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Week 6 - Chapter One

Last week was a cloudy week. Bleak and shrouded by rowdy clouds I still see as I breathe in deep, speak out loud, and post this little heap of memories that mounds. To this beat I speak. Melodies that greet me now, like dreams of times that sweep, fleeting, creep down to shadows deep, and the beat thins, sound...

I was working on the first chapter of my first novel all day yesterday. My mind shut down for a while, so I tried an inspirational reboot. I've written a bit about F.E.A.R. and Open Office and posted a few Slaughterhouse videos the past week... and 24 movie reviews! Would've been 25 if I posted about Thor yesterday, when I should've posted this, but yesterday was a hectic day. I missed my poem for the project, had to resort to my backup poem, and made deadline on Creative Writing by two minutes.

Otherwise? I don't know, I must've written like a maniac yesterday cause now it feels like I'm out of words. Just listen to this and relax, or be super-efficient. Your call. Or both. Here's last week.

Week 5 - Low Five

My grandma passed away at the very start of this week, right after midnight the 28th... or at least that's when we were notified. The realization that she was gone didn't actually dawn on me that night, and when I wrote my diary entry of the day, and an inspired song in tribute, I was feeling strangely apathetic. The day after the sun was shining, but there was no longer any escaping the rash reality: she was gone. I went about business as usual as possible, though not with my traditional efficiency, taking occasional breaks to write just one more song or poem (I think I wrote four of each). This one, turned out particularly well, I think. I said my farewell, and goodbye, felt better the next day, took a walk with a buddy on Friday and cheered up considerably. Thank you David! The week started sad (and cold), real low, but it hasn't been a bad week otherwise, it's just been slow.

I recently (now that January is over) posted an early aftermath on this years New Year's resolutions, checked back on the time-warp eighties hit Kung Fury, wrote six movie reviews, had something in my eye, thought, bought and didn't and had some issues with Google again, but not really. Also posted a batch of musical nostalgia.

I started watching Space Dandy yesterday, plowed through the four first episodes in a row, and the fifth today. Didn't want to get started cause I knew it was great dammit and now I am, as I expected, hooked. :/ Also caught up on 'The Walking Dead', and other anime but that's a weekly thing; goes without saying. Schoolwork is progressing slowly since I'm still waiting on a book from which I shall have to hand-in an assignment next week... and the first chapter of my I-shall-keep-the-theme-secret-for-now masterpiece that should before years end have turned into a full-fledged novel.

I've finally finished a logo design for a Finn & Jake Collab I'm working on, am working on some other stuff and stuff and... stuff? Oh, and I went through the Wayback Machine and ported over all of the earliest posts that have previously been lost in the haze of time. They're really not much to look at, but there is now an archive for 2004 (check the sidebar if you wish), and there's a gap around early 2005 that I'll fill in later on. Unfortunately no comments from that era remain, they were all linked to a series of forums that were either accidentally deleted or hacked, and not very-well indexed by the almighty Machine, but thats all part of the past. Onto the new, the next, the weak (cause that's how humanity is evolving)!

Last week.

Week 4 - Weak Start, Strong Finish

So the week started like usual - weak, but the past few days I've been efficient as hell! I have been working like there's no tomorrow, getting up early in the mornings, and I'm writing this seven minutes till midnight after just recently handing in my Creative Writing assignment of the week (why does it always have to be last-minute?!) so you could say it's moving on to a grand finale. Just hope I'm not too tired to start tomorrow the same way. :)

Been listening to a lot of Jay-Z this week, occasionally procrastinating a bit (but not really cause I did things like write that blog I just linked to in such moments), having some momentary trouble with Google (but not all bad), posted 11 movie reviews and other stuff. Resolutions are going well, so far I've written a poem every day, which you can browse here, and all that... other stuff? Maybe it's time for a quick resolutions flashback before I forget about them. :) Soon.

I woke up one morning with a something jawful (the title's a pun on a viral media site, in case you don't know), but apart from that I've been feeling hellishly tired. I mean life's good. It's winter, you know? Dull weather, mostly (today was a grand exception, though I didn't really have time to appreciate it). Days move fast.

Past week? Here.

Week 3 - The Continued Continuation

I tried this little post-it note experiment, originally intended as a daily ambition, but that didn't work out quite as planned! Least Doomguy got a workout. I'm really crap at keeping deadlines, that should be the skillset I put the most effort into polishing. Like this post, you see, it should've been posted yesterday.

I also had some problems with pens and Internet, and completely forgot about GOG. But it's not all bad, we finally got some winter over here! It's been great weather everyday, either sunshine or snow (or both), and I topped the week off with a long walk on Saturday with buddy Bear, an over-achievement that resulted in some Iliopsoas (that's a muscle JSYK) trouble the day after and a very brief and painful (not very painful, just very brief) morning promenade, but that seems to be healing fast.

