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Week 43 - Pizza, Prices & Practice

I won! After sending in 12 quick rhymes for 12 product giveaways at COOP, I haveth received one prize!! 1 out of 12. 278 SEK worth of face-related product. Not really the prize I'd have preferred... actually pretty much anything else would've been better, like: the shampoo, the food, the cinema tickets, the coffee machine, the shirts, the 25,000 points, the two hotel nights worth a few grand... ah well, if it's not for me it'll be a good gift for someone else. I've been hesitant about entering contests since I rarely get anything in return, but it might be worth the time after all! Good feeling.

On the topic of costs and calculations, I've been bidding on a few games for portable consoles the past few weeks, and won a few. The cheapest GB/GBC/GBA game went for 19 SEK - the most expensive 75, the cheapest DS game for 75 SEK - the most expensive 113, and since I've only bought two games for the 3DS at the same time there's no comparison there - 224 SEK for both. All the prices I mention include shipping btw, the one aspect of online bidding that really brings up the price, even if prices are usually - including shipping costs - so much lower than what you'd pay if you buy something locally.

All in all I bought 26 games for GB/GBC and GBA - along with one GBA and accessories - for a total of 1060 SEK. That's a little more than 40 SEK per game, or 33 SEK if you cut out 200 for the console. For the DS I bought 6 games at 457 SEK, so around 76 per game. And for the 3DS, 2 games at 112 a piece. I've also bought two sets of ca 20-30 DDR2 RAM sticks of varying sizes (mostly 512-1024 MB) for 177 SEK, and two bundles of (Star Wars & Shonen Jump) comics worth 175 SEK, though more than half of that was shipping. The Shonen Jump comics I won for 1 SEK, and paid 79 in shipping. Tough business selling stuff online...

I was going for consoles too, though prices jumped too high too quickly. Before summer I managed to get a Nintendo 3DS for 464 SEK though, and a Nintendo DS Lite at no more than 156! With shipping. And a few games as well; all at lower prices. My conclusion: prices rise significantly the nearer Christmas you get, and go to a new low right after (pro-Christmas the best time to sell, post-Christmas the best time to buy). GB/GBC/GBA games are however worth much more now than a few years ago, when I could get the more common ones at 10-20 SEK each. Never Pokemon though, or Mario Kart. Some titles never go cheap. I also realize I'm wasting waaay too much money on unnecessary collectibles here, good deals or not, it's so easy to get carried away!

One auction I'm still waiting on is the whole set of Dragon Ball books, but after that I am done for this season. Quick tips on getting things as cheap as possible: bid on your items of choice as late as possible. It's easy to bid on things on impulse, and prices usually rise steadily towards the end of the auction time. If you're lucky you'll find an item nobody's waiting for or bidding on. People are less tempted to bid on something that's not popular, and it's also much easier to continue than start a race. Maybe common sense, but considering most people start bidding early on... maybe not. Well, moving on from this ramble on superficial item sales and shoppings that probably holds little interest for yall to all but artificial cooking causeries that may do likewise...

I made some pizza today. Four of 'em. One with mackerel, two with tuna and paprika, and one with green olives and garlic. All of them with gouda cheese and mozzarella, and one with spicy matured gouda too. I've been researching the cheese of choice for pizza, and eventually settled for Eldorado's Gouda. It doesn't melt too fast, doesn't melt too much, has a mild taste, isn't too chewy or hard to shred, is locally produced, but more importantly: it's cheap! Combined with thin slices of mozzarella and fresh basil they were just perfect!

I used the same tomato sauce on all: a simple improvisational mixture of finely chopped onions, tomato passata, Texas Longhorn Black Pepper Ketchup, chopped basil, spices and some tomato puree. Made my first pizza salad last night too (it gets softer if you leave it in the fridge a day or two), served with shaved carrot, and olives with diced lemon bits and large capers, with lemon water with home made marigold ice cubes. Peanut butter ice cream was desert - though I'm not sure that latter addition fit the theme so well. Overall though, it turned out great! It's a meal I gifted the family last Christmas; finally we managed to all gather together and have some good food! It was wholemeal pizza dough btw, and a little coriander for experimental spice. I should really start a cooking blog...

