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Week 46 – Commercial, Doom, GOG & Dead Meat

Deat Meat has been funded! Woot! Feels almost like it's a personal accomplishment... but I really can't take credit for it. My contribution was with the lowest of ranks. The GOG insomnia sale might have something to do with it. It's still going strong, though at a much slower pace now. I bought about 20 games (yeah, too much... I KNOW!). Haven't played any of them yet, or any of the other games I've been buying at previous GOG weekend sales, but I have been playing something! Doom.

With the Brutal Doom mod enabled and the GZDoom port I've worked my way through the first game once more (even the Wicked), and I'm on my way through the final levels of Doom 2... and seeing as I'm still playing it, this mod must be adding quite a bit of replay value to the original game. I'm thinking I'll be updating the Doom page soon, I need to add a link to this wonderful mod at least!

It's strange how I used to think Doom was pretty brutal, but compared to newer games like Postal, God of War, etc, it's actually really tame. What it does have that many newer more brutal games don't, is desperation. Hoards of enemies. Corners. Dark hallways. Traps (tricks and traps is a favorite), and complex level layouts. Occasionally there's even some scenery worth looking at, but for the latter part newer games greatly outshine this initiator. Hmm, better not start praising my favorite game too much or It'll take forever...

How's the week been otherwise? It started efficiently, but soon efficiency levels plummeted. I think I had a cold on route, but I battled it along with demons in Doom, and battled my nerves to film that commercial, and I'm battling my will to just go sleep right now so I'll get this post posted on a Sunday for once... more. I'm still dieting and feeling groovy, no sugar, no milk; no wheat, and since I've made it three weeks I might as well keep going for the next one and make it a full month. Then get me a pack of fries and a juicy fish burger! MMMMMMMMMMMmmm... or not. Not good. Well maybe a burger would be OK. I'll see you next week! Here's last.

Week 45 – My Lost Hours

I spent half of the week working on a friends site, the other half listening to the newly released MMLP 2. Great album. Not great as the original, but great as in I-wasn't-expecting-the-next-Eminem-album-to-be-out-so-soon kind of way, and I definitely wasn't expecting it to contain 102 minutes of crazy samples and lamented lyricism! Yeah he's back. I'm actually listening to that right now, so pardon me if these lines are somehow intertwined with my focus on the music. It's hard to write and listen to hophip at the same time, especially if you're trying to hear the words...

Between transferring files, translating similes, configuring and composing and speakers blasting I've been... hmm, well that's basically it. Father's Day was yesterday, so we celebrated that with exclusive sardine conserves and cake, and a card. I made a thing for NG, played a part in this greatness, have been submitting old art in batches, going through old files at the same time (it never ends!), and if you haven't heard this check that out! It's a collaborative audio effort with great producer and buddy Jabun. I think it's about time I renovate the music section on-site too, good things are going on....

I've kept going with my super-healthy no milk/sugar/wheat diet, and it's actually going pretty well! I feel good. I haven't dropped ten kilos or anything (not that that's a matter of great weight), but considering I sit by the computer all day that's no surprise. Maybe I'll give it one more week too. So that about sums up all weekly events... all that're interesting anyway, I'll see you last week two weeks from now! Last week last week.

Also here's something randomly inspiring...


Week 44 - Halloween Passed Fast

Halloween passed way too fast, it just flew fast, it blew past. I've had post-it notes strewn around the room with to-do lists yet my percentual achievement rate is low. Probably because I set too high goals. It's not realistic to achieve a weeks worth of accomplishments in a single day... though I keep wanting to! That's why I occasionally just give up and... I watched Bounty Killers (2013) yesterday, great movie! The day before that I watched Fearless (1993), another great movie. I'd planned on seeing the 2006 version with Jet Li but somehow I ended up with this version and it was... better than I'd expected! It also contained the most elaborately filmed plane crash I've ever seen. Review(s) coming soon btw.