On Friday I celebrated ten years over at NG, was planning to make something grand but the day just flew by and I had to stay up till two writing that post. Ten years is a pretty damn long time to be consistently active on any one site... probably because there haven't been many sites that have actually stayed alive for this long, NewGrounds is actually one of the oldest social communities I know. Did you know it predates Facebook, Wikipedia and even Google? It's crazy, and in a few years I'll have been there half my life. :)

So, otherwise? I've been doing stuff. I've watched three martial art flicks that I haven't had a chance to review yet, worked on sites, wondered about my future, registered for my course, received that Mystery Box I was speaking about earlier (woot yay will post about that later) and eh... yeah, the usual.

I'm writing this on a Monday, my first day of school for the year, and I'm about to get some schooling done soon as I post this. I'll probably need to order some books, and I'll probably need to order the first new HD I've needed to order in... over a year (not at all related to studies)? It's been a while since the last buy. Oh, I also posted a couple of movie reviews the week passed, and here's last.

Week 2 - The Continuation

Don't know how I counted movie reviews in last week's post, but if I did count all that I'd posted before I posted the weekly post (which I posted on Monday) I've written around ten this week. If I didn't, it's fourteen. I guess this doesn't really matter so let me just conclude by saying that I've written a bunch of movie reviews! And as such, also watched a bunch of movies. I actually wrote the Mr. & Mrs. Smith review before watching the movie, as I've seen it before and was not planning to see it once more, but what can you do when you read such an inspiring review!

There probably won't be any (at least not many) of those reviews next week. The creative writing semester's now firing up and I've got a bunch of other projects in line. Busy busy busy.

I haven't posted much else this week, something about relaxing, toothpaste and oh yeah, I ordered a Mystery Box from NG! :D Probably the most awesome news this month.

In other news I realized my cell phone's not routed. As the newb that I am on these minimal computers I had to research the problem, and it turns out cellphones aren't rooted. Not usually. That means you don't actually have root access to your own phone, even though you own the phone; are probably the sole user on it.

Not being a root user means (amongst many other things) that you can't set which programs boot at startup, something I'd have liked to do to reduce loading time a bit. I don't need most of the processes that start up with the phone anyway, and this is why phones were better in the old days. Probably won't look into rooting the phone, I'll probably just not be so interested in using the phone for more than mundane tasks. If you can't mod it, what's the purpose? Apart from phone calls from phony firms and know-alls.

Aaaand speaking of something completely different: just before next weekend I'll have been a member on NG for ten years, and a few months later I'll have had this site for ten years. I want to make something awesome to celebrate both of these anniversaries, so let's hope there's time for that. Been working on a couple of collabs, on another Flash project that'll be out in a couple of days (surprise stuff), the Christmas Collab is finally out and I might have a freelance job if I don't get started too late on it. Guess a cure for procrastination would've been a good goal after all, huh? All other resolutions are going well. And I have a dream! And I've had plenty of dreams...

One night I dreamt of a filtering option in Windows, where you could filter through the information within a certain set of files (in a folder) just like you would a regular database. I was thinking about what formatting the information would need to be written with for it to work when I woke up.

This morning I was dreaming of something different when I woke up with a shiver, felt like there was some kind of insect crawling around the blankets, but it turned out to be just a wad of lint. Or something. Sweet dreams!

Here's last week.

Week 1 - The Beginning

The New Year begun with a bang!

It began with plenty of bangs, also called fireworks. The sky lit up like a hairnet set ablaze with Aerosol spray. Well maybe not exactly like that, but like a sky lit up by fireworks didn't seem like the right simile. And there really is no comparison.

The day after, I woke up late, wasted my time and didn't at all take advantage of the surplus of energy I should have had considering it's now 2014! A time of new hope! Time of promises, plans and great visions and ambitions! During the week that passed I've posted twelve movie reviews, a Happy 2014 post with little content (though I did throw together a Flash that I hope to upload here soon - soon as I get the Flash section sorted again). I dreamt about a house, thought about headaches, examined my nose, tried typing with my eyes closed and finally, envisioned the future and finally decided what to do at the end of each week. Posts? Yeah, I think I'll keep the tradition alive.

Apart from a little site work I've animated a couple of one-hour flashes, worked on a large collaboration for *I'm not allowed to say yet* and as you might've guessed... watched a bunch of movies. Resolutions are going well except for the work-searching part, cause I kept stalling and at the end of the week (that fateful weekend that ended yesterday, that one when I didn't have time to post this - I made an animation instead) there weren't any jobs on the site I'd planned on applying for jobs on! But then again this week was only five days long so that's an exception rite.

I'm starting a course the 14th but I'm definitely going to do more than that this year, it's only part-time after all. So far... it's going OK! Posting this now; tomorrow's a new day.

Here's last week.

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