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Week 40 - Blisterin'

Holy shit I've got blisters. The one on my left little toe is half as big as my left little toe. The one on my right little toe's about half as big as the the left one half as big as the toe. The two on my middle toes didn't hold, they're both sores, results of a futile effort to clasp together my toes to fit the format when it started getting painful. That's what happens when you try wearing boots -3 sizes your size!

Apart from blisters, this Saturday was a blast. I spent two hours commuting to Norrtälje, and two hours back, and spent the day there with a good buddy. Helping out. Walking. Talking. Eating. Watching a movie; really getting into the Graviy of the situation (review coming soon, and a buncha others I've been stalling on writing). Playing games. Having a groovy time overall!

Otherwise the week's been both eventless and busy. Eventless in that: I've wasted time and had little err no paid work. Busy in that I've wasted time efficiently with digital accomplishments, like: in-game achievements. Also a little music, a little writing, a little movies and reviews to accompany them, a little finally figuring out what's wrong with/repairing my bike. One of them. The other still has a flat tire, but it's not worth fixing without also getting a new tire or I am assuming it might all be in vain and soon puncture anyway.

The weather's been OK, time flies, skies are high, life is groovy mostly. And off the coast you see a ghostly goatee. <- Just a random rhyme in time. I've posted 10 movie reviews, two first impressions, music, and then some. Here's last week.

Week 39 - Cold Week

So I got back to Bro on Monday. Late night. Home at midnight. Up till two packing up veggies/berries/fish; freezing (the empty house was hella cold all of a sudden - closing in on zero degrees outside); catching up online. I didn't really catch up until the end of the week. Actually, I still haven't really caught up, which is maybe why these weekly posts keep getting posted so late and I haven't even posted the remaining sixty or so poems I wrote this summer in the now very sparsely updated Project 2014 category amongst other things...

Anyway, the week: It was freezing. Monday was chilly. Tuesday wasn't any warmer. Wednesday was colder. I had the heater on the upper floor on, turned the thermostat up a few degrees, and again, and then some. Took warm baths. Walked around with thick woolly socks and sweaters and eventually had to abandon my shorts for something lengthier. Too cold for shorts... in September?? There's something seriously wrong with the world. O_o

My parents came back from the up-North on Sunday. I spent the entire three day weekend polishing the house till it sparkled, moving around old junk, juicing apples, varnishing a table and attempting to fix the wobbly wheel on a bike I'd previously tried to fix but instead made the wheel wobbly on. Whoops. I've probably spent a couple of hours just on that one wheel. Apart from that? I've been nourishing bad bedtime habits, watching movies, playing a little Wolfenstein: New Order and working on new music together with my good buddy Jabun! You can now find him listed under 'Buddies', to the right, in the sidebar, a few steps down, right after the legendary HJ - only remaining NG look-alike from the olden golden days still online!

My parents came back on Sunday and crammed the freezer full without managing to cram in everything there was to cram, so we rode off in the sunset (shops rapidly closing) and bought another one that's now settled in the shed. It was the last remaining specimen of a certain model at a certain place for a certain price! Woo! I went to bed at ten and suddenly I'm back to old routines again. The end. Course there's been plenty of other noteworthy events in the everyday and daily trials and strugglesome tribulations that the venture called life provides, but maybe... they're not so noteworthy after all since I'm not noting them. Also, I wrote 9 reviews, three quick posts and here's last week.

Week 38 - A Northerly Brief

Woah, a full week without posts! :O Oh noes! Did my inspiration close? Did it suddenly wash away like the toes on diabetic folks? Those woes, I probably shouldn't enclose in my post, but I do have an uncle who had such holes on his soles.

Moving on...

I started the week by booking a flight up North, just back and fourth over the weekend, and after a couple of days of work (the first one ending with a flat tire and a 7km walk home), picking and juicing apples (in a juice extractor I brought home on Wednesday - the cheapest I could buy - that smells like burnt plastic and has to be washed with warm water for ever glass of juice produced and can't handle pieces of apple that aren't at least partially peeled and sliced), packing and writing raps and trekking and tracking and trying to set things in action on this site where not much is happening: it was time for a short trip up North.

