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On Oppression

Can you embed videos so they start at a particular point? Let's see now.

If it doesn't work feel free to jump to the 45 second mark here.

Friday Night Funkin' Kickstarterrr

Two days in and already ten times past the goal! And at the time of actually posting this two weeks later... 30x. O_O

This is craaaaaaazy. They keep surprising. Surpassing any and all expectations I might have of this game. And just the other day it crashed NG. Feels like maybe I oughta actually give it a play soon...

Check out the Kickstarter here.

And if you like me have a hard time truly wrapping your head around how massive attention this game is really getting, check this.

For a while they were almost more popular than YT.

Who Do You Trust To Make...

Who do you trust to make your money?
The politicians or the engineers?

On cryptocurrency. Mark Cuban paraphrasing unknown source here.

When they say it like that, hmm...

You Gotta Know The Power...

You gotta know the power of your quiet.

Downfalls High (2021)

Downfalls High (2021)

Was hoping this would be a full movie (saw the trailers before there was an IMDB page or duration for it), but it feels more like a collection of songs from the album tied together with a somewhat make-shift plot, than a story in its own regard. The moments from the trailer without music are some of the only moments of that kind, and the acting's not all perfect but... the music does help. It's a journey, real 'movie' or no.

I feel like this had potential to be so much more though. To be both a real movie and a real music video. Where the songs fit better in. Where they give things time and don't have the bits of acting more like skits between the tracks, but the tracks the occasional bits that really amplify the plot. Where they showcase the main character more so than MGK. Or have him act main character if he really wants to be the showcase.

In the end he and Travis are everywhere, and the actual story falls short. Gets sidelined. Comes second.

And I really wish he'd had a crowd at the end there. Depressing end or no. It's art. Simplified or no. Van Gogh or mo. All I know is I don't know nothing.

This hybrid album/movie thing can be seen for free here btw.

And hey, first 2021 movie review right here.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Musicalish #297

How about some Gorillaz again? With a dose in particular from their to me most memorable album of pre-millennium times. If they had any others.

I don't know about you but these guys always get me in a better mood. Somehow they make angst and melancholy all melodic and... somewhat soothing after all. And around this time I could use a round of this kind.

Ride through, the old and the new, the bold and the few, ride on...

Read on...

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