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Week 46 - This Week

Whilst whimfully tweaking the site typography this week, I ended up changing the logo, the menu, the text size, spacing and padding and various chunks of the layout to match the text, along with one new poem in the poem showcase and two new tracks on the music page. Small changes in the bigger picture, I know, but the first noticeable changes here in a while, apart from regular writing, so I just thought I'd point that out. Work behind the scenes on the at times seemingly eternal renovation process are still moving along...

I applied for a new job this week! Out of nowhere an opportunity presented itself, I called in, and I'll be called on early next week for an interview/meeting type of conference. As tomorrow is in fact a potential early part of the week, and the initial exhilaration's faded, I am growing a bit nervous. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Well, what doesn't kill you or put you in a coma (early RIP Schumacher), but hopefully this meeting will not result in such a fatal outcome.

What morbid thoughts spiral into my mind all of a sudden! Why worry when you are, in fact, in as much risk of incurring a random injury simply standing outside your door as you are on the other side of it: inside your house. The world is a vast and dangerous place and you should all live your day as if it was your last! Because it might be. But don't stress, because too much stress can drastically decrease your estimated life span.

Enough conflicting wisdom tidbits and pondering of life! The week has passed by without major incident. I helped a friend's friend pack for a move, I've learned how to completely back up an Outlook email account (just install Windows Live Mail and connect, wait for it to sync, export all files in 'Live Mail' format, which perfectly preserves folder structure as actual directory structure and stores emails as .eml files, which can be opened with either browser, or a program of your choice), I've attained a light for my bike when I ride nights, I've worked twice, worked sites, surfed quite, spent a day playing tabletop games with a couple buddies yesterday and I caught the creator of all Sinnoh the night before yesternight. In Pokemon. Diamond. Also hexalist update.

I've posted 6 movie reviews, Music, Doom WAD Ideas, about Nintendo WIFI, NG, days, writing technicalities, GOG's big sale, the perfect paragraph, a long overdue Moto Racer 2 review and Obama... and that about sums up any of the noteworthy events of days past! Check here for the less noteworthy, and then there's last week.


Week 45 - A Normal Week

Last night I was staring at the screen for maybe two hours trying to keep myself from bidding on a GBA Advance with 22 games, of which six were Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon LeafGreen, Pokemon Sapphire, Shining Soul and Breath of Fire 2. Also Pokemon Red, Silver and Trading Card Game for GBC.

I have none of those except for Pokemon Sapphire and a broken Pokemon Silver (I do have a surplus of other Pokemon games), so being the genetic collector I inevitably am my mind was screaming at me to buy it, even though I don't need it, even though I've actually been pondering selling older games I've recently realized - with the temptations of newer consoles remakes and better releases - I'll probably never play. The minutes ticked by, my hand writhing above that Enter button, but I finally whisked away my collectors torment with a sudden whim of willpower, closed the tab and didn't buy it. Hurrah!

That said, I have been bidding on a few other things. Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon cards...

And so I got into Pokemon again.

I erased someone's incredibly high-level save on a second-hand Pokemon Diamond game I'd bought, spent 21 pokeballs, 2 great balls and finally one dusk ball attempting to catch a lv12 Murkrow, amongst other things, and am so far 84 indexed critters, 4 badges and 2 traded monsters that won't listen to me into that game. Murkrow is hella hard to catch! And so is Chansey. But I did get them both. All the others pokedudes seem way easier than I remember.

I was just recently - after tinkering with my routers usually off-turned wifi - about to test the online features of the game and trade around the globe, but realized much to my dismay that Nintendo has, as of May this year, ended WIFI support for all games on the NDS. More than a third of the games supporting such features are Pokemon games, and the last one of these (14) Pokemon games was released in 2011!! That's barely two years of access before Nintendo pulled the plug. Either Nintendo's financial situation isn't too great, or it's a deliberate marketing move to migrate users to their newer consoles, and considering their low sales I'm opting for the latter. I'm sure plenty of voluntary parties would've been willing to carry on the WIFI service for them had they asked. Bad service.