Me and my sister flew up early Friday morning, stayed there the weekend, and came back on Monday night. Well, late Monday night: Tuesday morning. The trip was great. I zoomed through beautifully colored Autumn landscapes, rowed the boat, rode the bike, stashed vegetables for transport and came back with a suitcase full, again. We had a couple of cold days and one particularly cold night, snuggled in warm blankets, and on the morning the water had frozen in our washing tub. I probably slept 9 hours every day, and just as I was feeling pretty rejuvenated and ready to do some serious work... it was time to head back! But it was a fun ride.

And here's last week.

Week 37 - The Week That Passed Fast

So I've posted ten movie reviews, a bunch of music videos, something about GOG, summer and saving the Internet. Still haven't gotten around to posting all the poetry I've been scribbling by hand this summer, or writing in the new ones I've been scrambling together from the little that seems to be left of my imagination now that I haveth returned!

I've watched a few movies, but most reviews are of ones I watched before summer and never got around to posting. I'll actually be flying back up North in just a couple of days, just for the weekend, plane, car, car, plane, and I'll be back as if I'd never even been gone! It's going to feel strange visiting the place like a tourist, in the wrong season, right in the middle of working days and surfing daze! But I am looking forward to it, even though I'm hella stressed. During the past week I've been working, getting back to my daily Internetal routines, hanging out, catching up, doing stuff. Every time I wait with these weekly posts too long I realize why I shouldn't do so: they start lacking detail!

It's been an eventful week though! Not so eventful with the site, but eventful with sights, sun, sighs of life, fun and vice and plight. I've stayed up way too late a couple of days playing the new Wolfenstein Order too (way too late = past four), and the further I trespass into the morbid unknown of a menacing parallel future, the more I like it! It's different from the classics - not only in good ways - but the awesome eventually cancels out all else. Work's been good. Efficiency levels and unexpected obstacles high. The bike tire I fixed doesn't seem to be holding too well btw, considering I just got another flat yesterday. But that's not for this post! I'll see yall in a few days. Here's...

Last weeks.

Week 35 & 36 - Ends & New Beginnings

The days flew by... and suddenly I'm back in Bro again!

I got a lot done the last week up North. Harvested plenty of crops to pack my suitcase with, fished daily; managed to bring a few bags of Perch with me as well, painted a wall till the paint ran out, hung out with my buddy Andreas one final time, met our new neighbors, picked lingonberries and blueberries, paddled to the lakely destinations tradition dictates - that I just hadn't gotten around to earlier, carried up the canoes, built and patched up a few bird houses, took some great photos, recorded another bad keyboard quality record on a rainy day, went through stuff; stuff. And then we did some stuff.

We stopped by the beach on the way to the airport, had a quick picnic, then suddenly I'm on the plane... gazing out the window at a cloudscape where the sun's coming in from the side, illuminating the clouds but not the ground below, making it seem like it's an ocean full of awesome fuzzy islands. And then, I'm here! Packing, tidying; catching up. I call in for work the next day. I start work the day after that. I go in to sign some papers the day after that, and go shopping at the same time. I reunite with my sister the day after, get a welcome back gift (a bag of apples, time to make some juice/pies/sauce) from a neighbor, discover our nearest neighbor died the day before (she's been sick with cancer for a long time now, and sick with grief since her husband died last year... RIP Yvonne and Olav). And on Sunday we took a trip via ferry to Nacka Strand, ate half a pizza each, walked around and had a great time, and now it's... well I'm way into the week after already. Time's flashed by!

Meanwhile, Kings of The City lead singer apparently also died recently, and they're hoping to let his legacy live on through their first real album release kickstarter. I'm actually broke right now, for various reasons (booked my plane ticket, booked a train ticket for Christmas, ordered a new juice extractor immediately after a plastic thing connecting the button to the engine on the one we've had lying around in the shed for 20-30 years unused suddenly broke right off when I was excitedly inaugurating it after its long rest - fresh pressed apple juice is so great - and I needed to buy some food, etc), but I'd contribute if I could! For real. They were a great band, yet with the lead singer dead they're breaking up and pursuing personal ventures. Real shame. RIP Danny. Also RIP Robin Williams. I'm hoping to watch some of his movies in memorandum. And RIP Amy Winehouse too while I'm at it. She died two years ago but I actually didn't know about it until now. RIP great artists.

Now I'm just going to post these two links here and here. New Unicode symbols and a pretty intriguing pro-filesharing post from a rare Hollywood directress. In that order.

