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Week 49 - Another Week

It's one more week man! When you say it that way, it kind of sounds like 'weekend'. And yes, it is, though already at its end. I've spent at least half of it playing GTA V, though none of that yet today. Too many projects running in parallel. Leftover tasks I wish to finish before the week or year is over, even when I'd rather spend it entertaining myself on this rare period of rest.

Did I mention I recently bought this grand aforementioned game: the one I've been anticipating ever since I heard it first announced, almost five years ago? Finally! First impressions don't disappoint either! Though more on those in a separate post.

The weekly weather's been rainy, again, hopefully next will be an other week. On Friday the wind was so fierce it tore down cables, and the trains stood still for hours. I had to traverse alternate routes to snail my way home, Otherwise all has been good! I just noticed I've been User Of The Day on NG Logs too! 06/13/15. Just before that yearly logging hiatus.

In other notable news: MadChild put out his most recent two albums, for free, in full, on YT. Here's Switched On and Silver Tongue Devil. Appreciate it, MadChild!

What else? I noticed via a subject title in my SPAM folder, that it's possible to use emojis in email titles! Not sure if it's good or bad but... it does grab your attention. I hope it won't catch on. Emojis everywhere would be pretty distracting. Seems different email providers use different icons depending on what ALT codes you use; if you're looking for cheatsheets for any specific one Google has plenty. Aaand that's pretty much all I have to say for the day. It's been a good week.

On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews, 6 batches of old gaming screenshots, 6 old audio tracks, a new someday (#5), and this kind of stuff and you know, and here's last week. Till later.

Week 48 - An Eventmore Week

One more week haseth passed! Christmas draws near; we've barely prepped the house for the first Sunday of Advent. Saffron buns have been baked however, candles have been burned; we all huddled by a turned off TV for a rare collective tea this afternoon. Curtains hang over chairs, decorations litter the tables and boxes line the floor, yet at the edge of this inner turmoil stars hang in the windows, and electric candles line the window sills. Bright lights in orange, silver and gold chase away the darkness outside. In the neighborhood: electricity bills soar.

Otherwise? I've recorded a few new tracks - but have yet to post any of them. I started playing Return to Castle Wolfestein a couple days ago - but have yet to complete it. I started translating a few old PHP scripts again - but have yet to finish those either. I've been to work, and I've been home, and what have I really been doing lately?! It feels like little when I ponder events I could post about for this weekly summary, but judging by the pace at which time flies it must have been more eventful than I recall.

I remember a quick Indiana Jones marathon at the start of the week btw... and I have watched Hit Man now! And Ant-Man. On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews and this and that. And thus, a very concise post for an all but eventless week concludes. Here's last week (which turned out to have the same title as the same week last year!). Until next blogpost: toast and hog loafs! Ciao.

Week 47 - It's A Hit Man

One more week haseth passed! My, how time flies. I've been busy with work and a movie this week (Spectre), which I watched on the big screen for a change, and it was... well it was good! Review should be right below this post. I posted 12 reviews to the blog all in all - getting back to watching a bit more, and going through a few classics I'd yet to post about, like Iron Man. Haven't watched the new Hit Man btw, but it's definitely on my watchlist! As is Ant Man. Man is this a great year for movies! Also, speaking of hits, check these out. There are a few more I posted last week that I don't think I mentioned, in the music category if you know the way. Feels good making music on a more regular basis again! Even if it's all pretty basic.

In other news, I'm back to 750 Words again. I've barely written a tenth of the content over there that I have on this blog, but when you force yourself to spit out a daily dose of three full A4 pages worth of words it amounts pretty quickly! I have only three full months of writing there, compared to ten years here, but I'm closing in on 100,000 fast, and on this blog word counts are closing in on a million... well, I reached a million words in totals a while ago, but it looks like posts only might reach that same number before the end of the year! I almost wish I'd saved that post title for this event.

We hit 900,000 just recently, much thanks to the recently migrated Project 2009 (good opportunity to link there again) and those other collective editions of abandoned drafts, of which there should be one more coming up soon... soon as I have time to revise it. That's pretty much all the drafted leftovers I have for now, but no doubt more will built up with time. Not that amounts matter or anything... but matter amounts! Am I starting to focus too much on stats again??

On the blog otherwise? I've posted... a ton of stuff really, way more than I thought I had! Otherwise there's not much new. Life's eventful, but mostly fueled by unmentionable events. Either that or I just don't have much on my mind at the moment.

Well, I'm off to force feed my nightly dose of 750 words, and then maybe watch just one more movie. Have a good remaining few hours of the weekend! And here's last week.

Week 46 - How It Played Out

It's all work! Nah... I'm just playing. But no, not just playing. I'm working too. Sometimes I'm at my place. Sometimes I play. Sometimes I work. Sometimes I work at my plays.

I had a refreshingly laid-back gaming night yesterday (two viciously long rounds of Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan with a group of friends and friendly strangers), and an entertaining session of movie marathoning and eating unhealthy food with buddy Bear before that, starring guest buddy Tim, and today I have a headache. Hope it'll give up soon, because I've been bombarding it with magnesium and sitting positions that are supposed to relax my neck. Too much fun = too much headache. Or... well, whatever it is, it's definitely not the other way around.

Days like this I post concise posts without all too clever titles. It's been a good week though, albeit busy and tiring. Rain and winter darkness came wallowing, and come tomorrow I have two forgotten umbrellas waiting to be picked up. I'm not used to bringing umbrellas with me, which is why I assume I forget them. Usually in November you only need a coat against the snow, now I'm still walking around in shorts and getting cold feet because of all the winter water.

