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If anyone happened to miss this a page back... in these dark and dystopian times we could all use a little of this. Or this. But mostly this.

The Corona Solution

Was honestly feeling like media might be blowing this way out of proportion till they showed those death calculation numbers... a doubt creeps in that maybe we've really been doing an incredible job at containing this thus far. Think of this like driving on the sidewalk y'all.

Flatten the curb.


Sometimes I just really wish I was Ukrainian.

After The Fires

For Australians by Australians. Poor Australians bye Australians. Hottest country in the world right now. Politicians? Fire Australians. Been following Honest Government Ads for like five years now to the point it almost feels like I'm Australian.

I'll never tire; it seems they'll never expire/die down. Happy they're a part of this and not just martyrs this is the change to preach the quire now.

Environmental change is a high-pitch sound. Some people don't seem to hear the frequency. Some people have the money to build motes around them and shit on the wokest townsmen and sleep peacefully.

But if enough people try to live decently, there's no way they can keep these sheep beached in while they feast like kings and seek evil deeds to somehow fill their pockets with a piece or ten. World leaders? Deceivers. Beasts of men.

If we just leave 'em maybe they'll weaken and we can breath again.

Michael Davis

Juggling a bit too many tasks lately, but it's OK! So does this guy.

Bubble Magic

Never knew magic like this existed! To think I've just been living in my bubble all this time...

He's still going too. With fog instead of nicotine now.

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