The Halloween party didn't happen :/... but that was last week. This week, on the 31st, the Halloween Collab I was a part of should've been compiled and submitted but... that didn't happen either. Flash trouble. I wasn't the compiler, but in this crisis I was asked for guidance in completing compilation of the submissions, so I hastily tried installing Flash on my gaming rig (the only one powerful enough to handle fla files over 400MB) but it just wouldn't work! Drivers? Or what about... drivers? What else could it be? I have no idea what the matter is/was since the system specs certainly aren't a problem, and the file opens fine on my other computer. I looked online, but online support for Flash has always been scarce and not very helpful... and nobody else had the skills or hardware to pull off any compiling either, so even now that the week is at an end it looks like this project is unfortunately still on hold. Possibilities to convert the individual files to video and then embed them, or include them through an external file, or to use MCs instead of scenes... all these theories are being juggled around but not much is happening. But as I say (inspired by the exact same saying of someone else), you never fail until you stop trying!

Anyway, a few hours before midnight on the day in question (also my sister's birthday, so Happy Birthday Maud!) I tried at least throwing together something quick for the Spooctacular contest, but I didn't quite manage the deadline so... I'll keep the game details for myself and save the unfinished project for next year. I am working on another Flash project I plan on finishing today, though, it's not all failure and disappointment. It's also the application of joint ointment. Hmm. Moving on...

Apart from this Flashy Halloween biz I've played some Advance Wars, attained some medals, written some lyrics, eagerly awaited the time my buddy Jabun would finish the Cyberdevil's Back track we've (well mostly he has) been working on the past couple of weeks (should be up soon!), took some walks, played games with a cousin for one day, played Trackmania 2 with that same cousin half of another day, celebrated my sister's birthday with cake I (for the first time ever) never tasted or ate! :O Oh yeah, the sugar/milk/wheat-free diet is going better than planned, and I feel good, so I think I'll expand this experiment with yet another week.

The first couple of days I almost panicked, I couldn't eat ketchup! No mayonnaise! No bread for breakfast! No jam! No juice! No cheese! After a while I came to the realization that there are still plenty of edible items, and I just needed to change my habits a little. There's been a lot of fish, fried eggs, great salads and plenty of potatoes. Good food. I've been tempted but I pulled through! And I didn't really need an unnaturally strong willpower... I don't even crave any ice cream right now. For real. I could do with some chips but fortunately there aren't any of those in the house... seems like I've always been more for salt snacks than sweet ones. Go nuts.

I attempted to whip up some home-made mayonnaise yesterday, sugar-free (unless you want to store it for a long time there's really no need for sugar), and it was easier than I expected. Just whip up an egg yolk with a couple of deciliters oil + spices. That's it! Unfortunately I chose olive oil as the main ingredient, and olive oil should not be used for mayonnaise. It tastes like... shit. But you never learn if you don't try right? The next batch will be better. Here's last week.

Week 43 - Halloween! Almost...

I was supposed to attend a traditional yearly Halloween party arranged by buddy Bear this Friday, but diffuse health issues came in the way. They come and go, and for the past month I have been wondering if I really am having any issues or if it's all in my head... but occasionally proof presents itself in more definite symptoms than just occasional nausea, lack of appetite and a eh... troubled digestive system. Like yesterday, when we were invited to a cousin for lunch. The platter was served with a small portion of fish and fries - and lots of salad. I love fish, and fries even more so, but I made an attempt to limit my portion, eating just half a plate of this delicious dish. Apparently however that was more than enough to make my stomach rebel and have me abstain from any desert or other food the rest of the day or morning after (excluding a tiny slice of apple pie... that went down OK). The after-effects presented themselves yesterday as more than just a little uneasiness, and this morning in a thorough cleansing... almost as if it'd been food poisoning. Though I wasn't happy about it at the time, skipping that Halloween party seems like the right choice after all! I'm thinking this is either gastritis or some temporary bacteria I need to flush out, so... what to do?

