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Musicalish #293

El Diablo. Full album... almost. Late but better than never, here we go...


Musicalish #292

Still quarantine edition? I guess it is! Have at it.


Musicalish #291

More music? More quarantine edition. Though just a hundred this time.



One last time, and none better than now when spring's finally strolling in...

The Secret History Of The Moon

A bit closer, a bit further away. Like our little guardian angel, keeping us safe... and now NASA want to build a moonbase.

I really wonder about the implications our actions will have on life as we know it. If our strife to journey off into space and find a new home will be the death of our current one. There's so much we've yet to learn, and yet we're taking steps maybe we shouldn't take before we do.

A Day With Wim, 1998

This dude's just fascinating. The tale of someone who really overcame tragedy; found a new path. A real role model.

Just started following his guided breathing exercise here too. It's good stuff! Give it a chance if you can, and don't stress about the pace, you don't need to exhale completely. Get into the rhythm. Focus. Feel at peace.

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