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Week 52 - Last Week

It's the final week!

Soon 2013 will be over, and it is yet again time to sum up the events of the year (wait... have I actually never done that before? It's about time then!) and see how many resolutions I was able to keep. I'm not really looking forward to looking back at them resolutions considering I have this bad habit of planning too much (they're not promises - they're plans)... but at least I didn't forget all about what I had planned until at least mid-year... I think. Next year sure is going to be awesome! :)

Until New Year though, there's still plenty I'd like to accomplish. I've been doing some site maintenance today, going through all posts from 2005 (the grand 10 year anniversary of the site is closing in so I'm hoping to prepare something!), added a Motherload link to the games page, added /sleepwalker.html">this old animation, and fixed the linkdump. It's still locked, but at least now you can view the links again! Though spam bots really turned it into a big dump during the latter years...

I had to switch out my old Flash Embedding plugin (I've used Kimli Embed earlier) a couple of days back, so I did some research and I found this. As minimal as it gets! But, since it uses a new shortcode I've thus had to change the embed info for all Flash entries, my entire MP series (a hundred entries!) and then some. They might not all work yet, but I'll take time to revise those later on, still have the entire Flash section to refurbish anyway... with a couple of other hundred entry series. :O Man there's a lot of stuff left. But baby steps are better than no steps, amirite?

The about page has been updated too, though it's a bit temporary, and I created a new category for any pages that might get removed or swapped out in the future. That might be interesting to look back at in a few decades. :) So that's at least one page down, eight hundred to go... well nah, I don't know about 800, but it's a lot! I am glad I'm finally making a move though, tis been too long since I did anything other than blog and tweak the CSS.

Speaking of CSS, I did plenty of that yesterday. You are now viewing an early preview of the 2014 theme! Changes include style of headers, the green and red layout element gradients, that search bar to the top right, less comment form clutter, support for rotating banner images on some sections of the site and sidebars that now support image links without them getting distorted at leasts. Also working on making the site a bit more responsive on lower resolutions, but that's a big WIP. And I'm getting somewhere with the new, expanded design of this site too!

I used to have a 'Cyber' category for updates like this... was that better? Not sure if posts about the site are about my life or not, and they're not really 'tech' either. I've been thinking about the categories I use and how it's probably some kind of stupid four-letter OCD idea the way they turned out. Tech used to be Digital, and before that it was Computers/Internet (split). Code was going to be for Code Snippets but turned into posts about design as well, but now that there's the Devblog I'm not sure what content to post in which one. Play used to be Gaming. Life used to be Blog a while, after it was Life, until all four Blog categories went to the blog and the rest of them stayed outside... and plenty of posts are still wrongly sorted within the parent Blog category...

But I don't really need these categories, do I? I've been thinking of using tags to filter content forms instead of categories (I already to that for certain types, like rhymes) and just keep the blog Blog, but I should go through old posts first, not do anything hasty like I always do when I want to make some big changes! Maybe I'm overthinking this? :P

It's been a good week though, I got a bunch of fun things for Christmas, like a radio-controlled Helicopter (Nano model, the smallest there is!) that's actually not too difficult to steer, clothes, sweets n chips n stuff, comics, a Bongo/Djembe drum (I get too clhoose) amongst other things. And I wasn't just getting, my presented parcels took over three hours to wrap up, and I didn't even have time to add any ribbons. We stayed up till past midnight opening presents, spent some time with the family the day after, finished my piece for the Christmas Collab... finally... and I'm working on an interface for the annual BBS Awards right now, amongst movies. Deja vu btw, I've already posted about some of this. Conclusively: it's been a good week, and I just posted a batch of movie reviews so check those out.

And btw, check out one more thing that I got for Christmas. Thank you Elitistinen!

Here's last week.

Week 51 - Second To Last!

Man these weeks roll out fast, I'm leaning back to relax, I've got my feet on the dash, I'll go to sleep in a flash. It's 23 and a half, I see the screen like a lapse, time passes geez then it's passed, which it could freeze in its tracks, this week's complete and that's that.

Week 50 - Movies

It's been a good week!

Apparently I made the cut for that commercial I spoke about earlier, which should be airing soon; might be popping up around YT as I write this (though only locally - I doubt you international majority viewers will see any Swedish cellphone commercials on your side of the world), which is awesome! Getting the first job you apply for probably isn't the norm either. :P It filled up my bank account just in time, with funds finally reaching null after steady decline.

I'll be studying a third Creative Writing course next semester (alongside potential work), I've been playing around with 'something else' and 'nothing special' and will probably have both of those done tomorrow (it's really something else... nothing special!), I signed up for the yearly Christmas Collab at NG, sent in a custom card for the holiday-specific card exchange, spent a day shopping presents with a buddy and I've been watching a buncha movies. I'm all caught up on anime, NG, and I wish I could say the same for this site but at least I posted a ton of reviews today. And before that: created shortcodes for all future review ratings. Now, instead of typing in:

<span class="rated1">1/5</span>

I can just type in rated1, with brackets, and WP will transform it to the above. :) There's also the added benefit that I'll be able to change the appearance of all ratings in one swoop instead of having to go through them one by one, or by doing a database search... as I will to change all existing ratings after this. Shortcodes are way better than just custom CSS styling for simple containers, I'll probably be using them for all kinds of content blocks this next year. Probably to create all kinds of new content blocks I'll soon realize I don't actually need and later remove, but until that day I'm hyped up about this newly discovered feature!

