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Richie Jackson

Sometimes I just really really want to learn how to skateboard.

Also this. Also. Not this though. Also.

Life Beyond...

It's just the first chapter too. Is the next one for us to discover in the life ahead, or for us to wait on melodysheep to show us? Or on another plane actually contribute to the continuation of. Part of this really has part of me aspiring to be a scientist; play a part in the unraveling of all these universal secrets that are just waiting to be uncovered...

The universe is a pretty awesome place to live in innit.

Giant Robot On eBay Again

The first attempt didn't work out! Hope this time they got some serious buyers... apparently it's sold again.

Sam's Philosophy For A Happy Life

Apparently he died just a week after this talk! Hope he's in a better place now, or has a body in his next life that'll let him actualize all of those dreams he never did reach. RIP.

What an inspiring outlook though. Don't take anything for granted. Live life to the fullest. Every day.

Timelapse Of The Future

Just a little something to lend a little perspective...

Giant Robot On eBay Starting At $1

It's not at $1 any longer but still... this is pretty cool! Auction link.

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