Winter time's closing in. It starts tonight, though I plan on setting my clocks tomorrow morning instead - want to get my sleeping habits a little more in order before I get to wait with the wake ups. Sad times... winter times. But it's not so cold I still can't stroll around in shorts so I shouldn't complain YET. In worldly news, Dirt Nasty put out a free track which you might maybe want to know about (was going to post the link here but apparently it was newsletter-unique) and if you haven't heard this Chris Rivers freestyle (it's old, but gold) then check it out. I'm also hearing something about a Back to the Future trilogy re-release hmm... interesting!

On the blog I've posted a buncha stuff wouldn't you know, and here's last week.

No reviews this week. I've three saved up for next - not really watching movies at a daily pace anymore. I'm probably spending 1-2 hours on my One Piece manga instead, though that's almost over. Two books until I reach the end of my collection (which is book #60)! What then?! No doubt it'll end at the most inopportune moment and make me shell out unnecessarily large sums of money to attain the newer books so I can keep at it... a good opportunity to train my inexistent self-restraint. Otherwise it's been work as usual, and I finally juiced all remaining pears (they were getting mushy)! YES! And yes I am posting this post one day before the week is actually over, because: why wait. Gotta live by my motto's.

Week 42 - It's Like Forty Too

Same old, same old! Week by week. Though I thought I'd still peep up and speak my deeds, before I leap to sleep. Early in the eve cause I feel I need.

The week's been cloudy cold, but not yet piling snow. Creeping around I've been digging up - and finding notes. Pulling them into blog posts I signed as old, all left over, since the times have rolled.

You know Umikari? Made of charcoal husk. I brush my teeth at the climb of dusk. Some say husk some say rice hulls, but either way it whitens! Smiles it undulls bright like a child I'm enlightened. And I saw a gull, lay dead by the road. Wonder if it crashed, or if it grew old... or somebody gave it poison! And I've been practicing my vocals, shouting till my voice thins, week days always noising.

Skye Boyes of XGen died just recently... here's the post on NG, and of the grieving team. It's a mention out of more than decency, I don't know him but I don't need to you see to be, truly sad about it. He rode in the league of dreams. I've been a fan since old, since Motherload, so many hours tolled just drilling right through gold. And then I met the devil in the hot of hell, it was a great time... now the time is "hey, farewell"...

I've written rhymes for contests, 12 I know. In the fridge I had a glass soon excelled by mold. Apples in water - it took 5 days, before these black spots overtook my gaze. I've done a lot of other shit but mostly I'm - sitting at work, with little time to rhyme. Posted a lot of blogs and I tried to find, more poetry for this project that's like an idle Chime(s).

Almost forgot an update but I made it fast, that's the sum of the week, now make way for last. For a little change I thought I'd rhyme the summary, and here's a recording, and it's all take one with ease. A great dose, or at least some of: peace.

On the blog I've posted the usual six sick reviews, and a ton of stuff this past week for real. And finally, 50 Shades of Summer, edition 2015! Till next time.

Week 41 - Week As Usual

Another week passed fast! I realized I'm not introvert or extrovert, but ambivert (such an unusual term my spellcheck doesn't know it yet). Yahoo mail really needs a redesign! Prozak's Black Ink is out!! Do you know how to be Laid Back (I'm trying to calm down a little)? And jumping to the topic of D-Vitamin (always on my mind when winter draws near... instead of on my skin), here's some interesting trivia. And one interesting light source. And if you read either first or second article, note that not all tanning beds are that bad. And on that note: I just want to mention that I don't use tanning beds. I'd rather install item marketed via link #2 above and get a tan in bed. Laid Back.