On the blog I've posted everything linked to within this long run on sentence. No reviews if you're wondering, though expect a few of those soon. Here's last week; have a groovy remaining weekend day!

Week 45 - All Work & Worms

Monday: work. Tuesday: work. Wednesday: insane session of exercise cycling to the shop and back (I did get one more free product! A choice between pesto and pasta this time), then a morning walk, then cycling to Kungsängen and back - taking a walk with a buddy while there; running a lap while at the track we walked to. Thursday: work (and surprisingly little muscle soreness). Friday... well, that's today! I'd planned a haircut, a walk and if I was up for it a tour to Lidl (in Kungsängen) for some early Christmas shopping, but I wasn't up for the tour and in lack of time my hair is still a mess. This blog is top priority. No work. And why am I posting this so early? I felt like writing, and now that my weekly ration of required work days are over I thought I'd leave the weekend free. Let the blog rest a few days too. No obligations. Meditation and contemplations and serene inner peace only. And maybe some Worms World Party.

I've been playing a bit of Worms World Party each day of the week thus far. Too much, almost. I reached Superhero rank on deathmatch on the first day, and Elite the day after. And I beat Elite mode!! For the first time ever... as far as I can remember. That's the final rank. I'm still having trouble with the beginner missions though, still haven't polished my aim through repetitive practice to the point where I'm as dot sure (pricksäker) as the AI I battle; whose impeccable aim is difficult to avoid unless you're below ground (in which case it's difficult to attack).

Worms World Party is a game I have really fond memories of, from all the way back in highschool when my teacher (Mr. Christopher) installed it on the classroom computer. We spent pretty much all available breaks worming around and bashing each other. All available breaks when the computer was free, that is, and there was some competition...

When the game became a little less popular at school, I asked if I could borrow it, and thus gameplay continued at home, on my (also borrowed) older sister's laptop. Years later I attained the game for my brand new GBA, bought second-hand in Örebro while again visiting my sister who had just moved out, and brought it to high school where I spent an even greater amount of time by the little screen. I frequently battlied it out against the on-this-console-very-crappy AI, but also occasionally against buddies who happened to have the same time free. I might even have skipped a few classes... that's how devoted I was to this one game.

And then, for some reason, I moved over to Worms Armageddon, on PC, this time commonly lashing out against my cousin David. In time we started with more and more super-weapon oriented warfare - until the weapons couldn't possibly get any more crazily destructive, then played rope races and designed our own levels... and played those. I made this one gigantic compilation of all the official levels of the game as just one awesome battlefield graphic, where we jetpacked around and teleported and bombarded our various bases level with holy grenades and donkey shots. It was bananas. Bombs.

Maybe WWP was more difficult to customize. Maybe it just didn't work on my new OS (Windows 7) at this time. Maybe it lagged. Whatever the reason, we enjoyed Armageddon for a few more years, and eventually gave Worms 4 and Worms Reloaded a shot before moving on to other challenges, leaving Worms outplayed and empty of new opportunities.

Then... my nephew came to visit, and I dug up WWP again. We tried it on GBA first, but realized how limited that old port really was and moved to the big screen. Now, it plays well on Windows 7, with remastered sounds and graphics and is still just as entertaining as I remember it! Though now when I'm playing single player I'm not sure if I'm doing so out of nostalgia (additional wonder in this post) or because I'm really having a blast with it...

It is a good game, but at this point I feel it might be enough already. Even with an incredible amount of modes and multiplayer potential, there is only so much you can do on the same platform. Maybe it's time to revisit DooM again... especially since HOLY SHIT IT'S ON GOG NOW!! A dream just came true. How long has that been there?!

I had my first saffron bun of the season yesterday btw, a glimpse of the delicious pastries that await this hallowed holiday. Coming soon. Though it's almost too soon to start preparing for Christmas. We just made it past Halloween, and there's a month between that and the time when you should even start thinking about New Year Coals and shocking stockings. Original post title idea for this week btw: All Work, Though Play. (All Work, No Play... k?)

On the blog I've posted just 3 movie reviews again, though they were all great! I can't recall the last time I gave a movie a 5 but there's two of those this week! And here's a bunch of other posts worth checking out. I was pretty happy with this one in particular. ;) If you want to see my name on a page listing winners for the contest I mentioned last week, here's a link there. Until next time: have a Great Week End and Weekend till the deep end and we speak again!

Week 44 - Halloweeen!

My nephew's been visiting this weekend, and am I tired? I mean man am I tired. Man: Am I tired? That man's me. And that's a rhetorical question. But it's been a great week!

First part passed fast with work, then came Thursday - and after an early leave and frantic preparation it's been all play and party. We celebrated my sister this Saturday as well, and what would've typically been a weekends worth of Halloween movies and trivia with my good buddy Bear broke tradition this time to become a tour of Bro; various forms of other entertainment. We played tennis, raced nano-helicopters, toured the neighborhood and blasted Worms... amongst much else. I saw him off at the airport earlier today, and (after driving home in the dark of afternoon in what feels more and more like winter) have been catching up on the usual stuff, again. Really don't feel like working tomorrow, but hopefully - after a good night's sleep - I'll feel differently tomorrow!

On the blog I posted just 3 movie reviews this week, and this other bunch of stuff. Here's last week! IRL, there's this Juice Rap News Wrap-up worth ranting on! Though, they promise new things may follow... I'll stay tuned.

Happy Belated Halloween!! We celebrated with unhealthy amounts of colorful Ice Pops, perfect snack to brighten up these dark winter days. Frosty night.

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