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Musicalish #280

Real rap's coming back! :D This one's for Dax, but let's start with some...


How To Make An Apple Pie From Scratch

That must be one superbly delicious pie.

Musicalish #279

King Los put out a mixtape recently! Have a listen.


Musicalish #278

Final catch-up dose from the summer season and just cause we got 'em a whole lotta autumn! Thought I'd start this one on the theme of (but don't miss Logic's Wu Tang collabo further below, among some strong others):


Musicalish #277

And another dose! It's a real mix in this one. Real brew. All flavors.


Musicalish #276

Time to finally catch up with all that music I missed this summer! All in a few massive doses of dope hits (and unknown bits) and footage. For you tuned ins: view this if the shoe fits.


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