I have not much else to say at the moment. Life's good but hectic; musical projects, work and homely hobbies roll by at a pace that leaves little time unused. I made a huuuge batch of fresh pear juice today (with good help from a buddy), have been bidding on an assortment of GB/GBA games, acquired both Duke Nukem and Serious Sam for GBA, but it seems Doom II and Wolfenstein 3D for the same console are incredibly rare (and expensive, and thus not worth getting yet) aaaand I guess I had something to say after all. But no more.

On the blog I just posted a massive batch of leftovers, 6 movie reviews and some other stuff. Here's last week. Until next time!

Week 40 - Saturday Summary

Aaaagh... I should have posted this last Saturday! In unmodified form (it's late and I'm lazy and this was all written in advance) here's what I would have posted if I had posted this when I should have posted it:

Good evening world! I'm posting the weekly summary a bit early this time, as the remaining day will most likely keep me occupied. I returned from the wild side - the Northern Norths - the paradise of nowhere... a month and a week ago now. My parents, however, are just embarking. So it's up to me to give them a warm welcome! And prepare the house, which is - despite the little house, no little task.

I was thinking of appending this week with 'In The Wake Of Great Change', 'The Return', or as to not overshadow a post I'm considering eternally sticking on the front page: 'The Lie We Live'. That video so perfectly sums up all that's wrong with the world we live in! Or rather: with us. Not the world. The world is fine. WE are the problem. Don't forget - strive every day to make a change.

In more superficial (it's only human!) news: Prozak's releasing a new album in 6 2 days! October 9. The second Strangulation album will be out in 46 42 days! November 20. And I was so close to transferring one of my phone numbers to Vectone, shitty company. From Wifog, another shitty company. Universal or Alltel... two other (maybe not so) shitty companies. Well, you get what you pay for; I guess I'll keep paying for (or not paying for - Wifog's free) shitty products... that's all I need. Overall, it's been a good week, with a few sunny summer days at the end of it. I think that just about sums it up. Until next time: pax vobis!

Oh, the site? I've actually done some work on the site this week. Gone through files. Updated styles. Started updating the FAQ. Scheduled a couple more weeks of leftover lyrics (getting surprisingly difficult to find content I don't want to save or expand on) for the Project 2015. I just posted 6 movie reviews (3 of them I wrote way way back but never posted) and this, and earlier this. And here's last week.

Week 39 - And So...

I went to a Weird Al concert! Friggin amazing. That's definitely the highlight of the week. I didn't get to Europe because... stuff, but this should be enough of a memorable event to bask in all winter! Until next summer; the array of awesome artists they fetch in to Gröna Lund by then. I'm looking forward to it already!

The definite lowlight of the week is probably my microphone's XLR cable suddenly breaking down amidst overdue recording sessions, forcing me to order new ones when I could've been done... which I've just packed up and tested aaaand they're working! I feared the microphone itself might've been breaking up, but it seems it'll survive a while yet.

I bought an extra cable this time, in case disaster repeats itself. Maybe I should order a few more hmm... oh btw, the new brand of choice is Kirlin. The previous, the one that after a mere year of rare usage no longer works - was Deltaco. Just to be fair, the old cable was incredibly cheap... but so is the new one. Hopefully the new is the budget quality the last was not.

The week overall just blew by: on work, recording, a weekend reunion with a buddy, touring the city before the concert (realizing that there are actually some places smack in the middle of Stockholm that... aren't so bad! It can be quite quiet and peaceful if you know where to go); a boatload of other tasks of which... none come to mind at the moment. I swear my schedule was packed though! Must not have been particularly memorable things I've been doing.

In less notable but apparently more memorable news: I managed to cook up a soup in which the leek turned blue! Turns out copper - common in tap water - can have that effect. It didn't look very healthy but... I survived! And attained some rare knowledge while I was at it. The strange coloring effect may apply to other vegetables as well, such as the supposedly even more commonly discolored: garlic.

In neighborhood news: they're blowing up rocks all over the place lately, especially in the morning, and will probably keep doing so for a while yet: prepping for new living quarters. Hopefully this recent sleep deprivation cause will lead to earlier morning routines rather than sudden breakdown...