I'm starting an experiment tomorrow, attempting a diet completely without wheat, milk or sugar for a full week... and I'm phasing into this new diet today. Breakfast isn't quite as fun as usual but if this makes me feel better it's definitely worth it. If it doesn't, I can at least exclude these commonly allergy-inducing ingredients as not being the culprits in this sinister plot to mock my health (I mean, I eat healthier than most people, so why am I a victim of stuff like this?!). How did this all start? Well, it seems to have begun on this one fateful day when I ventured into the city, watched a movie and ate a pizza. Might have been the pizza. A life without pizza?! :O That'd be the ultimate sacrifice. On second thought it's probably not the pizza, it could be anything. Anyway...

Apart from worrying about all this shizzle I've been working on a couple of animations for a couple of collaborations over at NG, ordered some new apparel for the winter, coded a preloader I'm mighty proud of but can't reveal until the collaboration it'll be used in has been posted, working on a final animational Halloween concept today, recording a bit, writing a bit, walking a bit; working a bit. Also watched a couple of movies I might post reviews for when time allows. I took three long walks/jogs on Friday, as if I'd been struck by the sudden realization that exercise = health. YEAH! WALK! JOG! RUN! GET OUT OF HERE! Or stay, if you like... your choice. Here's last week.

Week 42 - Closed Windows

I'm a bit late in posting, we had the windows open, now they're closed you know because the wind it blows in. Heck of ventilation, it vents it way in, the breeze it sweeps up dust geese and they spin. Up in the air, everywhere they fare, everywhere is fair share, they were here and there now they're scarce. Now the house is tidy, so I add a smiley. :) I have all I need, I feel fine - life's nice and shiny. Though it can be a hybrid, goes from pristine to shitstream quick as the flick of a wrist, and it seems: like there's no avoiding the lows, no no, but now I'm back up so you know I'm on a roll, posting old movie reviews and a late post for week 42, and so, last weeks post's below.

Week 41 - Open Windows

I already posted about the window change. I even wrote a song about it... which I haven't posted. But, for those of you who somehow missed the post below this post (unless you are reading this as a separate post, in an unforeseeable future where these posts are no longer so easily interlinked, in which case such an occurrence is easy to understand)... we changed our windows.

For the most part of this week, the double bed in the guest room was leaned against the wall, all plants piled up on the dining room table, bedroom sofas and tables placed upon the beds, my carpet rolled around the bed, everything covered in dust, tools strewn around along with boxes full of material, garbage bags and fragments of old paint and wool fiber. Such is not the case any longer! The house is being thoroughly vacuumed for the first time in years, curtains are being put back up, along with their holders, paintings, carpets, furniture and other material possessions that have been temporarily strewn around desks and tables. It's been an interesting set of days. It's also been made clear we have too much junk... or that the house is too small.

I woke up before seven each day, and though I was incredibly tired for a while, I imagined I had eventually set myself into this routine... until Saturday. Ugh. I woke up after eight (like the candy) and was stumbling around the house with burning eyes all day, until I stumbled back into bed and fell asleep by ten... and woke up after eight again. Lost sleep amounting to long weekend rest? Whatever it is, it's the right time for it. It's Sunday! Woo, yeah. The one day when tasks can be accomplished without any overlying pressure.

I'm competing in a couple of photo competitions, looking around for free stuff, wondering how I'm going to get rid of a couple of bags full of VHS tapes (nobody wants VHS anymore, not even second-hand stores) and working on a preloader for a Halloween Collab. When that's done, I can start working on my entry for the collab! It's going to be fun... but I'm kinda leaning towards just letting that project rest a while until I make my way through Adventure Story. Heed warning if you click that link though, noble visitor, it is addicting!

As far as music ventures are concerned, I've been writing a bit, but not recording anythingo. Not this week. Next one, maybe. I watched a couple of movies and will post a couple of reviews. Hmm, there's not much more to tell so I'll bid thee farewell... for now, and here's last week. Have a good remaining weekend!

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