site someday. All those posts could be in categories and subcategories here instead, and I'd need one less copy of WP to keep safe and up-to-date.

Anyway two post dates were just missing, and causing errors, of which the source was difficult to trace. Finally I figured it out, sorted posts by date to find anomalies, found two of them, updated the dates and all was good! Not sure what changes were made between PHP versions to make this an issue only after the upgrade, I wouldn't have found out without.

And why did those dates corrupt in the first place? Did two posts just never have dates - how would that happen? You can't post a post without.

I had to remove some outdated plugins and functions as well, though nothing you'll notice. Updated a few theme files too...

It's possible additional errors from less commonly used scripts that still rely on deprecated functionality will find their way into the error logs at a later time, but if I haven't had any errors yet they can't be that big an issue. It seems I'm pretty capable of fixing 'em myself if such things do occur, which is cool. Didn't figure I'd be one this proficient in this kind of thing.

Confidence boost +0.4 countermeasures.

On the main site the upgrade was simpler. I had just one function that needed adjusting, and suddenly previously incompatible plugins and dependencies all work again! All updates went well. Security's hopefully tip top again, and as a bonus the site should load faster - performance seems to increase with every new version of PHP too, though I'm not sure I'm actually noticing any difference on the site in that regard...

It's possible the newer versions of WP have been getting a bit more bloated too, and so other long overdue updates cancel out the potential benefits of all the more optimized PHP performance.

It's been a long time since I updated the core at this point. Would've been interesting to compare hardware use before/after.

I'm working on a better cache though, whenever time comes to implement that you should notice a more notable difference.

Right now I basically have no cache. I fear the wrong things get cached. Admin type stuff. But the more I learn the easier it gets to get a grasp on what's what and what's not there.

Aside from PHP I do still have some ongoing jQuery issues. I know the culprit, a stat-related script I use and will need to replace eventually.

For now I simply changed plugins for jQuery migration help in WP, hid the automatic notices on incompatibilities in both front and back-end, and until a future time at which I delve into other plugin alternatives, and remodel the current stats page, this is how it'll have to be...

Maybe I can edit the jQuery code in the plugin itself. It's possible it works just as well with a newer version. Time will tell. Clocks and all.

Otherwise, life-wise? I'm not wise yet but...

I was lifting weights in my room the other day, when suddenly I saw blue lights in the distance. Fetched a pair on binoculars and got to witness some kind of accident first-hand from my window! They had closed down the road a few kilometers off, with five police cars, two firetrucks and at least one ambulance on the scene.

There was a big rig parked on one side of the road, and maintenance vehicles on the other, and a long line of traffic waiting to be let through... and a bunch of people in reflective vests doing a lot of talking.

Nothing happened. They stood there. They talked. The blue lights flashed, the traffic stood still, leaves rustled in the wind... and that was all.

My impatience grew, I resumed computer dues, and forgot to check back and follow the process - next time I looked they were all gone.

We took a walk past the site that night and saw nothing at all. Not a trace. Not a wreck. No broken glass or twisted metal or blood stains on the field or anything. Wonder what that was all about...

Occasionally you do see an emergency vehicle or two speed by in a blue haze from our house - from the upper floor the view around us is pretty much unobstructed, with green fields and lower-level housing around us, but this was definitely the biggest thing I've witnessed thus far.

And it's still a mystery as to what it was! Gosh.

Hey have you ever heard of cow magnets? Courtesy of Tom Scott's newsletter.

This last meal video with Steve-O was surprisingly wholesome too, and enlightening. Worth a watch. Like the Leonardo Da Vinci thing, and happiness, and life and all... dude.

Last week we had some rain and glum weather early on, but the sun is fierce now. Spring in full. Summer soon. This my fuel. I go boom.

I'll be finally/hopefully/very probably taking this year's first flight up to the farm next Tuesday, so maybe no recap then... maybe after.

That's all for this Tuesday y'all. Have a ball.


CyberD Now First On Google For CyberD!

It's almost like a palindrome innit?

CyberD is suddenly showing up first on Google when you search for CyberD! Give it a try. :)

Well at least it was. It seems it's currently showing up #2... but that's still quite the jump since last I searched for it, and it seems other pages on-site have gotten a well due boost too.

My unintentional strife to contribute quality content here must be paying off, since I've been making absolutely zero effort at actually improving my SEO otherwise... which I maybe should. Some day. It could be good.

I do however currently reside on shared servers with a fair use policy that may pose a problem if all too much traffic suddenly starts streaming in. And this isn't the only site I host.

Alas there's a pretty big conflict of interest in how I most certainly do want more visitors, but also don't want to start paying more for hosting, or riddling the site with ads and such if increasing costs become a thing. I'm happy having this but a passion project, but then again if a little extra traffic would also mean a little extra income...

I mean I wouldn't mind making a living off of this. On just blogging, ransacking my mind for thoughts people may find interesting, or ideals and ideas I'd hope the world pick up on, sharing random things on the Internet that catch my eye, money just streaming in en masse as I do...

And I do have skills in the SEO department. I've optimized other sites. Surely I could do the same with my own pretty easily. The site resides on a soon twenty-year old domain and is just bursting with content. Well over ten thousand posts and pages. There's plenty of potential.

You see how easy it is to get carried away though?! I shan't sell my soul. I say a Sea shanty to the demons of the deep sea scantily - may they let me be, let me keep on penning ponderings and mending dreams. And who knows, maybe one day I'll blow up, like one big blas(t)phemy.

For now at least the site shows up when you search it, even without the .ext. ;)

And that is neat indeed.

The Reoccurring Tuesday Recap & Jamble

These are starting to become a tradition allofa sudden huh?