Btw, ever heard of stepwells? How about tilt shift photos? I was going to post a blog about the latter, but just give it a Google. They're (both) pretty cool!

Swapping topics, there's a new Machine Gun Kelly album coming on October 16, and tonight I would have been able to catch a glimpse of a blood moon if I didn't have to get up so early (and thus get the sleep that watching the blood moon would require missing). It's a rare phenomenon - next time it'll happen is 2033, but hopefully the net'll be overflowing with videos tomorrow so I can see what I missed.

On the blog I've posted another 6 reviews, and concert stuff, music, this, that aaand here's last two weeks. Till next time!

Week 37 & 38 - Two Week New Speak

Planned title: Week 37 - And A Half

...but that was before the latter half of Week 38 flew by! Now, at long last, comes a quick combined summary of these recent times:

I went up North again! It was awesome. Just over last weekend, Thursday to Monday. Packing and preparing took some time, but it feels like I'm getting pretty efficient at prepping for flights these past years, and with only four days away I didn't need to leave the place in pristine condition for neighbors to look after; guard, either. Or defrost the freezer. Or eat up all food. Or other stuff I usually do.

My sister came down with a cold the day we flew up though, the day after that my dad was struck by lumbago, and right before we left my mom caught that aforementioned flu as well! I evaded such complications with a little initial rest and overdoses of C-vitamin, spending the remaining days with unusual additional chores that my parents usually take care of, like setting traps for rodents, and cooking, and working solo on some of those common autumn tasks that are easier when you're multiple people. Not the kind of vacation I'd planned, but the days - though shorter, were still warm and sunny, the morning's misty, the nights dark and full of sparkling stars, and the air fresh as a breath of the cosmos. I had time to take a couple tours with the canoe, fish every day, and sip in some scenery amongst the varied plantation work; berry-picking, so in the end it was time well-spent!

And I do love cooking.

The next trip up North is, if the routine's do stream, in just another 8 months. Time to prepare for this long, cold, dark, depressing winter ahead so we can make it through and greet the warm days of June anew! I've gathered up a batch of pictures from the summer though, hoping to post them to the blog soon, a la same style as last year's visual recap.

This weekend I've been catching up on a long close-to overdue collaboration... and house-cleaning, also overdue by a couple weeks at least. Apart from that time up North I've been working, a bit more than I'm used to, and the two free days I had slipped by on projects I doth not recall anymore. Full-time side-projects just don't seem to fit with a part-time work schedule hmm, probably need to do something about that... huh, an unnecessary simple graphical chart over the total quota day's spent in/on specific places/times? Why not!

In other news, I was walking down the stairs yesterday when I felt a sharp pain in my left foot. Turns out I'd stepped on a fish bone, and it stuck. Had to pull it out with tweezers. That's what happens when you skip house-cleaning for a week or two!

In better news, I've since my last catching up session discovered there's a new Bond movie on route! Spectre! It's coming this year, and I am hyped. And Compton is out, a Soundtrack by Dr. Dre, inspired by the movie with the similar name... also his third and final album.

It's an impressive finale, though I hope he'll rethink that finality thing. Now that he's finally back... I want more! This one's been on repeat this week.

It's a superb blend of melodic artistry with a small selection of (by me) previously overlooked featured artists like King Mez, Anderson .Paak and Kendrick (wasn't that impressed by his Pimp A Butterfly, but his lyricism is killer!). Old associates step in too, like living legends Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Eminem & Xzibit, Even Eazy-E makes a short cameo! They're all (except for Eazy) anything but retired, but it feels nostalgic all the same! A masterful reunion; legacy album to leave behind.

Btw, Bugs: What's up Doc? Doc: Compton!

On the blog I just posted 6 overdue movie reviews, a promo sequel, bottles, music, something about a visit, and I just realized the blog´s reached 5000 posts! Woot! And here's a quote. Until next segment of seven days! What's Up? and Away.

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