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Week 24 - For The Week-Minded

Sorry about the short delay with this post, especially when my studies are all done and I should have had plenty of time for posting, but I felt like shit yesterday. That's what happens when you forget to sleep, forget to take long refreshing walks and forget to eat healthy stuff amidst the intense Parasite Eve 2 gaming sessions, hexalist updates, pedantic site work and movie marathons. You into a wall, fall, then wake up and feel wondrous tomorrow after that small withdrawal! :D The pains of yesterday are all part of the past! It's a new week and I feel... great! Radiant like sunshine!

During this past seven day period I'm writing about here I've posted 8 movie reviews (and about to post a few more), about small stuff I easily get obsessed with and how this site just hit 4000 posts! Awesome.

Also just gotta post this thing one more time, for the week-minded...

A couple of days ago, the thunder crackled and I spilled a Pepsi all over my computer desk! God damn! Probably spent ten minutes wiping it up, cleaning the wall, the cables behind the computer, the mouse and pad... good thing it didn't get onto the keyboard though, like last time. Another side-effect of tiresome days.

This Saturday, I almost stepped on a snake - a shivering sliver of slithering slow worm - a beautiful little critter that quickly disappeared into the brush once I'd paused to spectate. The Swedish name for it is much nicer though, here it's called kopparorm, or directly translated: copper snake.

What else? There was a Friday 13 this week, but I completely missed the opportunity to blog about it, knee-deep in Parasite Eve 2 as I was. It's a game I just in passing commented about somewhere and on impulse decided to play through once again! It's an old game now, but the graphics still hold, especially when they're emulated via PC and rendered with all the new enriching video plugin options the new eSPXe emulator has (though it is one of a select few games I'd love to see remastered as well)!

I do own the game, but I'd rather play via computer, with all it's graphical finesse and customizable control rather than on that old console. It took a while to fine-tune the controls via keyboard to a combination I was comfortable with, and to get the video plugin working properly (and select one that worked, first), but once that was all done it was one of the more enjoyable gaming sessions I've had in a long time. Didn't take too long (just two nights and one day) and it was a kick of nostalgia too. The previous times I've played this game I actually never completed it, I reached the final boss and gave up, probably because it's a long fight and you can't save between the different stages. I started the game from scratch a few times trying to get a better set of items and abilities for the final fight, playing through the introductory level so much I'd near memorized the safe code, but I remember the latter part as much more difficult than it was this time around. I guess my gaming skills have evolved since then! With that in mind, the game was more fun than I remembered it, and I'm tempted to run though it a few more times, with the modes that are unlocked upon the initial play through. I shall resist that temptation though and instead just post a batch of savefiles and screenshots within the coming week, that yall can use to preview or jump through the levels at will... if you have the game; wish to play it... that is.

I've had one day of work this week, two days at the store, chores but never bores, hoards of parasitic Orcs, movies I sat and saw and site work that made me blog. I've had the computer on for two days straight and finally completed my yearly backup of all my sites. If you're wondering btw, database backups are much more frequent... and automatic. And I usually sync files between computer and server, though at times I forget; some files are generated post-upload. Anyway, no need to delve into server workings here, it's done and that's all groovy. Now all that still remains is to some day sort through all those old and outdated files. Here's last week.

Week 23 - Fly Week, Week Fly!

My Creative Writing course is done. It's complete. I am free! I hope. Still waiting on some feedback from the teacher.

I guess now's the time to... keep writing! To further embark down this long road of authoring that I was set on embarking on when I started with this course. Now that it's all outplayed and I'm just waiting on my grade, I'm leaning towards slaving with videogames and being entertained rather than paving the way, but this is a moment better than any to add some discipline to my self-proclaimed and currently not-really-highly-efficient life-style. It's so much easier with deadlines!

I took a day off from work, one of the two days I did (well, would have) work this week, to attend a cousins graduation on Jun 5th. It was a blast! I've posted a couple of musicalish posts, donated a humble amount to that yearly Wikipedia drive, contemplated type, plugged SuperHOT and finally posted that speedtest screencap I probably took like two months ago here. Have you ever wondered how much stuff is queued to be posted? Well I wonder about it too much, cause it's too much, and there's so much that probably won't ever make it - already outdated after being belated for so long. Oh, movie reviews? I eight.

