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6000 Posts!

6000 Posts!

6,000 posts! And over 1,000,000 words within that same amount! It's pretty impressive, isn't it? I like to think there's some pretty good content hiding behind these mounds of randomness too. Wasn't too long ago I hit the last thousand, and maybe it won't be that long before the next one either. Or maybe it will be. Only I will tell, in time, if time will allow me to.

I have plans. Big plans. Plans so big I tend to stall, but today is not one of those days! Today's a day of celebration! Of common sense and accomplishments, and anything else you'd like to alight to at this particular time. We fly like Spearow, onto the next triple zero.

Here's to the next thousand.

Inktober 2015

Nope, nothing this year. What you think?

Here's the earliest one. Have fun.

5000 Posts!

Well, utmost (equivalent of almost when slightly over than below said goal?)!

It's up at 5,024 at the time of writing. Over 850,000 words posted. A boatload of lively causeries! So... a lifeboat of causeries? :P I'm all about playdope today. Word. (playing with the Play Doh word... Playdohboy)

Just before last summer I reached 4000, so at this pace next milestone shouldn't be too far away! Here's to another grand stretch of wild writing and blogging adventures! But more important than amounts: here's to staying creative. Cheers.

1,000,000 Words...

...have been posted on this blog up to this date!!

Here's to a decade with a million more! ;) All crammed with meaning and inspirational massage.

4000 Posts

4000!! YEAH!!!

This, is post 4000. It's been three years since I hit the last mark, but the next shouldn't be that far away! Mainly because I have plenty of older content lying around unposted or elsewhere, and in the wake of this achievement I'm feeling pretty hopeful about doing something about that. Plus I'm on a roll this year.

In total the site averages 400 posts/year, more than one blog per day! Not a bad average! In 2008 I didn't even post 200, and 2004 doesn't really count as the blog part of the site didn't even exist. This year however I'm past 500 already, making this the potentially most active year thus far!

Some blogs aren't really blogs at all, but it's all valid content one way or another, and it feels a number like this merits a post of its own! I stopped celebrating hundreds a long time ago, but how many blogs even surpass three digits worth of content? How many bloggers even care about quantity more than quality (though I try not to: I do like writing anyway)? ;)

Here's to the next millennial stretch!

200 Episode Summaries!

200 Episode Summaries

Woo! Yeah! Finally! Two-hundred episode summaries! Oh yeah! Wahoo! Woohah! Just a post of encouragement here, for my eyes mostly, if the message doesn't thrill you enough feel free to ignore it. ;) This is a piece of digital cake for me; here's to another hundred! Banzai!

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