In other news: I'm getting hyped about the soon-to-be-released Shady Records XVI (hope that's the right number), with both a trailer and cartoon (NSFW!) this week. Speaking movies, I've been meaning to watch some F.W. Murnau, Fritz Lang and George Melies. How about movie reviews dated 1920s for a change? Don't think I've ever done that before.

Overall this week has been a highly normal week, and that about sums it up.

On the blog I've posted Musicalish #41, 10 Best Movies of 2013, Halloween Carvings, a Post-it, Kickstarter In Sweden, So Many Movies, Firefox Crash On A Loop, Using Foreign Characters In Filenames, Winning Winning Winning and 8 movie reviews. And don't talk to police. Now here's last week.

Week 44 - Halloween!

So this week was Halloween! I ventured out to the deep dark woods this weekend and spent a night and a morning watching scary/violent movies with a bunch of buddies, munching snacks and rockin' Sing Star for PS3, which though far from my personal preference in gaming genres, was pretty fun! I can't say I excelled at hitting the right tones/notes/pitches, and didn't know the lyrics to a single song, but I now know why people do Karaoke, something that's baffled me the past decade. I also know that if I ever plan to do this again I should probably learn to sing.

Apart from the celebration, the week's been idle work and cloudy days. I've biked at least 70km. My sister turned 36 on Halloween so we had some cake the day before. I took a couple of awesome autumn walks with another buddy and ran a digital Minigolf Marathon with snacks for prize. Fun times. Spent an early morning shopping presents before work and a late night drawing cards and I just got hooked on Pokemon again. I thought Father's Day was this weekend too so I was all prepared for that - but it's apparently next Sunday. I could get used to a life with such heaps of variational recreation amidst work and computer time. Not just work, fun; everything synonymous with = computer time.

Onto that commonly re-occurring topic of blog activity: I've written 10 movie reviews, words to work by and a few characters on centimeters before the music. Here's last week. Also, here's the trailer for Fast & Furious 7, coming out some time and whenever that is I am looking forward to it! More than before now that it features a dead actor. I'm looking forward to seeing how his brother will fit his shoes, if I'll be able to notice the difference, and what twists they might have in story for the potential future of the series with Paul Walker gone (may he RIP!). Even before all this, I was looking forward to watching it as soon as I saw Jason Statham creeping behind the credits. It's one of few movies I've been hyped about for a long time, so long before I'll be able to watch it.

Oh, one more thing, I was planning to post a little Halloween game this weekend, but never really had the time to finish it. It might be coming in a day or two. Just a small tic tac toe clone with skulls and bones. That's all.

Week 43 - That Week

Man I've posted a bunch of stuff this last week! Having work canceled with short notice two days in a row one day gave me some extra time*, and I took that opportunity to rinse through old drafts, digging up and patching together a few game posts, 10 movie reviews (you shouldn't check out Brick Mansions if you haven't, but you should check out the original if you checked out Brick Mansions and hadn't checked out that), a bunch of other stuff, and then some. Oh, and Musicalish posts 35, 36, 37, 38 and just recently 39, the latter with some corny classics. Note to self: keep in mind the krappy korny klassiks katchphrase for future Korn post.

I posted a somewhat original poem too, and here's last week.

In real life I've been helping a family member of a friend with computer work and carrying heavy items for four days straight. Though the tasks in themselves haven't been very tasking, that took up a larger chunk of time than they probably needed to, and chance is there'll be more to come. I took a long walk with a good buddy yesterday, have been proof-reading an early-access poetry release written by another buddy the past two days, and from the sounds of it: working mostly with other peoples projects and not my own. I have been working on my site though, with a recording and with various smaller things. And that's the week run away again! Also movies. Just a few. Just one or two per day. Just hmm... probably need to cut down on those a bit... but that's all the news for now.

Halloween's coming up this week, with a planned party, as well as Father's Day the day after, my sister's birthday the day before and leftover workdays my client previously canceled the day before that and tomorrow... seems to be an eventful week.