Fun fact: both my collection of exercises and first four written chapters for that course I just completed measured 13,000 words long. 13k. That's a lot of words! For comparison, this blog post is less than 300. I own this site thus I have bragging writes.

The week otherwise has been normal; informal. I've played some RE4, watched a few movies, walked, worked, shopped, partied hardly and chuckled as I knuckled this hardy Yardie in the K-Mart parking. Well not really, I haven't rhymed in some time and I'd like to get started. It's an art form, where you heat your mind and start warm, soar like a hardcore far-born forlorn star's warm light with more Parkour than a dart bike. Here's last weeks plights in farsight.

Week 22 - Rain Days, Strange Place

I'm posting this post in good time for once! Before I get started with the tasks of the day, even. What's the week been like? Well it's rained away! Days have been refreshingly stained with gray, I used to bathe in sun but now it's A OK, the rain paved the way for a place in shade, where I can write and type without feeling like I need to bathe, afraid of being depraved of braincells, spraying my neck with H20 spray. It's been gray, but it's been great, great food on my tray, some RE4 that I play, and a shitton of movies that'd wait as the days grow late. I stayed awake too late now I contemplate ways to change that fate - woke up today at eight and I feel tired like I haven't slept in days. Tonight I'll get the sleep I crave, maybe in good time, and then wake up early cause nine - is not good enough! Also, I've posted stuff: 17 movie reviews, two Musicalish posts, this great thing, a quote aaand that's it. Here's last week.

As I've recently acquired the Ultimate HD edition of Resident Evil 4, I decided on a Resident Evil 4 marathon this week (I was actually planning on taking on the entire franchise, but time is not enough!), so that's been occupying my time quite a bit. I've played through the Normal campaign, Separate Ways (twice) and Assignment Ada, and I'm currently playing through Professional. Overall it took much longer than I'd expected, and as I run through the levels I realize that the fourth part of this series was a much larger accomplishment than I remember it.

Not only did they have those two side-stories and extras, but the campaign itself features a myriad of different locations, foes, events and minor details that it's easy to miss, along with a vast array of weaponry and potential upgrades, and treasures you can collect. It's a solid mixture of mystery, madness and intrigue, with a great many key characters, a logical and sinister plot, gritty atmosphere, great acting and narration, ambivalently exciting music and clever level design, with occasional puzzles and quick-time events that add further variation. In short - it's just a damn awesome game. Once I'm done with Professional (I'm on Chapter 5) I plan on running through it one final time with one of the (soon to be unlocked) infinite-ammo weapons, and then leave it on the shelf for... well I was going to say forever, but it'll probably be until an unforeseeable future instead. I tend to stick to the games I like, and play them over, and over... and it's never over!

As for the HD edition, it's not quite as polished as I wish it was. Compared to the low key textures of the original games the change is amazing, but some cutscenes have been left uncovered in the minigames, and the contrast really doesn't pass by unnoticed. I don't think all textures have been transformed into HD either, the mouse sensitivity isn't sensitive enough even on the highest setting, savefiles can't be deleted individually (at least you can back up the entire file!) and they still have that slightly misleading 'game reset' option in the menu when you want to quit. But overall, it's way better than the original!

Work? I had none this week! I've barely had any studies either, though the final deadline is closing in quickly and I really need to start working efficiently on my final project. Course I've been writing, reviewing and attempting to stay efficient all the same, though much time has been consumed by game. Not much else going on this week! Till the next one.

Week 21 - Long Week, Short Post

Fuck This Jam! Also, randomness, and an incredibly late follow-up on most anticipated movie sequels of 2012. I posted two movie reviews, and this and this and this. And that's what's been going on the past week! Here's last week. TLDW ... my longest part-time working week thus far, studies, website work for a couple of people, NG, some small updates here (apart from the blog), interesting culinary experiences (like Mangold), way too much sunshine (27C in my office room all afternoon(s)... I've been soaking myself with water, a spray bottle, wet T-shirts; all open windows at night), a little Oni and a lot of does and dues.

