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01 - Trial Run - Syndicate Warehouse (2)

01 - Trial Run - Syndicate Warehouse

00 - Combat Training - Module 1-A

Day I Do The Essay

It's getting done. Even had time to record something. ;)

It's A Rainy Day

So yeah, I'm writing an essay again. When there's rain there's a rhyme! :)

Steve Terada

Ever heard of this guy? Me neither, well I hadn't, but then I was browsing videos on YouTube and I stumbled upon this. Wow. I Googled him and found the official website, on which he has a list of things he's won, 10x champion in US Martial Arts Open, hundreds of other awards, damn, damn, damn. Seems like someone to keep an eye out for, if not for other reasons then just to gain some inspirations when times are dark and bleak some week. ;)

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