I've caught up with anime: the latest 30 or so episodes of Hunter X Hunter, Naruto and One Piece. In that order. Just as I was about to get started - the day after my return - this happened. Which was - in retrospect - great, because I actually had a ton of other things I should've been doing, and did do now that I was without this distraction. Though these DDOSing operations are a real menace, it's easier to arrange an attack than to defend against one. Hope they're better prepared next time... if there is a next time. Saying 'hope there won't be a next time' seems a bit naive though. More info.

I had a flat tire on my bike since before summer, which I'm proud to say I managed to fix without wasting more than half a day! It was the back wheel. Extra tricky. Turns out it was the fourth patch on that inner tube, so I bought a couple of new ones when I was out shopping. No tires though, I probably need to get two of those as well. Since I cycle to work every day I work they've started looking a bit run down. What else... I've watched a couple of movies I was hyped about. I'm recording some stuff. I'm missing the wonderful space and silence up North, but at the same time I am hyped about all I want to and can and will achieve now that I'm back. So, till this weeks post! Or the prequels.

Here are the last two.

Week 33 & 34 - Summer Fall

The weather these last two weeks has been chill. Real cool. Waters in the lake mysteriously crept down to around 11C, especially during the latter week, when clouds consumed the sky for four days straight and we ran out to relish the ressurection of Ra on the fifth day. Hellalooyeah! It hasn't rained that much, though. All rain's been much appreciated; time taken to rest and rejuvenate. Play games. Spend time inside. Typical early Autumn weather.

I've been in a melancholy mood lately, fretting on the change of setting that's bound to happen in a few days - I booked my flight for September the 2nd. I've done much (a summer summary's hopefully coming up shortly after I return... or else I'll probably never get around to it, like the last couple of years) but there's always more that's yet undone, that I wish I had time for. Or maybe had time for that I didn't use quite as efficiently as I could have. But like the wise people say, better live in the now and plan ahead. *paradox*

We're in Kalix for the day today, a rainy day, and will shortly after this post take a quick shopping tour searching for shorts and rainsuits and enjoy the second official (but probably more like fifth) schrimp sandwhich of the summer. We haven't been here as much as usual, which I suppose has been due to the mostly awesome weather - flaring sunshine and lake-willing waves of heat - that have both blessed and pestered us for the past month and a half. Compared to the usual; luxurious 'vacation' time I've enjoyed the past few years this one's been drastically shortened, a mere two months instead of three. That's a full third of free time sliced away (!), or ION: only 1/6th of the year compared to a previous 1/4th. Where did that /5 go? It doesn't really feel that much shorter though, tis mostly noticeable in what's been done and left undone.

So... what else's been going on? Swimming, packing, doing some much-needed sorting through the storage facility our attic has become over the year(s), bike-riding, hiding from sudden thunderclouds (the lightning's been nervously near our house a few times), eating; trying to get into a habit of jogging; playing my keyboard for the first time this summer; composing a very quick bad quality recording yesterday; chopping stuff; mowing grass; weeding; most of all: picking berries. We've filtered through all red and black current bushes in the past two weeks, taken a few tours of blueberry and lingonberry picking, along with every-other-daily ransons of rasperies and for a while also late strawberries. The strawberries are all done for now though, the current-bush-leafs are yellowing and the rasperries are taking longer to ripen. Most of our crops are being harvested, and we've waged war against the overwhelming armies of voles that are raiding our rows of potatoes, carrots and turnips. During the earlier phases of summer there weren't that many of them near our vegetables - we caught maybe one or two each day - but now the traps snap frequently at a pace of at least 5-10/day. A few wild hares have been nibbling away at our black currents, but they can't do any major damage. We've fenced in mostly all endagered crops. And I've taken some great pictures hare.

Otherwise hmm... fishing, painting (in short sessions on a few rare entirely-sunny days... August isn't the optimal time for this busieiness), writing maybe a bit more than usual - apart from the daily poems I'm still well overdue with onsite, and yesterday we made some pizza. Woot! It's been a good two weeks, and I'm now closing in on my final days up here in the nourishing Norths. Did I mention I booked my flight for the 2nd, September (in four days!!)? We didn't get much cloudberries at all in Kangos. We waded through a great many marshes, but barely scraped together enough for a couple of jars of jam. We picked some blueberries though, fished some; had a good time for the few days we were there, and then drove back. And here we've been. And here's last weeks. Next one'll be from Bro! Probabilitalily.

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