Week 20 - Time It Ticks

This past week I've posted 12 movie reviews, two music video collectives, my first userscript (well at least my first post about it), a previously lost and forgotten Easter Post, about a hexalist, about life and just recently about the public domain and jam.

The GOG insomnia spring sale has been going on for a few days too. I snatched just a few good games I'd previously missed, at heavily reduced prices (75-80%), enough to last quite a while. My GOG purchases are turning into more of an archive than a list of games to actively play anyway. Last fall I spent waaay too much money on something similar, so I'm kinda proud I was able to restrain myself this time around. Maybe because I wasn't aware of the sale from the beginning. I happened to venture to the site for some reason and discovered that holy shit it's going on again... but the force wasn't so strong, it didn't keep me glued to the screen. More probably because it's spring, because the sun is shining and I don't feel like not going out, or not sleeping, or somehow having my joyous sprees of efficient doing and moving alike under sunlit skies and bike rides broken by a session of screen-gluing game-attaining madness? Just a thought.

So, that was the good news of the week. The bad news: I got a tick.

Late one night I was scratching my belly because of... well probably because it itched, and I discovered this tiny little black insect firmly dug into my flash. How did it get there? Well apparently these insects can't jump (I did some insane amounts of researching the morning after), so it must've fallen out of a tree. We do live in a risky tick area, and it's fortunate I've never had one earlier, even if we always avoid tall grass and voluntarily brushing against bushes. Because you know, ticks have risks. Not that this explains how or why it made its way to my belly, because bellies = food? Anyway:

I pulled it out, but I think the head popped off. Now I've read a looot about the dangers of ticks, and the infectious and potentially lethal diseases these parasitic creatures carry, so I was pretty much up all night looking for rings or red lines or some sign that it was serious. The next morning I went online and was made aware that most ticks are harmless... and I feel... OK. So far. The red blotch surrounding the bite has faded during the past two days, till the point where it's just the one red spot left, made bigger after my attempts to pluck out the head-part that seemed to still be there. Apparently the body takes care of the head; pushes it out automatically. So, no worries - no need for digging in critter craters. I am now abiding time as usual and monitoring myself for any potential symptoms!

Apart from this timely tick, time has ticked fast. It's been mostly work and studies (got the weekly dose done last-minute as always, right before the deadline tonight), a few movies, and I finally got that hexalist done, ah... what a relief! Feels like it was at least a week ago since I was freed from that burden!! The weather's gone from cold and dull to sun and fun. Woot! I've been helping a family friend with webdesign, getting a bit irritated at all the details that are to be changed, so much unnecessary restructuring of... everything! But ah well, it's not my site - it's good karma. :P

Overall it's been efficient and exponentially rich in experience, and here's last week.

Week 19 - Completely Normal & Uninformative Week

Two movie reviews, a quote, a rant, a video and some music. That's all I've posted this week. And on PM detail, I've sent 160, a slight decrease from the previous weeks 180. This might turn into a sequential gathering of statistics this thing...

I'm a day late posting this thing, which seems to be becoming tradition. Why? Because my sister is having her bathroom refurnished (read:renovated). What that has to do with anything? Since she currently has no shower, she's been sleeping here a bit - particularly Sundays, and since the computer room is also a guest room, I haven't been on the computer as late as I normally do, which I guess is kinda, a good thing, maybe. I've finished my assignments shortly before deadline (midnight), but had no time to post the blog of the week. That's why. But when, and how, and where - will all be left to another time. Say what? That's all.

The week's been cloudy; rainy; converged with work and studies and... really not much interesting. I 'll be working two days in a basement from this week onward, so, based upon that one bit bleak damp and dark piece of news it's been a bit basic week. If you know what I ment yeah.

I've been riding taxis, surfing on the backstreets, past the feuding queues burning rubber like an athlete! Writing is a mad feat, at least if you ask me! Been doing ones and twos and at noon and that is that week. And that is all.

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