* No idea where that other day of time came from. Maybe from starting to read a thirty-two year old book titled How To Get Things Done I randomly picked off a shelf. It's pretty interesting, even though there are plenty of topics on things like how to use a typewriter efficiently and the pros and cons of shorthand versus computers... questions that aren't very relevant today! What is still as relevant as ever however is Parkinson's Law, a little rule that tells us "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion". How true isn't that! I had eight minutes left over between tasks yesterday, so I took a shower. Usually I'd still be showering after half an hour or more, but if you don't have the time: you don't have the time. If you have time, save it, don't allot all you could spare for better things on trivial tasks. Yet there's still that issue of: what's trivial and not? What should you really spend that time on, that you may come off happy and blissful? Maybe I'll know when I'm done with the book! Until later.

Week 42 - Fortytwo!

The answer to everything! 42!

And it has been a week of revelations. I've been questioning and pondering my purpose and the motives behind my furthered existence, all the while trying to enjoy it to the fullest. I've been watching movies that made me ponder such philosophical questions even more... or maybe they're what started it all.

Amidst these existential mind-games I've been waking up really tired and out of sorts a few days in a row, and finally decided I had to do something about. So, I walked a bit further, and I installed these two programs. The first restrict the time I spend at the computer each day, and reminds forces me to take the breaks I know I need. The second one cuts out a portion of the blue light radiating from any regular computer screen by a definable amount at a definable time of the day.

Blue light supposedly tires your eyes and prevents natural tiredness, and by default a normal screen blares with the same intensity both day and night. This program balances it out a bit, reducing intensity as the sun sets outside and natural light sources weaken. It takes some getting used to as the screen grows noticeably orange at dusk, but after a couple of days I'm barely seeing a difference at all. Might be time to lower the setting even further!

For breaks, I'm taking a 10 second micro-break every 10 minutes, a 5 minute break every 30 minutes and a restricting my overall computer time to 12 hours each day. I'm not sure how the program tracks activity as I don't get any break notifications while watching movies, and haven't reached my 12 hour limit yet though I know I've been sitting here more than 12 hours, but it definitely gets me away from the screen more than before! Even tiny breaks really make a difference in your ability to focus, body temperature, etc. I just hope I don't start getting so annoyed that I shut it down completely, had to take two breaks just typing up this post...

Apart from that I've been busy with NG and thought I'd be busy with work and socializing as well, but after a few phone-calls, emails and conflicting schedules, a couple of weekend days with a good buddy was all it amounted to. And my client was sick, so I've had no real work at all. Here at CDB I've posted 10 movie reviews, music and some midweek ramblings, and with the extra spare time introduced a log page where I'll keep track of what undercover work goes on behind the scenes. Cause there's always something going on here. ;)

It's been a good week! Not much more to say. Here's last.

Week 41 - Back With Tracks!

So this week flashed by! In a mad slide of time. With a landslide of rhyme. Here I am sky! ;) Sky in a metaphorical sense, of course.

Why am I hyped? Because I finally got a couple of collaborations out to the NG AP! You'll find links and other stuff here. Both have been in the works for some time, and I'm happy they're finally done, that the reception is 99,99% positive and that even I am proud of how they turned out! But most of all I'm just happy they're done. Can't wait to get some more material out there!

There's probably a reason why I just sit on so much material. Because I used do the opposite, to let out a shitstream of content. All kinds. Good and bad. Wastes of space and masterpieces intertwined, and oftentimes the good ended up drowned in the surrounding sludge. Or maybe it's because I used to record these things with a Dictaphone and my rhythmical talents were severely lacking. But that's all part of the past! The future is here, like a waterfall warding off decades of dust and grime. Like a breath of fresh air. Like the rays of a sun storm warming your face on the first day of Spring!

The activities of the past week can be summed up pretty easily this time. It's been work, music, correspondence and almost three seasons of Legend of Korra. I've been pretty active at the blog too. I've posted some stuff, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 musicalish posts, mostly filled with newly uncovered nostalgia, and 5 movie reviews.

Here's last week.

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