I'm trying to get some work done on the layout as well, hoping but not really expecting to have the renovation done before the new year arrives. There's so much stuff to go through.

Speaking of stuff to go through, I started this month by throwing together a BAT file for advent calenders , just like I did last year. For the first week or so I checked all of them every day, for the second week mostly every day, this week... mostly not at all. It feels time is a lacking and this is just a waste of time. If I win something it wouldn't be, but since I still haven't won anything (not last year either) I'm loosing motivation a bit.

It's a bit late, but here's this years list of links. Just click the .BAT and they'll all open up in your browser, preferably when your browser is already open or they might all open up in new windows rather than tabs. You can also right click and 'edit' the file to see there's nothing fishy going on, it's just a list of links.

So... elsewise? GOG just started their winter sale and as usual they're using their unorthodix business models to lure me in and make me buy a ton of games. Fortunately it looks like I've already bought most of them. :)

Collected Bullfrog Classics

I was made aware of Wifog too, a brand new Swedish service provider offering an alloted amount of free calls/messages every month as well as unlimited surf as long as you watch a minute-long ad every two hours or 100 megabytes. So basically, an ad-financed cellphone subscription, for free. Sound good? I thought so too, so of course I ordered a card.

Thank You For Your Order!

I'm not much for cellphones, but for the rare occasions when I might need one this seems perfect. It's now 23:23 so this seems like the right place to end this post. Hope the next one will be just as full of only good news! Here's last week.

Week 49 - Östersund & Back

Only three weeks left now! Time flies.

I spent the past weekend up North, visiting my brother in Östersund for some early Christmas celebration and company. We visited an old friend, watched a Badminton tournament, sped on sleds down a slope, ate good food and walked around in a wintery world before returning to the dry yet all but deserted Stockholm.

I did have a pretty efficient start of the week too, and after that time just... flew.

That is all.

Kinda boring blog huh? Somehow I'm feeling less and less inclined to write these weekly summaries, with less and less to speak about... even though there's more and more going on, but I'll keep at it until the end of the year at least! December is something else.

Here's last week.

Week 48 – Fast Week

Nah, I haven't been fasting. I've been feeding off life; enjoying all but a surplus of time. The potential surplus has been spent playing Max Payne 3, and then some Serious Sam 3, and as soon as I'm done posting this I'm going back to the latter to hopefully complete the final levels before the day reaches its end (a prime example of time optimism).

Tomorrow is the final day to send in a greeting card for this years NG Christmas Card Exchange, so that'll be consuming my early morning hours, along with an hour of work at a neighborly residence, with rehabilitation. Surprise! Looks like that University course in 'aging properly' may come in handy? :P

It's been a busy week even without the games though, not sure why because I have had no job (I have been searching a few), I haven't done any recording (I have been writing a few), I haven't made any Flash (well actually I just finished a compilation of old abandoned Flash for a collab, so there's something), and I haven't worked that much on my site either. Where is all this potential time running off to?!

Ah well, next week will be a pinnacle of efficiency. We're going to Östersund on Friday so it must be, so much to do before then. I spent this morning going through Christmas calenders, compiling a list for a .bat file I'll be running every morning until the 24th. Entering a vast amount of contests and giveaways is one way of making a living. :) Here's last week.

Week 47 – Winter Looms, Time Flies, Gray Skies

This week's been a good week!

I've worked on websites, spent time with buddies, taken one particularly long walk between Bro and Jakobsberg (15 km on a map... probably more by foot), eaten a heap of particularly delicious salad (complete with arugula, lettuce, beans, peas, cottage cheese, shrimp, jumbo shrimp, suriname, corn, red onion, cucumber, avocado, olives, dried tomatoes, fala fell... and I'm probably forgetting something) at a small homely restaurant in Upplands Väsby, been to a colossally crowded shop premiere at ditto, played a ton of Dominion, watched Skyfall a second time (still great!), watched The Best Movie Ever Sold (name, not opinion... though it was good), worked on websites (yeah I know I said that already), engaged in a particularly passionate debate over at NG on the topic of censorship and... well, that's the weekly activity stream. I'm also supposed to have searched for a job and finished an entry for a collab but at the moment I'm lagging behind a bit...

Impulsive ntermission notice on a rather meaningless (for anyone not involved in said censorship debate) politically correct artwork with interconnected inspiring speech.

I've also been digging into WordPress plugins and after a failed upgrade on the Download Script I've been using for this site I'm looking around for a replacement. Hope to get that done tonight so I can start re-linking all broken file downloads... just started using WordPress stats for myself btw, and it's striking how little visitors are streaming in. I should probably do some marketing for this place huh? Just need to fix it up first... which is pretty much what I've been doing/saying for a couple of years now. :) Oh, and today is the last week of a month-long diet! I'm still going to keep some habits, but as of tomorrow morning: everything is edible!

Here's last week.

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