I had a good friend over this weekend, so no Sunday recap this time either. Played frisbee golf all Saturday, and it went surprisingly well despite the sprain! It also rained and rained, but that killed no game, now of course the sun is shining and the house is slowly turning into a sauna, post his visit here... but it was a good play, and time and stay! Namaste!

And Happy Walpurgis y'all! That's tonight.

Been rummaging through more screenshots: There's a bundle more of those on the blog. I'm pretty much all caught up on those now...

And have you heard of Danny Carey? I didn't know him by name until just now, but suddenly he's one of my favourite drummers out there. He plays in Tool. A band you'd best know if you act no fool.

The video that link links to is a treat, and so is every other one that's starting to pop up on my feed now. Beware the algo. But the dude's on beat!

And show's such a joy in his craft. It's contagious.

Here's something about 1971 too. Relationship dynamics really have changed, but the cause may be an unexpected one. It makes sense...

Jungle Keepers? If you want to save the world and have some surplus.

I've more posts to rummage through, and trips are coming soon, so speak more in a few! For now it's time to do things, for Tuesday is all dues. Call it Duesday with a deuce, and be ruthless not obtuse, excuse me I shall move as to be be dutifully truant and not too prudent with my shoes.

Made a blog? I guess I am like Truman but informed. Consuming too much YouTube to be huger than the norm. Consumption's bane and shackle, so rattle and reform, like a snake out of those slivers may you slither and be born. Anew.

Shed some skin for two. Two's day. Huge yay. Woo.

New YouTube Handle

New YouTube Handle


The Rare Tuesday Recap & Jamble

Cause I didn't get around to this on Sunday!

I've been rummaging through old screenshots I'd at some point intended to mention on the blog recently, uploading a bundle, but I'd rather not leave the latest post here one with but an image and caption, it ought be something with substance, like this!

And Happy Belated Earth Day y'all!

That was yesterday.

Also have you ever heard of Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch? Shout-out recent @Little-Rena podcast.

I keep coming back to this, the solo it builds up to is just so... intense. In the best way. It might be a somewhat simple performance otherwise but I love this band! If you like other bands maybe you'd also enjoy a clip of Weezer performing "Africa" with Weird Al Yankovic. The latter does a pretty cool I was about to say acapella solo but ehh... accordion, that's it.

Ought mention the blog here's up at 100 tags - hey! Recently passed 400,000 words on pages, and is closing in on two million words in posts... quite the number. I'm contributing. I'm getting there. I'll add a few words to this sentence while I'm at it.

Been having some issues with Yahoo's email lately - I use mostly Gmail but have an account with Yahoo for work/particular correspondence.

Sometimes you just can't reach their server! Won't load. I really hope they fix this. It's a good reminder that everything that's free is free, and you can't take it for granted, cause somewhere someone does have to make some kind of profit to maintain it.

They may do so by selling data. They may do so by offering a premium version of the service. They may do so by more unconventional means.

I wonder how Yahoo does it, they're not quite the imperium they were in their heyday, they seem to be borrowing Bing for their searches, their service pages are riddled with affiliate links to other companies, they went woke apparently, no joke, but I hope they are selling something...

Also have some Jaw Harp Techno, here's Eminem rapping the GTA SA title track (AI), and two bad-ass concerts.

Have you stumbled upon any Harry Mac and Marc Rebillet collabs yet?
You should.

That's all for now y'all. My foot's almost normal by now, my cold's hopefully gone by Friday, and I am catching up! Don't miss that recent battle rap brawler either, it got a daily trophy too. :)

Ciao later. I'm moving through my Tues.

The Flash Forward Battle Rap Scrap

Kwing VS Cyberdevil!

What blog category does this fit into hmm? Might need to make a new one for games and animation and what-not, for forms in which mediums and classifications combine...

The game's out anyhow!

The one I've worked with @Kwing on for a good 2-3 months this Spring, up till this Wednesday night. Stressful days and plights.

If you like mindless brawlers or battle raps, or the longevity and awesomeness and unlikely continued preservation of that one medium we know as Flash you can give it a play here. It's a contender in the Flash Forward Jam this year. Though I don't expect it to be in the finals there it's fun to see it included; it was a fun project to work on too.

Had planned a few more features personally, a few more medals, a bit more detail with the animations too, but they really take considerably more time than you might expect them to - especially if you go overboard with shadows and non-duplicating artifacts and effects, as I tend to do, and should probably start considering not doing when the focus may be more so motion and mechanics than visual style...

I ponder also if including a somewhat battle-irrelevant Slalomancers ad right after the victory screen really works in favor of moving this thing up the rankings, but we shall see huh. It's a cool game too, I tried it out during the dev phase. It didn't sell too well post the two year development span it took to make it unfortunately, as you may be aware have you heard the verses by this here observer wordsmith... hope it does in time.

I'm thinking if time allows I might attempt to tweak this game a bit further sometime too, and add in all the additional - but not really necessary - stuff it would've been cool to have had in here already. Toggleable difficulty levels come to mind also, which wouldn't be impossible to add in even without additional code... and jumps - we omitted those last minute.

I've learned quite a bit during the development process of this project.

For the first couple weeks we had time for mutual code development calls and breakdowns too, which was enlightening, Kwing's a good teacher. Towards the end of the WIP cycle there wasn't time to spare on even communication sometimes, been a hectic last few weeks...

But we managed; the game is out today! Link here. Playable for all who'd like to, and hearable too here for all who'd like to hear a mic feud. #psyched dude.

Props @Kwing on bringing me into this thing! And into the unconventional art of battle rap with it, which I've contemplated trying with others, but never expected to run into the realm of along with a pro like so...

It's quite the show.

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